02 Feb 2018

Feeling bored one morning, I logged onto WeChat messenger to shoot the breeze and spend some time chatting. I was feeling a bit cheeky so I posted a pic of my butt in a G string panty and waited for someone to comment or react. Not long after that my phone pinged. “Is that your butt” was the message.

Some lady had come across my ass in the People nearby section of WeChat.

We got chatting and after awhile our conversation turned sexual and steamy hot.

She asked me for my phone number and phoned me.

She asked me if I was willing to play a game with her, so I agreed without thinking about it. I was horny from all the sexy talk.

Her game was to play out as follows:

I was to drive down to her office building where we would meet and she would give me further instructions, I was also told to bring lots of lube.

I spruced myself up and took a drive to her office. The office was a newly built government building.

I was shown to her office by one of the receptionists and was greeted by a sexy lady of about fifty years old. Judging by her appearance I could see she took well care of herself and had an air of superiority surrounding her.

She instructed me to sit down and listen to her, then follow her instructions to a T.

She was going to take me to the store room down the passage where she would leave me to get naked, to lay on one of the desks in the store room and to leave the lube nearby where she had easy access to it.

I was also instructed to make no noise at all.

We stood up and made our way down the long passage way leading to the rear of the building, we passed a boardroom where about twenty people were seated around a table having a meeting. The very next door was the store room which she had referred to earlier.

We entered the store room and I was told to follow her previous instructions.

She left and closed the door, leaving me alone in the room.

The store room was neat and tidy and had a lush carpet on the floor. I took of my clothes, feeling very apprehensive and wondering what I had got myself into this time.

I lay on the table and placed the lube next to me.

I could hear the meeting going on in the board room next door.

My cock was as hard as rock and my imagination was running wild, what if someone came in an saw me laying butt naked on the desk. How would I start to explain myself?

The door to the store room opened and she entered, she had thin rope in her hands.

She told me she was going to tie me to the desk and have her way with me and I was not to make a sound.

She proceeded to tie my hands to the desk legs and instructed me to lift my legs in the air which she secured with rope to the burglar bars of the window in the store room. A blindfold was placed over my eyes.

She left the store room again and closed the door, leaving me naked, helpless and exposed with my legs in the air.

I lay for what seemed an eternity in this position, thoughts running wild. I could hear the security doing patrols, passing the window of the storeroom. I was so damn horny and hot my body was burning up. I heard the lady speaking in the board room next door giving some sort of speech about sport and leisure. Shortly afterwards I heard the door open again, the thoughts running through my head were driving me insane. Was it her or was it someone else? Footsteps on the carpet approached and I felt something cold being applied to my exposed butt, balls and rock hard cock. The smell of someone’s perfume filled my senses, sweet and pleasant.

My senses now running on overload where telling me that there were more than two people in the storeroom.

The lady’s voice broke the silence in the room, telling me that she had invited others into our little game and that I was to be their slut for the afternoon and that I was to be raped and used by them and that if I made too much noise it would be very bad for me.

I nodded in agreement not knowing if my voice would work properly, my cock was dripping pre cum all over my tummy and I was wondering what the rape would entail.

Someone grabbed hold of my cock and started sucking it as I felt something enter my ass roughly, stretching me open and sliding deeper and deeper into me.

Someone’s tongue forced my mouth open and started kissing me in a wet hungry kiss. I felt a burning sensation down the hole of my rock hard cock as something was inserted, deeper and deeper, painful, but enjoyable.

My ass was stretched open even more as something else was inserted and then another.

The object that was inserted down my cock reached a spot deep down that as it went through blew my mind. Intoxicating, I felt like a slut. Legs in the air, ass filled to breaking point and a tongue down my throat. I was struggling to be quite. Every nerve in my body, stretched, a piano wire.

I felt something enter my bladder and it started to feel full, stretched like it was full. I needed to pee.

The objects in my ass were removed and I think a fist was roughly inserted into me, the knuckles painfully opening me up like a slut, deeper and deeper painfully stretching me open inch by inch then slowly retracted and forced in again over and over increasing in intensity. I was being raped and I was enjoying every minute of it. Used like a hungry slut. The utter rawness of being raped by someone I don’t know was mind blowingly delicious. I wanted them to fuck me senseless and rip me open, in and out, stretched, used.

The fist going in and out of my ass was so intense that whatever they had filled my bladder with burst out all over me like a river bursting its banks.

Knuckles bruising my prostrate brought on an orgasm that can be compared to an erupting volcano in the middle of my brain, ripping through my body in waves of ecstasy over and over again in convulsions of pure raw pleasure.

I woke up and everything was quite, no longer tied to the table, naked, a slutty mess raped and used.

I slowly got dressed and made my way back to the lady’s office.

Sadly they installed cctv cameras in her offices .. so that put and end to the fun fun lol

this is a true story .... i only changed one teeny weeny little thing.. only because.... well that i can only tell you in a Pm.... only if i like you though ...