06 Feb 2018

One Friday afternoon I received a call from a lady that I worked with in Port Shepstone. I met her when she was married and nearly fucked her in her swimming pool one night when her hubby was in Durban for a conference.

Well anyway she asked me if her and her daughter could spend a few days at my place in Durban due to her daughter having an interview for a job. Them being only an hours drive away, I fetched them and made them comfortable at my place. We decided to go out for the evening, we had a good time which ended with the lady and I having some kinky fun in my room until the early hours of the morning. After a few kinky orgasms and fantastic ejaculations we eventually fell asleep.

The lady’s cell phone woke us up quite early and she got out of bed to answer the phone.

I pulled on a pair of jeans and made my way to the kitchen, made some tea and jumped back into bed, the lady sat on the end of the bed and chatted to someone on the phone. I was still feeling horny from the night before and was hoping she would hurry and end the call so we could have another round.

The door to my bedroom opened and her daughter entered, she walked up to the bed and crawled under the covers not saying a word.

As I lay and waited for her mom to get off the phone, the daughters hand moved across under the covers and came to rest on my lap. I glanced across at the daughter and judging by the look on her face she was not impressed by the fact that I had jeans on.

Her fingers felt around for my zip and slowly pulled it down, the sound was loud through the bedding, but she just continued unzipping my cock. My cock was now throbbing and rock hard, her small hands gripped my cock and pulled it from my jeans. She lay on her side with her eyes closed a smile on her lips. She gripped my cock harder and slowly moved her hand up and down squeezing and massaging. The sensation of her soft hand and the fact that she was doing it with her mom in the room was driving me wild. My cock felt like it was going to explode into hundreds of pieces.

She squeezed harder forcing more blood into the head of my dick, it felt so fucking good, I had the urge to throw the covers off and fuck her in front of her mother at that moment.

The sensation she was creating in my loins was unreal, she was playing with the same dick that had just fucked her mother and she was enjoying it. She gave my cock one last hard squeeze and I blew my load and came all over her hand and fingers, exploding in pleasure, my cock jerked like crazy in her beautiful hand. Her hand withdrew from my lap and she put her hand to her mouth and sensuously licked my cum from her fingers.

Her mother said goodbye to who ever was on the phone and crawled into the bed between us.

Later that day, whilst I was having a shower the daughter entered the bathroom and bluntly stated that it was her turn now.

But that’s a story for another day........