03 Sep 2019

Well this was in the time when I was naughty without the knowlege of my wife.

I was working with this gorgeous woman. She was very sexy and so stylish. We worked in the same department and for a while as colleges. At times I was assigned to train and mentor her, as she was inexperienced in the work that we were doing. We become good friends.

Then I was promoted. This was good for me but not good for our relationship. I did not have time to spend with her as in the past. Our relationship become just professional. From time to time we managed to chat on whatsapp on a personal level.

One day during a chat, I mentioned to her that I was involved in an affair with one of the admin ladies. She knew her as she was working in the same company. She was shocked "But you are married" was her reply. I just respond by saying that I am a man, and a naughty one. She said she could not believe that I will do something like that. I replied that there is a lot that she did not know.

Immediately she wanted me to tell. I was not sure that was a good idea and tried to get out of the conversation. However she insisted that I tell.

I told her about my fantasy to have sex in my office. To my surprise she added that she want to have fun by stroking and teasing a man during a meeting. She wants to see how well he can keep his cool during the meeting.

I could not believe what I heard. We left it at that. I had to run to a meeting. However I could not stop thinking about what she told me. I could not focus in the meeting, only thinking how and if I would be able to keep a straight face if she was stroking my cock during the meeting.

The next day I made time to chat to her and told her about my thoughts during the meeting. Her only response was to ask me what I was talking about. I apologised immediately and tried to get out of this conversation. She had no intention to let me off that easily, and asked if I am in my office so that we can clear up this misunderstanding.

I was in my office but was wondering what is going to happen as in a corporate world, sexual harassment is real.

She walk into my office close and locked the door. I have the habit of leaving the key in the door. I did not know what to expect.

She walked around the table, moved my chair back and sat on the table, and asked me to tell her about my fantasy of having sex in my office. I did not know what to do.

She could see the confusion on my face, she said, "I am hear right now, let us make your fantasy true". Still confused I stood up from my chair and moved towards her, took her in my arms and slowly and nervously started kissing her. She answered my kiss with an amazing kiss.

Now I was not confused anymore. While we kissed my hands started to wander all over her body. She did not stop me, so my hand started to wander more and more. Under her blouse to undo her bra. I could hear her breathing become more intense and that set the fire in me.

I turned her around so that she stood with her back against my chest, me kissing her in the neck and my hands all over her nipples. WOW it was so nice, her nipples were hard. With my left hand on her nipple my right hand started to move down over her sexy stomach and to her jean belt. With no effort my hand slipped under the jean and panty where I could feel her unshaven pussy. Wet unshaven pussy. This made my cock so hard.

She slowly turned around, smiled at me and asked" Do you like what you feel?" With a dry mouth I bearly could answer her, she smiled and said " I can see you like it". With her open blouse and loosened bra she sat on the edge of the table, smiling and teasing me.

Slowly I pushed her backwards on her back on the table. I kissed her slowly and started to undo her belt and jean, took off her shoes and slowly pulled her jean down. Wow what a sight of perfection.

After taking in the perfect sight, I started kissing her from the neck, slow and softly over the breasts and perfect nipples, lower and lower, until I could feel the pussy hair. I started to seek for her clit with the tip of my tongue. When I found it, wow I could not get enough. By now we were in a world of our own. We were only aware of each other.

She took my head, lifted it and asked me to have sex with her. I removed my pants and with my hard cock I started to penetrate her. At first slowly but faster and faster as we picked up the pace.

I could feel that I am going to explode, and stopped, as I wanted this to continue for longer.

She stood up from the table and pushed me down on my chair. Whilst facing me she climbed on my lap. I pushed my hard cock into her wet pussy. We both moaned with pleasure.

She pushed me back into the chair so that I could see her beautiful body on my cock. It was so amazing. I dropped my hands next to her and started gliding my hand over her feet. Not knowing what this does to her. Instantly she burst into an overwhelming orgasm. I could not keep it in any more and blew my load deep in her.

Breathless we fell into each others arms. As we were catching our breath, there was a knock on the door. We both kept quiet and put back our clothes.

We waited about 10 minutes and opened the door.

That was the beginning and we had many visits to my office and other places.