06 Jan 2018

On the Intercape Bus, travelling from Cape Town to PE. I was aged 17 at the time and very horny.

Whenever I travelled to or from Cape Town, I'd always keep a bag on my seat until I saw an attractive female looking for a place to sit. I got lucky before and after but I'll never forget this one day. We left cape town and there were no 'potential clients', I'm not the sexiest person but I'm a confident person.

We then stopped in Durbanville to pick up a few people, close to the starlight dinner and then a stunning white blue eyed came up looking for seat. I moved my bag and showed her that there was place.

She said next to me and we introduced ourselves. This was going to be a 12hour trip so I had all the time to consult with friends in cape town via mxit on my V360 Motorola. Hahaha or it was an older phone but it was one of the new colour screens.

Nevertheless, we spoke about everything really and we passed Somerset West and I knew that the lights will be going off soon. As the movie played I acted tired and leaned my head on her shoulder, then with the bus hopping and bouncing I'd fall with my head to her lap. At this point I'd know if she is ok to follow through or not.

Surprisingly, she left me there. I was so nervous as she was the most beautiful girl I'd seen at the time. Wearing a boob tube, with an unzipped jacket, thigh high skirt and flat sneakers.

I acted as if I was waking up and put my hand up her thigh, to which she clinched her her legs closed and I apologized. She said it was ok and asked if she could take a nap on my shoulder, obviously I agreed.

About 30mins after the movie had ended and only darkness surrounding us, she asked if she could lay on my lap, and again I agreed. As she laid her head down she realizes that my dick is hard. My breathing changes, anxiety kicks in. Hands get sweaty. She looks up at me and grabs my hardon with her hand through my track pants. I start texting my friends in disbelief and log out.

She takes it out and says I need to keep a lookout. Best BJ of my teenage life even though We never had sex, the best or worst part is that she told me that her stop is at Jeffery Bay and sucked me again before her stop, once the bus stopped she told me that I better cum to which I did. As she got out waiting for her bags, she opened her mouth to me and showed me my sperm in her mouth.

She swallowed it before getting her bag, smiled, waved at me and then she shocked me by hugging and french kissing her BF who picked her up she made sure I saw her kissing her bf. Best experience on the bus.

Coming back from PE to cape town with the Intercape will follow soon with a different girl..