11 Jul 2019

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On my way to an appointment outside the city this morning I got a call that the meeting has been pushed back by 3 hours.

As I did not have enough time for a good breakfast I decided to stop off at a well know coffee shop and started checking my emails on my Laptop while drinking some really good coffee!

After checking my work mails I checked my private mails and a message of a very close friend caught my eye.

As I started reading a broad smile must have started spreading over my face ... he wrote that his wife asked him to rimm her the night before!

Now at this stage I need to mention that his wife was still a virgin when they met and wanted to save herself for her wedding night.

The Mrs has never been adventurous in any way, and I always thought of her as a prude!

Reading this I think I must have been as blown away as he was...

He describe how he dove down there spread her wide and started licking from her pussy to her ass... according to him she went wild ... kept bucking her hips and opening herself up wider for him.

After a while he started sticking the tip of his tongue in her ass and she had her first orgasm... later he inserted a fingertip (first time ever) and then two ... he was on a roll and decided to replace his fingers with his cock...unfortunately for him she almost passed out with pain and he stopped ...

I think I must have had a big broad grin on my face reading his mail and I probably adjusted my hard-on a few times in my pants because when I looked up I saw a very classy and attractive lady sitting to my left up on a raised platform table half smiling at me.

I think I must have turned bright red as I realised that she has obviously been watching me.

I carried on reading my friends mail while I tried to look get a good look at her.

She must have realised I was checking her out and changed her position slightly but revealing quite a bit of leg.

I must have gawked because she was smiling when I looked up.

At this stage I had a raging hardon and tried my best to hide it ... however obviously unsuccessfully!

She got up and started walking towards the toilets but stopped as she passed my table and asked me what I was reading that caused such a reaction ... now I don’t blush ... ever ... but this attractive, classy lady had me in a spot!

I mumbled something about an email from a friend and she remarked that it must have been interesting as it obviously had quite an effect on me.

At this stage I decided she had her fun and I was going to push back big time... and I replied that a friends wife asked him to lick her ass ... while I watched her reaction carefully ... she burst out laughing rather loudly and I could she was at a loss for words ... she pulled out the chair opposite me and sat down abruptly... I don’t think either of us expected that!

After a while she said wow ... and, what did your friend do?

I replied that he made a meal of it with a big smile on my face!

She kept quiet looking at me intently and then said that she has never had the guts to ask anyone to do that to her.

I asked if she thinks that she would like it and she just nodded her head ... I looked at her and commented that she was very attractive and would probably have no difficulty finding a guy or 100 to do that to her.

She then asked me if I had ever done that to someone and I replied yes and that I loved it.

I could see that she was interested and breathing rapidly ... trying to figure out what to say next ... I realised that I had to make a move and quickly and asked if she knew that one of the ladies toilets had a bidet... she shook her head slowly in the negative and asked me how I knew that ... I replied that a good friend of mine told me she quite liked using it at times to freshen up ... I then said I could help her find it if she liked.

Now this place has a sort of a unisex toilet configuration with communal washbasins with separate toilet stalls leading off it ... she looked up at me and I could see the conflict in her eyes ... the good girl in her said no you crazy and the horny bad girl was shouting at her to go for it!

Well it was early morning the place was empty and I think she was comfortable with me because she got up took my hand and said lets go before I change my mind and run away! I was up like a shot, asked the manager to watch our stuff and followed her to the loo ... well let me tell you she has a stunning ass... and with her tight skirt and the way she was walking I could see she had a stunning tight body...

We reached the toilet area and I opened the toilet with the bidet's door and stood aside motioning her to walk ahead.

At this stage a really horny look crossed her face and she told me that she needed to pee ... I said great I love watching ladies pee... she lifted her skirt pulled down her sexy panties and sat down real quick ... as she started peeing I stepped forward and put my hand down there and told he to pee on my hand ... at this stage she was bright red but relented and a stream of hot wet pee hit my hand ... the whole time she was looking me in the eyes and I bend forward and kissed her deeply probing her mouth with my tongue ... when she finished peeing I cupped her pussy with my whole hand and ran a finger through her soft wet waxed pussy ... she just sat there moaning softly opening wide for me to explore ... I hit the button and the water started shooting up her crack while I started washing her gently but quite well ... I then lifted her by her armpits and spun her around so that she was facing the wall with her back towards me ... skirt still up and panties down ... I moved my hands up and started feeling up her tits ... sort of soft but very firm with nice big hard nipples! I got my hands in under her bra and started pinching her hard nipples while she pushed her sexy ass up against my bulging hardon ... at this stage I wanted to see more of her, taste and smell her ... I went down behind her and bend her forward at the hips ... she got the idea quickly bend over nicely I took her hands and guided her to spread herself for me ... I will tell you she had the tightest rosebud like tight little ass with the most delectable pussy I have seen for a very long time ... I started sniffing and smelling her loudly and I could see she loved that I loved the smell of her ... I then started licking her from her pussy up to a millimetre from her tight little ass ... I could see she was straining to get me to lick her there but I kept myself busy with the sweetest tasting pussy I have had for a long time ... she then said please lick me ... and I asked her to tell me what she wanted me to lick ... eventually she asked me to lick her ass ... I blew softly on her teasing her more while she was straining to give me good access to her ass ... I bend my head forward and started assaulting her sexy ass with my tongue ... I think she came on the spot because while lube was pouring out of her ... her whole body started shaking and then I penetrated her with my tongue ... well she went wild ... I had to steady her with a firm grip while I continued the assault on her sexy ass ... I wet a finger and asked her if she ever had anal before she just shook her head in the negative I slowly inserted a finger while she stood dead still as tense as they go ... I smacked her ass and jokingly told her to relax while she laughed and said this is about as relaxed as she will ever get with someone playing with her ass ... at which point I shoved my finger in deep and quite roughly ... and she came ... or let me say she squirted while I fingered her ass roughly ... and she just kept orgasming over and over at which point she lost her legs ... well they sort of became jelly while she slumped over the toilet and turned to sit down again ... she was red in the face breathing heavily and reached out and started fondling my hard cock through my pants she unziped and started getting me out studied my cock up close them opened her mouth and swallowed a lot of me ... I remarked that she clearly knew what she was doing and she looked at me and said she always wanted to suck a strangers cock but never had the guts too ... and man she sucked my cock like there was no tomorrow ... I could feel things building up and I asked if I could fuck her ... she said that she does not have a condom and was shit scared of diseases ... I replied that was my concern as well but that I have been with the same partner for a very, very long time and that I was a clean as it goes… I could see her relax and breathe a sigh of relief … we both wanted this badly and the fact that we were both hungry for each other spurred us on… I pulled her up and spun her around spreading her legs in the process … I aimed my cock at her soaked pussy and slammed it in roughly and hard …. She groaned and pushed back burying me all the way in and then some … I started fucking her with deep long slow strokes and watched as her ass started contracting I pushed my thumb into her ass and started fingering her as she started cumming again … she then asked me how close I were and asked me to cum in her ass … well I did not have to be begged and started slipping my cock head into her tight little ass while she spread her cheeks as far as she could to help me in … well when I have worked myself in completely I held still giving her time to relax and get used to the feeling of a very hard and large cock in her ass … after a little while she started rocking backward and forward gently slipping my cock in and out her ass … I started feeling things build up and asked her to hold still as I wanted it to last a bit longer … she asked me if I liked fucking her ass … I kissed her deeply while I started cumming in her ass … she said could feel every hot squirt shoot deep up her ass!

When I was done she sat down on the bidet again while I washed myself at the basin, we straightened up our clothes and made our way back to the table … when we got there she went and got the rest of her stuff and joined me at my table … I ordered some coffee while she was telling me how this was the most insane totally out of character thing she has ever done … I agreed and said I did not make a habit out of licking strangers backsides either but that I enjoyed it very much and that I would like to see her again and this time find a love nest where we could explore each other properly … we exchanged numbers while I packed up for my meeting … I drove off smiling

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