19 Apr 2018

Winter was approaching at great speed and the setting sun was diminishing at great speed. It was Tuesday afternoon and I had a few hours on my hands, but had not eaten all day long, so I decided to go and have a meal at the pub as it served lunch all day long, and from there I would go and watch the setting sun from the beach, which was a great past time of mine.

Walking into the the pub at that time of the day was strange to me, it was just before four in the afternoon. Patrons were few and far between, so I took up a seat at a table for two, partly hidden by a pillar. Looking through the menu, and still undecided what I wanted to eat, I ordered a glass of red wine, sipping on my wine and looking at the decor on the walls, the waitress came to take my order of what I wanted to eat. The order was in the kitchen, when I noticed there were two ladies who looked like they were in their naughty forties peeping in my direction, it looked like they were drinking orange juice. Them sipping on their juice and me sipping on my wine, they kept chatting secretively but still looking in my direction. The waitress arrived with my food, and said to me do you know the two ladies sitting over there, because they seem to know you. No..no I don't know them....I said to the waitress. She left me to eat my meal in peace, she went over to the two ladies and took an order from them.....which they ordered by saying the same again.....she came back with two glasses which looked like orange juice. Thinking what a place to be drinking orange juice, and chomping on my meal, the one lady with long dark hair got up from her stool and walked over to the ladies bathroom, and the other lady was busy on her phone, either reading or sending a message. On her return from the bathroom the lady stared at me as she walked passed, as if she really knew me, but I was sure I did not know either of them. On taking her seat, the other lady showed her something on her phone, she turned around and stared at me again, and said it is him.....Not quiet sure what they were referring to, I carried on chomping on my meal, with my meal firmly in my tummy, I ordered another glass of wine. Sipping on my wine to wash down the last few crumbs of my meal, the lady with the dark hair got up and walked over to my table and asked if I would like to join them. Still with time to kill before the setting sun, I accepted their invitation and joined them at their table , which was table 22.

Taking up a seat between the two ladies, I introduced myself, my name is Billy. The two ladies looked at each other and said, "Billy." that's not the name to me. They introduced themselves as Sarah-Lee and Cecelia. Smiling at them both, I asked them if they frequent this pub, as all the staff seem to be very friendly towards them. Sarah-Lee looked at me and said,"This is our drinking hole, as we live a few blocks away, and we have no problem with drinking and driving." Smiling at the two of them and still convinced that they were drinking orange juice, so where does drinking and driving problem come from. The chatting started to take a naughty touch, they kept on wanting to know what I do in my spare time, and if I would ever join into any kinky sex, looking more and more surprised at their choice of conversation, I wondered if they had seen me on a site which I had joined for naughty fun, with my wine glass empty and their glasses empty as well, I called for the my tab and said I will be off to watch the setting sun. They called for their tab as well, with the two tabs arriving at the table, I offered to pay their tab for them, with the two tabs paid, we all left the pub.

The wind was blowing and I looked at them, and said, that will be the end of the setting sun for me. Sarah-Lee looked at Cecelia, and said, "we have the setting sun for our balcony." Sarah-Lee said, "Billy you can join us on the balcony." Laughing I said, That will be very nice of you." Getting into my car, down the road we went to their apartment block over looking the sea. The car parked we enter the apartment block and took the elevator to the tenth floor, walking through the front door, I walked straight to the enclosed balcony, and flopped into a chair. Sarah-Lee offered me a drink, and said, "sorry we do not have wine, only Vodka have we got." Laughing out loud, I said," the workers drink,"Cecelia said maybe we are....I burst out laughing, I said how lucky can I be. Sipping on our drinks, Sarah-Lee looked at Cecelia and said, "should we tell Billy, no not Billy but KeepPeeping where we had seen him before." Now the game was out and I knew they had seen me on Swinging Heaven. Cecelia then walked up to me and grabbed hold of my cock and said, "now this is mine." I knew that they had seen me on my cam in the chatroom. Sarah-Lee looked at me and said, "You have been teasing us, so now it is our time to tease you. Laughing I said, " so my body is yours." The two of them then tied my two hands behind my back so I could not prevent them from playing with me. I was blind folded...they took off my clothes...and standing naked they started to spank my buttocks. Spanking and spanking and I could feel my buttocks starting to burn. My balls got grabbed by two hands....squeezing them, and my chest got scratched with finger nails. The two ladies said, "This cock is ours," and started to suck on my cock, sucking and sucking.....they said, "enjoying it are you," I answered "yes...yes..."then she bites on my shaft and said," pain it will be." Pulling off my blindfold.....I saw Sarah-Lee lying in the sofa finger fucking her pussy, Cecelia pushed me towards Sarah-Lee and said, "suck that pussy or I will push my finger into your ass.....which one do you want it to be." Falling to my knees and my face tight against Sarah-Lee's pussy, I started to suck and suck on her pussy, Sarah-Lee screaming and screaming and arching her back more and more, her pussy getting more and more moist and finally she squirted all over my face. Cecelia then started to play with my cock....up and down goes her hands....into her mouth it goes, and I started to mouth fuck Cecelia.....deeper and deeper into her mouth.....Cecelia then chokes on my cock as it hits against the back of her mouth.....Sarah-Lee shouted, "Deep Throat Cecelia for me please." Trusting my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth and Cecelia's saliva dripping from her mouth, trusting my cock quicker and quicker into her mouth and finally it was cum...cum...a mouth full. My cock released from her mouth, Cecelia let the cum run all over Sarah-Lee body...