08 May 2017

Me and wife went to a Mall here in the east of Pta last Friday afternoon/ evening to exchange some shirts i bought at Woolies. We had something to eat drinking a nice bottle of wine and feeling relaxed.

After we finished she said to me she needs to go to Vodacom to upgrade her phone and i must go to Woolies to sort the shirts. She went her way and of i go to woolies. Went and got the bigger size shirts and went to customer services. It was sort of quiet there. I saw a very nice looking woman in her late 30's early 40's maybe looking at some lingerie. (Why Woolies put the Lingerie dept next to the tills just they know) queue to pay when i saw her take a very skimpy panty stood behind me. As i turned to look at her she hold the panty between her elbow and fist, i just smiled and she saw me smiling. She blushed and said that someone told her if she does that she would know it would fit. I just laughed.

We basically went to the tellers the same time and do what we need to do. we also finished the same time and as i walk out i said well i would love to see if this concept is working. She said maybe she needs to go and fit it on and i said well i would like to know the result. She sai well there is only one way and it is for me to follow her to the fitting rooms.

I did follow her but said to her how would i know it fits and by the way would like to see it on her i joked. Getting to the fitting rooms there was nobody to assist us. I joked to her that she must go and put it on and once she is finished call me. I waited outside and after a minute or two she called me, went in and she opened the door stark naked with only the very small see through panty on. She took my hand and pulled me into the cubicle and locked the door. She asked me what i think about the panty Now i was the one blushing. I looked down and saw that she was completely shaved and could see her pussy. I was as hard as a rock by then. She turned around and showed me her very good looking bum. I said to her well that theory is definitely working and that the panty is looking very hot on her. Also said some guy is very lucky, she laughed and said well you are the lucky guy for now. Whilst showing me her bum she bend over and i could see the panty pulling into her slit and she took my hand and putting it on her bum and said whel if you want to touch you must do it now, which i did. took both hands feeling her up and even put my hand between her legs touching her pussy. i could feel the heat from her pussy and also saw that she was very wet/ I slide my hand into her panty and start playing wither clit and and finger deep into her pussy.

She turned around unzipped my pants took out my dick and start sucking me. She instructed me to sit on the bench and she turned around bend over and took the panty of. She opened her bag and took out a condom and put it on me.and lowered her pussy over my dick and start riding me hard and fast. She said she is a very horny girl and she is ready to cum, with that i started to shoot my load and she also climaxed.

Getting back to my senses she said i must pull up my pants and leave and and wait outside, still the condom on i left the cubicle. She came out all smilling and said that was the first time she ever did that and it was a box she can tick off now. I thanked her and we left me going to the toilets to get rid of the condom and clean up abit

With that my wife phoned and said she is finished and i must get her at the coffee shop. Whilst there this same girl and her man also came in and sat not very far from us. We just smiled and we left. And this realy happened all within 15 min.