24 May 2016

We had flirted for a while, but I would say that she wasn't my type at all. A little too know it all, but without the backing of factual information.

She came around to my place mid afternoon. A short skirt with a horrendous floral pattern. Her hair, slightly wind swept, and a little too much makeup. We chatted for an hour or two, conversation gradually turning sexual.

We discussed how much we masturbated when alone, turned out we had very similar patterns in our urges. I told her I needed a shower before work, so would have to excuse me and would see her around. I was more than aware that she was picturing my semi hard cock as she looked at my shorts. I had worn them purposely for the fact that they were tight and would show the outline of my member. Being a hot day, I didn't wear anything else. I wanted her to leave my house dripping wet and wanting. Treat them mean, keep them keen as they say.

I saw her out and started the shower running, my phone alerted me to a message. It read "quick one before work? Come by mine".

I dressed at a comfortable pace, let her wait a while longer.

I drove the short distance to her house and heard her invite me in. The door was open. I locked it as a entered and drew the curtains. She was making a drink as I approached her. I held her hips and spun her around. My mouth found hers and we kissed hard, my hand lifting her short skirt while running my hand between her leg.

I moved the loose material of her panties to one side and parted her lips, finding her clit and slowly teasing her. She was dripping down my fingers and pressing on to me. I moved her over to the sleeper couch, finger fucking her all the way, while she removed her bra and hippy style top.

She sat and lifted her bum, I pulled her skirt and underwear away and parted her legs. I sat inches away from her pussy. its aroma, sweet and slightly musky, her lips glistening with her juices that pooled at her entrance and were slowly trickling between her arse.

I lowered my mouth on to her pussy and ran my tongue from her hole up to her clit, her juices coating my lips and tongue. My tongue worked her deliberately and firmly. Her clit was a bigger than most, not the biggest I have seen but I could feel it swelling between my tongues movements and put my lips around it. Flicking my tongue as my left hand opened her and slipped 2 fingers inside, hooking them to rub the front wall of her dripping cunt.

Her movements became erratic and she started to cum hard. She grabbed my head and pushed it hard against her, making it hard to get air as her pubes ground against my nose. Her pussy convulsed on my fingers and her legs tensed, trying to close but being stopped by my shoulders.

I pressed her pubis down with my right hand and licked, sucked and fucked her with my tongue. Her cunt finally subsided and she pushed my head away, unable to take anymore.

She was flushed, naked, a sheen of sweat glistening in her flat stomach and breasts.

I checked my watch. Fuck, ten minutes to get to work. I used her bathroom and washed my face, although, I could still smell her pussy for my entire shift, think I must have ended up with half her juices up my nose. I arranged to see her the next morning and got in my car, headed off to work. My erection dripping precum in my pants and thoughts of what I wanted to do.

The rest of the evening was filled with messages, telling me how much I was going to be fucked when I saw her again. It was the start of a great fuck buddy relationship, one that I have fond memories and photos.

Things cooled off when she left town, but we keep in touch and maybe one day will fuck again.