09 Mar 2019

So we where talking to a couple for a while they lived one town over, one Saturday they asked if we would like to Braai we said yes but I could only go after work. While at work I got a message from my wife come outside quickly she and the couple supriced me at work.wife had a short skirt on and told me neither of the ladies are wearing underwear and told me to meet them at the couples place after work. As I was about to finish work I got a picture of the ladies warming each other up.drove their in record time with a raging Hardon. When I got there we where relaxing then I went inside to the kitchen the lady A kissed me and started stroking my cock drove me wild. Told her we have to get back when we went outside hubby a was busy eating pussy and my wife was loving the attention.before I could say anything wife a started sucking my cock. She said leave them and follow her witch I did to their room we were sucking each other playing when I could hear my wife starting to moan from the other room.drove me insane and I started fucking a furiously till she screamed as we where fucking I felt a hand on my balls my wife telling me to cum in a and keep fucking as I creampied a I felt drained and needed a drink when I came back my wife was eating creampie and made a cum again.

Tags: firsttime