04 Feb 2016

I was staying in PE back then, then decided to walk to Walmer Park one day. As I was walking a white gentleman offered me a lift, I couldnt say no as it was too hot outside. We chatted a bit, he asked if I was gonna be long. When I said no, he asked for my number and offered to take me back home. The man was in his 50s and I was in my 20s. When I was done shopping I phoned him and he came. As he drove out of th shopping centre, he asked if it was ok for him to first check his place if its locked up. I said I dont mind... when we got to his place he said I can come in he wont be long. I sat in the lounge, he had a relaxing nice chair. He then went to the other room. His chair had a massage button and he pressed it. I started to feel relaxed and horny... before he switched on the tv. he told me to close my eyes and listen. OMG! It was porn... I started getting wet... the man started touching me, and I started screaming being sooo horny. the guy went down on me. He led me to the floor on a mat. It was my first with a white gentlemen. He fucked me so nice, so much that I wish to meet a similar guy in East London