Written by Mrs Angel

26 Jan 2016

We were seening each other for a couple weeks now. But it was the first day he met my parents and we all went out to a restaurant for a nice dinner after it my parents went home and we went for a drive so we went to the harbour look out point. It was dark and we were all alone listen to music so we started to kiss and fondel each other. I'm rubbing his rock hard cock and his fingering my wet pussy. I really was enjoying it alot then it started to get very wet and then i start to worry and thought i was peeing on him but we didn't stop and so the wetness also didn't it just got worst until it was soaking wet on the front seat of the car. He cum in my hand and we just sat there trying to relax and started to talk he also thought i was peeing on him at first and he taste it and it wasn't pee. So he knew then i was squirting. I was so exhausted after that experience that i almost passed out and i look like someone drunk . Felt really bad. He just wanted to take me to hospital i just said no because how do i explain it to everyone and to my parents. So he toke me home still very worried that i will be ok. So that was the start of my squirting days and it never stop lol "hubby het regtig daai kraan oop gedraai" lol. Boyfriend at that time now we happily married.