10 Oct 2016

The following are true stories from a series of events experienced in marriage with my now ex-wife

Names have been changed to protect the privacy of all parties involved

however the course of events and details thereof are all factual

Feel free to comment your thoughts & opinions! Should you have any similar experiences you willing share feel free to message me your story


Fifty Shades Of Magic

(By : Mister_Magic)


Chapter One

** The Birth Of My Slutty Wife **

My wife Charise, though she wasn’t a virgin when we met, was very shy between the sheets. One could even call her conservative and very conventional, the type of women who believed that the lights should be off during sex, sex should only be had at home and at night, and referred to it as ‘love making’ I often told her, you more of a lady in bed than you are out bed.

She believed in a man getting on top, doing what needs to be done, getting off, and that’s the end of it, nothing more, nothing less. For more than a year after we got married, I often brought up oral sex and my desire for her to indulge me in this regard but she never budged, it was a huge ‘over my dead body’ in her eyes.

Then after a good couple of drinks one evening, I decided to eat her pussy abit. I stayed under the covers for just less than an hour and sent her into an orgasmic heaven at least four times. I did it a few more times for her after that in the days that followed, with her enjoying it more and more every time. Then one day I waited for the perfect moment, and while my head was between her thighs one night, I asked her to do the same for me and suck my dick abit.

She refused, I didn’t push it any further and came back up from between her thighs, then not having eaten her pussy for as long as I usually do, she asked me why did I stop, and I told her because I lost my mojo after she had said no to doing the same for me. She then practically begged me to continue so I did …

After eating her pussy for ten minutes more, I took my very hard dick into my hand and asked her to please suck it, and she said no again. So again I came back up, Charise not wanting me to stop said “okay okay I’ll try” so as I continued eating her pussy, she hesitantly put my dick in her mouth and very innocently and reluctantly sucked me for just more than three minutes and couldn’t anymore. This was her first attempt at a blowjob ever, and the start of something that not she or I would ever have thought would ever be, the birth of her slutty ways.

After this her first time, I ask her to do it again, took a lot of convincing, or let me rather say begging, but she would eventually give in. Each time becoming lesser of an effort on my part to convince her to do it, and her sucking it for longer periods of time too I have to add.

Then one day, I was shocked … Before I even had a chance to eat her pussy, we were still fully clothed mind you, we had just started kissing. She gently guided me into a sitting position on our bed, loosened my pants, pulled it down to my ankles and without me having to ask, Charise sucked my dick like never before. She was actually enjoying it, and it was like the more she sucked on it, the more she wanted it, there was a point when I got scared as I thought this women was about to rip my cock of my pelvis with her teeth. That night I introduced porn into the bedroom, and that took our sexual experiences into another dimension …

She became more and more adventures and daring between the sheets as time went by, as the porn movies and videos we watched seemed to turn her on. All sorts of porn mind you … then months later, I took a fat chance, thinking there’s no way she would agree, but no harm in at least trying I thought, and I suggested we get a third party involved and have a threesome. She just looked at me, with that crazy look and just continued sucking my dick, and didn’t say a word on the matter.

A week later, during a moment of oral bliss she asked me “were you serious about that threesome story, you really wana do it” I said yes, why not it would be fun. The next morning as we woke up she says to me “okay let’s try it” needless to say I was shocked out of my skull, that evening as we returned home from work we discussed it and agreed to try it.

There was a younger college of mine, Rosie who had been “in love” with me since for ever, and wanted to be with me so badly that she would take any opportunity she could get to have me, even if it meant she could have me for just one night, and had to share me with my wife, she that is Rosie had this mind-set that something was better than nothing. Charise and I agreed that Rosie was the perfect person, not only would she be willing to do it, and discreetly too. But she was young, beautiful, had a body of note and based on the texts she would send me, was very experimental and daring too, so we set it up for the following Friday.

When Friday came, we had dinner, and after talking and discussing matters, we all came to a mutual understanding and agreement, and proceeded to the bedroom. We put on some porn, Charise and I started things off and Rosie just watched, she couldn’t take her eyes off us. Then we noticed Rosie biting her bottom lip, and her right hand moved down between her thighs as she got hot from this erotic scene being played out live before her very eyes, Charise then tells me to move over to her and to undress and touch her, which I did.

Things were going very well, we were all in sexual heaven … Charise was sucking me like a crazy, Rosie was touching Charise and eating her pussy, and I had my fingers deep inside Rosie all at the same time. I remember thinking to myself at that moment “My God, I can’t believe this is really happening, I’m living out every married man’s dream fantasy” soon after we changed positions, this is where things changed …

I noticed a change in Charise! The change in position found me eating my wife’s pussy and Rosie sucking my dick. There was now suddenly a great deal of tension in the air, we finished up and what was meant to be a night of passion turned into one round, I spoke to Rosie and advised her to go home, ill speak to Charise and get too the bottom of things.

After Rosie left, I tried to speak with my wife but she wouldn’t talk about things, so I eventually switched off the light and fell asleep. Then I woke up to bliss, my wife was sucking me dick, I just went with it and enjoyed till I exploded my load, in her mouth, this was her first time having me cum in her mouth. After that I we spoke and Charise opened up …

She told me she got jealous and upset when she saw Rosie sucking my dick, when I asked her why, she told me not for the reasons that you think and continued telling that …

I got jealous and angry because she sucked you and I couldn’t, I didn’t mind her fucking with us, in fact I really enjoyed it, but I wanted to suck you and couldn’t cause she had you in her mouth and when I tried to take your cock from her, she ignored me and just continued sucking you. What was I supposed to do? I know it sounds strange, but that’s how I felt.

The following evening my wife sits me down as I come out of the shower, she had already showered and was wearing a short PJ and me just wrapped in a towel, still drenched with water. She tells me …

“Baby I don’t know how to say this, but I think I have a problem. I think I’m addicted to sucking dick, not just your dick, but dick in general. It’s all I could think about all day, its been like this for weeks now, doesn’t matter who’s dick it is, as long as it’s a dick and I can suck it”

Needless to say, I was shocked … that same night from 10pm till almost 5am we did nothing but oral sex, Charise doing 90% of the work and sucking me like wild fire. During breaks between rounds, Charise did something she had never done before, while I recovered and built up strength and stamina for the next round, she continued to watch the porn that was playing, while touching herself and putting her fingers that were dripping with her own pussy juices in her mouth, but what I found more fascinating than anything else, she would skip the porn movie we watching to all the blowjob scenes while she was doing this.

I asked her if this turned her on, she replied in a moment of passion brought on by her pleasuring herself “fuck yes, look at that. I wish I could suck cock like that” I was confused by what she said and asked her “I don’t understand, did you say you wish you could suck that cock? Or that you wish you could suck cock like that?” she answer me and says “I wana suck cock like that” that’s when I realized something in her changed, it’s like she her inner slut was released.

We invited Rosie over again, and had played at least another five or six times with Rosie. Rosie being mindful after I spoke to her about what and why the problem came to be the last time, was careful to give my wife what she needed and then it all turned out perfectly and everyone was happy, got what they needed, and more importantly left feeling very satisfied.

Weeks later noticing my wife still liking to lick her fingers after fingering herself during sex, I bought her a life size dildo which she loved. One day I woke up in the middle of the night and Charise wasn’t there, but I saw a light in the passage. I went to investigate and found her in the spare room fingering herself yet again, with the dildo in her mouth when she saw me she was so embarrassed.

She returned to bed, as I turned to sleep she turned on her seductive switch and seduced me, after I gave in, she sucked me into orgasmic bliss while she fucked herself in the pussy with the dildo … After I came, she continues to suck me but spoke to me at the same time telling me to invite Rosie over the next morning.

Rosie came over the next morning. We started playing, I watched as the two ladies touched each other, as I played with myself, this was super-hot, then Charise says let’s try something different and tells Rosie “I wana watch you fuck him, you can have him to yourself, but you must do as I say” we figured okay, let’s see how this works out. We fucked each other good and solid yes, but Rosie sucked me most of the time as per instructed by my wife, it seemed to turn her on like nothing ever has before. And every round, my wife would be the one to suck me till I got hard again, and once I reached my full size hand me over to Rosie again and just watch as she instructed us on what and how to do it, I must admit as weird as this was I had so much fun.

And so this is how my sexually innocent, conventional and conservative wife died, and a new improved cock hungry, excellent cock sucking slutty wife was born and came to be …

To be continued …