Written by redbruce

20 Nov 2013

This all happened before I was a member of this site, in March 2012. I had Googled “dogging”, which led me to the UK’s SwingingHeaven site, where I had been reading all their dogging stories. Then I saw that they had a sister site here in RSA, and so I checked this one out as well. Relatively few members at the time (<9 000), and very few stories posted, but at least there was a “Dogging” page on the forum, which I could monitor and see what was being discussed. So I started following what was happening here at home, reading the local stories and the forum discussions, without being a member (yes, it’s all totally visible and accessible to non-members!).

There was a guy (let’s call him Mr T) who was active on the dogging forum, really trying to get something to actually happen in Gauteng. He had been to Germiston Lake, and thought it might make a good dogging venue. He was trying hard to set up a meet, and get people to commit to get together. There was the usual bunch of “I’m keen”s, “tell me when, I’ll be there”s, (all from single males) but nothing firmed up. So Mr T eventually took the bull by the horns, proposed a date and time (a weekday morning), and also suggested using duck feathers held in the hand, as a means to recognise each other. Mr T proposed meeting at the lapa at the far end of the site, pretty easy to find.

One single lady, let’s call her Ms S, responded on the forum that she could attend on that day. That is what decided me that this could be something worth attending, and so I made my arrangements accordingly...

I got there a little later than the proposed meeting time, and drove through to the far end. There were a few cars around (including a bakkie with a CA registration, parked facing so they could see the lapa, with a couple just sitting there, not doing anything, just sitting [I actually walked past to check them out!]), the rest of the cars empty. I could see what looked like three guys sitting at the nearest lapa.

I took my birdbook and my binoculars, so that I could look like a legitimate “birdwatcher”, and walked over in the direction of the lapa. There were lots of duck feathers lying around near the lake edge, as Mr T had found on his earlier recce, and I picked up three big ones and carried them nonchalantly in my hand, and sauntered closer. To my surprise, when I was about to walk past the lapa, I saw it was two gents and a lovely (short-hairstyle) lady sitting there chatting, and they were all holding feathers in their hands!!! So of course I stopped and greeted them, we all had a bit of a laugh about the feathers and my birdbook, and I sat down and we chatted. Turned out it was Mr T, Ms S, and another gent who we shall call Mr A. And not long afterwards, we were joined by Mr J, who also walked up carrying feathers in his hand. Ms S was wearing trousers, but had a couple of buttons on her white blouse rather seductively undone, and every now and then there was an enticing glimpse of her very decent cleavage and her sexy red bra.

Unfortunately, the local parks department chose that day to need to mow the grass around the lapas, and they arrived at ours and got busy! So we relocated from the end lapa, to one about three or four in from the end of the park, where they had already cut, and resumed our chat. Also very unfortunately, Mr T’s time was rather limited, and he very regretfully had to get back to work to do some urgent stuff that had come up. That left Ms S, Mr A, Mr J and myself, chatting about our experiences with the SH site and other members, our understanding of and expectations of dogging, etc. The others were all registered members of SH, and were a bit appalled that I was not a member, didn’t have a “nic”, yet knew all about their plan to meet up.

So after chatting for a while, and now feeling comfortable in each other’s presence, Ms S says “We can’t just sit here talking all day. We’ll soon also need to get back to work. So who’s going to do something?” We three guys looked at each other. I blustered something about “Well I really just came here to watch whatever was happening,” and Mr J said “Not out here in the open, it’s too exposed for my liking”. (The access road ran along the edge of the park about 70-80 metres away, and the parking area where we had left our cars was still clearly visible, although we had moved further away from it than we were initially, and then there is also a walking path along the water’s edge which runs past each of the lapas, so it WAS a bit exposed!)

Fortunately, Mr A had bigger balls than J and myself! He said he was happy to wank for the rest of us to watch (said he had done something like this once before), but he wanted to move position so that he was sitting with his back to the road and be less visible to the traffic cruising past. So he moved position, and then patted the space to his left and said to Ms S “I was rather hoping that you would come and help out a bit here”. So she got up and sat in the corner next to him, also with her back to the road. He unzipped and took out his sizeable cock, all neatly shaved, and started gently wanking it to full erection, with Ms S sitting right next to him, looking on. Although I am not at all bi-inclined, I could not help but watch the action unfolding, even if it was “just” Mr A wanking! Then Ms S stretched out a hand, and started stroking the tip of A’s cock while he wanked, and eventually took over the wanking. With his freed hand, he then playfully reached out to touch her right breast (the one closest to him). She obligingly opened a few more buttons on her blouse, fully exposing her lacy bra, which gave him easier access, and eventually popped her boob out of its cup! With which, A started tugging on her nipple, and then sucking it. From time to time Ms S leant forward and took A’s cock in her mouth, gently licking and sucking on his dick, but most of the time gently wanking him.

I was totally turned on by this erotic display, and was sitting there with my own erection in my pants, leaking pre-cum like a tap! Ms S looked across and asked “nobody else brave enough?”, and I decided it was now or never! Mr J just shook his head. I got up and went to sit next to S. She was sitting in the corner, A with his back to the road, and I sat at right angles to him, with my back to the car park. I unzipped and got my very leaky cock out, and Ms S immediately started playing with the pre-cum while I wanked. I reached for her left boob (Mr A was busy with the other one!), and she obligingly released it from her bra cup for me. Heaven!!!!!

And so A and I enjoyed the wonderful privilege of having Ms S alternatively sucking and wanking our cocks, while we were able to play with and suckle on her boobs. And Mr J sat and watched us (and I thought that I was the one who was just the watcher!…). Little did we know we were also being watched by others! I had checked the car park area with my binocs before A got started, to see if anyone could see us, and it seemed they were too far away to be able to see anything. But someone had noticed that the CA bakkie had moved position once we had moved from the one lapa to the other, quite possibly to have a better view of proceedings…. We speculated about whether they could also be folks from the site who knew about the meeting, but as they didn’t come and join us or make contact in any way, we assumed they were not.

After some time, with the delightful action of Ms S’s lips on my cock head, I got to a point of no return, took over the wanking, and came in streams all over the concrete floor of the lapa. Mr A had more staying power than me, and so Ms S now turned her full attention to him while I tidied up and put everything away again. And soon it was his turn, and he too left his marks on the concrete floor. We covered over our wet spots with some soil, so it was less obvious what had transpired. Because Ms S was wearing quite tight trousers, she was reluctant to undress any further than she had, and so we unfortunately had no option but to leave her unsatisfied, much as we would have loved to help her out. She said afterwards that she so regretted not wearing a skirt that day, as she was dripping wet from the encounter and left feeling unfulfilled and horny all day once back at work.

And so we came to the end of our “meeting”. We shared hugs all round, and walked back to the car park. The CA bakkie was still there, the couple smiled at us as we returned to our cars, and then drove off. The following day on the forum thread, there was a post from a Cape Town-based couple saying “thanks for the show!”, so they must have been watching us through binocs or a telescope! They should have come and joined us!! Perhaps, if they read this, they can let us know through the comments just how much they actually got to see, and if it did anything for them!!

I left the lake and went straight back to my office, logged on to the SH site, and immediately registered my Redbruce profile, and have been here ever since. Many thanks to Mr T for taking the initiative, and especially to Ms S and Mr A for my wonderful “induction”!! What a wonderful way to get started! We haven’t had another “Feather Club” meeting, unfortunately, but each of us sure has done some other interesting things in the meantime…