Written by PixieAngel

07 Jul 2015

I like to know his cock is mine at this point - you've given control over to me and I will do what I want to give you as much pleasure as possible.

Firstly I like to run my hand down the shaft and feel the soft skin and feeling it the cock growing hard.

Then I like to slowly place his cock into my mouth and covering it all the way down to the base with my moist wet lips.

I like to have a guy moan as I pleasure him this way, turns me on too knowing he is enjoying it

I would then lick the cock head softly, and run my tongue around and around, whilst stroking with my hand as well

then I would place his whole cock in my mouth again and fuck him with my moist wet lips, whilst gently stroking his balls

Whilst his cock is in my mouth I will run my tongue up the underside of his cock.

I will then take his cock out of my mouth and lick the underside, very sensitive – he will moan in pleasure at feeling my tongue, I would repeat slowly with another lick.

I like to feel his cock hit the back of my throat; I can usually do this without gagging.

I like to alternate between licking, stroking, putting his cock in my mouth.

When I know he is highly aroused and very hard, I will run my teeth very lightly down his shaft (usually get's a sucked in breath at that)

I gauge by sound, moans, and movements of hips what he would like and want more off.

When a drop of precum is visible I would look him in the yes and then lick it off retaining eye contact and whilst I am still looking at him I would slide his cock all the way in again.

I can do it for along time too, the longer you hold out the more you get, but I can also stop you from cumming. I have given him a double more than once.

When I am stroking him fast knowing he is cumming as he announces it I would stop.

His cock would pulse and a little cum would spurt out,

But then I'd start to stroke him fast again and knowing I can get him to finish cumming, he would shake all over and he would have his second orgasm