Written by Manrand

12 May 2016

I was driving back from a party early one morning. It was about 2am. It was a hot night and I was driving with the windows down. I drove down a wide road towards my home. The road had four lanes and was well lit in most places. It was almost deserted too – only very sporadic traffic at this time of the morning.

My state of horniness and the warm air gave me an idea. The little exhibitionist in me started to make plans. I turned into a quiet and secluded looking side street. After driving a block or so down the side street I parked the car and turned off the lights.

Time for some solo action. I got out of my car and stripped naked. I threw all the clothes in the back seat and locked it. Don’t want anyone stealing my car while I’m running about naked. The side street was dark with lots of shrubs and trees. I was sure no one would see me. I was completely naked except for my car keys and some flip-flop I took from my gym bag. Naked like that I started jogging towards the main street while keeping an eye out for any activity. It was absolutely quiet, not a dog to be seen or heard anywhere.

The warm air and my state of nakedness did their work quickly. After only a few steps I was solidly erect. I was beginning to enjoy this little adventure. I approached the junction with the main street. That main street, the one I drove down only a while ago, was brightly lit. May last cover would be next to the stop sign where the side street joins it. From then on it would be bright lights and mowed lawns with no cover for the naked streaker. The element of risk contributed to my erection.

I stood behind a shrub next to the stop sign. There was a car in the main road driving this way. I remained hidden and waited for it to pass. The road was empty except for that one car. When it was a safe distance away I took the chance and emerged naked from behind the shrub.

My heart was beating in my chest. I ran across the four lanes of road (looking both ways – traffic safety!) towards the opposite side. Once there, I stood underneath a street lamp and looked around. It was so stimulating. Anyone could see me and there was no bushes or any place to hide on this side of the road.

I started playing with myself. It was wonderful. I was so stimulated I knew this would be a short session. The idea of having an orgasm right was so appealing. I closed my eyes and readied myself to orgasm and ejaculate my semen.

That’s when I heard it. The sound of a car approaching...