Written by Fantacy Wife

02 Apr 2012

We each have our own talent/s. Some of us refuse to explore them, others deny they have been given any talent other than being a nerd and feeling left out. Fortunately this is side of life is changing, and that is for the female bodies slowly but surely realising that being a mother, labeled a housewife and even being business wise has given many of us the courage to try our curiousities which not too long ago were considered a sin.

I was raised by an Afrikaans father who was very open minded and crushed by an English mother making him feel he was not man enough for her. LOL, fortunately some things are just born in us and are not necesarry to be taught, one of them was for me knowing how to respect your husband and my father, no matter what!!! Something my father never demanded, he deserved it. Sadly my mother was raised differently so as I grew older, started forgiving her and never mentioned my child hood again.

For not too long ago, there were simply 2 types of woman, the wife at home always cooking cleaning and ironing, or the mistress powdered and puffed ready for the next husband who has the same demands. Sadly, that relationship also never lasted too long, as we all know, routine is the key killer in a healthy relationship.

The love I experienced from my father were life leasons I would soon live out with my husband, things my father taught me which he felt were the respectful thing to do for your husband, but taught with fun ideas and love. Never any hurtful or sad things. Sadly, in my wilder days when no responsibility was given to me, I had the priviledge of being a young vixen but never tried the normal 3somes, or bi sexual curiousity etc. I was there to keep the men happy and make sure they felt good.

Before I could accept the time has arrived for me to become a wife, I fell for a man who had some wild fantasies, but was not sure how to share them with me. Sadly, I too caught him cheating on me, and cheating in my eyes is anything you share or give to another which belongs in your marriage. When he at the time made a few suggestions, I was way too insecure and stupid to understand what he intended. I soon divorced him and without even realising it, walked into the exact life he oncce suggested and fantasised over.

Imagine my surprise, but the pain also having to realise what he was fantasising over. Now that I have grown up, found true love from a man who can talk and I have the ability to be honest, being in a swining lifestyle is far better than realising you were never not good enough, you were always just the one who would become part of something you knew little about.

Ever thought of what your real fantacy really is? Forget the everyday story which your buddy shares every Monday morning, go think about the things which really get you going, then have the guts to try them, as long as you do not hurt anybody.

I have experienced a few of the things I never imagined were allowed!!

Ladies, what do you quietly desire while trying to stay pure for your hubby?