Written by muf

23 Dec 2014

I wanted to stop writing, but someone encouraged me to continue....

When you are a cop you meet a lot of people, and a lot of opportunities will be available to you. I kept contact with Dianne although they were in JHB. During the time she was in Cape town, she introduced me to some really wild, wonderful and kinky people!

One day I was smsing with Dianne when she asked me where I was going. I told her I was on my way to Vincent Pallotti hospital to collect some medical reports. "Oh" she said "you have to look up my niece Charlene, she is a nurse there."

We kept on chatting to each other, and just as we said our goodbyes Dianne said "Enjoy Charlene". To be honest I did not plan to meet up with Charlene, or any one really, but suddenly I was so curious, and I could not help but wondering..............

A man is a man afterall, so after I collected the medical report I went to look for Charlene in the ICU. I was expecting a tall dark-haired blue-eyed woman with long legs, just like Dianne. They were family after all.

Well, in came this short curvy nurse with big breasts and a contagious smile. I always believe that "sexy" has nothing to do with being tall like a model and having long thin legs and being skinny. Charlene really underlined that for me. She was a confident woman, and had an attitude that screamed "sexy"! WOW, she was truly sexy. "Hi, may I help you" she asked in a friendly manner. I replied, "Hi, my name is M....... and your aunt Dianne told me to look you up",

She smiled and said "mmmmm, Dianne told me to expect someone yummy, and it must be YOU!" She gave this wicked laugh, and pulled me by my tie into a laundry room. "I never hand out freebies, but this is one because Dianne asked me to" she said. She loosen my belt and pulled my pants down.

I did not know a women could be this forceful. I did not realize I had an erection but I did. "What a beautiful cock you have, and it's already ready for action" she said, licking around the head, taking it in her mouth. "Mmmm, your precum tastes nice." Her mouth was so warm and my cock sure felt welcome. She sucked my cock into her mouth. It felt so good. I wanted to fuck her mouth, but she did not give me the opportunity.

Her tongue played all over my cock, licking it while it was in her mouth. She took my cock so deep into her mouth that it felt at times as if my cock was going down her throat. I could see, watching her cheeks, how hard she sucked my cock.

Her head went up and down but the sucking was constant. What made it even more exciting was that she looked me in the eyes while sucking me! Every time I came close she would stop sucking and start licking. When my orgasm went away she would continue to suck my cock deep into her mouth. It was incredible. Lick and suck simultaneously. She was good! My balls retracted and I was ready to cum. She realize I was going to cum, and tried to pull back. This time I did not want to wait, and I grabbed her head and pushed her mouth over my cock and and held her mouth there. My cock exploded in her warm welcoming mouth. I did not release her head, but kept my cock buried in her mouth. She swallowed my every drop.

My cock never goes soft immediately, and as I let go of Charlene's head she kept her mouth on my cock till it went softer.

"Does it always stay hard for so long after you have come?" she asked. "Most of the time," I said.

"Mmmmm, I like that" she said. "You've had your freebie, next time you have to work hard to get anything from me!" she laughed. "What is this freebie and hard work business?" I asked. She just laughed, and said "you will find out soon enough."

As we left the linen room all the nurses looked at me with smiles on their faces and laughter in their eyes.

Charlene pinched me and said "some one made too much of a noise, now everyone knows!"

We exchanged numbers, and I was on my way. I texted Dianne and told her what had happen. I also asked her about this "freebie" situation. She told me that Charlene loves playing games and role play (from the maid and aristocrat, to stuck-up wealthy women and the state worker cop) where she wants it, but says no. I was in no way going to play rape type of games, but Dianne said I must just try and see what game Charlene wants to play, and see if I liked it.

A few days later, Charlene and I were both off duty and she sent me a sms that she wanted me to come over. I was to come in uniform. Well, been a detective, we still have to have uniforms so I did put mine on. I was nervous but excited. When I got there she was all dressed up in a very nice evening dress, complete with make up and nice jewelery. Her hair was all nicely done, looking professional. Her short body was showing all the curves and her nice big breasts were showing a nice cleavage. I have to confess, she turned me on.

"Oh officer" she said, "my house has been burgled." I asked her to show me the house, and we went through as if it was a crime scene. Have to say, it was a very tasteful apartment. It was clear she liked mirrors. They were everywhere.

Every now and then she would stop suddenly and bend over as if to picked up some thing. I would walk into her ass. "Oh, careful" she would say. "Is that your gun that's poking me?" About the fifth time she did that I was so horny I picked her up and carried her into the closest room. On the bed was ropes of linen. I grabbed her and unzipped her dress and pulled it free from her. "No, no, mister!" she said, "I am always in charge". She tried to put up a fight. But for the first time ever I was taken over by lust and I pinned her to the bed. Next I removed her sexy red panties, and turned her onto her stomach. I took a linen rope and tied her hands so her shoulders were forced flat onto the bed. The linen rope ran underneath the bed so both hands were tied to one rope.

She protested, but it did not help. I grabbed her by the ass and lifted her ass up; now the rope kept her shoulders pinned to the bed and her ass was up in the air. I took another rope and let it run past the area where her legs bend at the knee, and ran it underneath her body, past her tits, under her shoulders, and made a knot at the back of her neck. It prevented her from straightening her body, keeping her ass in the air. She tried her best to convince me to let her go. I went through her drawers until I found what I knew she had.......................Vibrators. I picked up two that I liked, and I switched one on. I started to vibrate her clit. Made it nice and swollen. I kept going till she experienced her first orgasm. She was sweating. Her hair was wet on the side of her head, and streams of sweat were running down her back.

"YOU my little cock tease, now the wicked will get no rest" I told her. She moaned with pleasure when I started to vibrate her clit again. This time I switched on the second vibrator, and pushed that one up her pussy. It slid in with ease, she was very wet. Her breathing quickened and she soon after experienced her second orgasm. I did not let up. I positioned myself behind her, my hands on her sweaty ass. I put a hand-held mirror on a cushion between her legs so that Charlene could see her own pussy. I told her I want her to watch closely how I penetrate her pussy. I was pushing my cock slowly into her pussy. Just as the head of my cock parted her pussy lips, I pulled my cock out and started again. Each time I watched as the head of my cock pushed past the outer lips. 4-5 times I continued, slowly opening her lips up. I loved watching my cock opening her pussy, and each time my cock disappearing more and more into her pussy. She was quiet as she was watching how my cock was entering her body. Suddenly I stuck the rest in hard and fast. She sucked in a deep breath of air in surprise.

I did not want her becoming complacent.

In all the excitement I did not realise how close to cumming I was myself. I was very close, when the door suddenly opened. A woman stopped halfway through the door. I sensed her shock at the scene in front of her.

"Sorry," she said, and started to close the door. She stopped halfway. By now my orgasm was gone. "I know that Charlene is always in charge, and this is a first. I've known her a long time, and she is ALWAYS in charge". I was listening to her, but never pulled my cock out of Charlene's pussy. She turned to walk out, but stopped and said that she would probably never have the opportunity as Charlene's roommate to experience this again, and asked if she may join. In a second I agreed, but believe me, I was the only one. Charlene protested profusely. The roommate, Anika, was also a nurse, tall and blond with small perky tits.

"No way, don't you dare!" is all Charlene uttered, when her roommate slid in with her pussy close to Charlene's face. I pulled my cock out of Charlene's pussy, and walked over to Anika. She took my cock and stroked it. I took Charlene's head and pushed her nose into Anika's pussy. "If you don't lick her, the next time your nose will go into her ass," I told her. Charlene started to lick with reluctance on Anika's pussy. Soon she got the rhythm, and it was clear they both enjoyed it.

I was afraid to be left out, so I told Anika to turn around as in 69. She obliged and I pushed Charlene down so Anika could lick Charlene as well. Soon, I took another linen rope and tied Anika's hands around Charlene's waist. I also lifted Anika's legs and tied them to her hands so that her legs stayed in the air.

The two girls were moaning with the pleasure they gave each other. I did not want to be left behind, so I would take turns to fuck them, and just before I came I would pull out, then push my cock into the closest mouth, jump up and then push my cock into the other girl's pussy. The ritual continued for a while. Every time I came close to cumming in the pussy, I would pull my cock out, push it into the nearest mouth once, and run around pushing my cock into the other pussy really slowly. Not because I was scared I would hurt anyone, but because I like to watch my cock part the lips and enter the kingdom.

Well, the thing is, we were all covered in sweat, because nice kinky sex is definitely hard work. I did not want it to end, so I worked hard not to cum. Unfortunately I did a poor job of tying Anika's hands, because she got loose. At one stage I came close to cumming again while I had my cock in Charlene. I wanted to pull out but Anika got free, and she came around standing behind me and Charlene. She grabbed me by the hips and thrust me back into Charlene. Then she pulled me nearly out again and thrust me back in. She kept doing that.

Charlene tensed from the thrusting, and her pussy grabbed my cock, and she had a violent orgasm the same time as I exploded in her pussy. It was out of this world. I collapse onto her back. Anika untied Charlene and I rolled off her. She lay in my left arm, and Anika got to cuddle into my right arm. Charlene said she had never come so much before. Anika agreed softly. We all fell asleep, or so I thought......................

I woke up with Anika grinding her wet pussy on my cock, and Charlene was sitting on my face with her wet pussy. I tried to move but guess what?.............. my hands and feet were tied down. "Payback time," Charlene said, while I felt how my erection grew inside Anika's pussy...................

That's......................... maybe a story for next time?