20 Feb 2018

Awhile back I was working for a leisure company in Durb's when I young French Mauritian chicky started working there. She was pretty and tall with long legs and a magnificent golden brown skin. Her and I got on quite well and she told me that not long ago she had been very sick in hospital and that she had nearly died but had survived it all. She also told me that due to that episode in her life she was now out to enjoy every minute of life and not waste a second.

Her father used to drop her every morning at the office and pick her up. She was very excited that her father had decided to buy her a small secondhand car too take the pressure of him in the mornings and afternoons. She had asked me for the day off so they could go look at vehicles to buy, so I said yes. I was sitting at my desk on the afternoon that she had taken off when she came rushing into the office all excite that I must come and see her new car. I didn't want to appear too eager to go see her car so I left her hopping around and bouncing up and down for a few minutes. Any way she said that she had parked the vehicle in the building parking garage which pissed me off because I had given the security orders to only let authorized vehicles into the building. Seems the weren't doing their jobs., but then I should know better they were always letting hot woman through the booms. If too many unauthorized vehicles parked there the holiday makers would have nowhere to park.

As I pretended I was busy making phone calls I noticed how she was dressed. She had a skin tight very short floral dress on with a zipper that ran all the way down the front. By the looks of it she didn't have any underwear on under that dress unless it was that expensive secret stuff that had just come out. Just looking at her beautiful sexy curves was making me feel a bit 'benoud'. I eventually thought ahh... let me go check this chicky's ride maybe my rock hard cock will subside if I got a little fresh air.

We walked out of the office, her in front of me, her ass swaying provocatively from side to side wasn't doing much to cure my ragingly throbbing cock. As we rode the lift to the parking floor I studied her in the mirrored glass of the lift. The dress she had on was so tight she might as well have been nude. The soft swell of her breasts strained against the slightly see through material as it stretched over her magnificent body, squeezing her flat tummy and rising gracefully over her mound, ending two inches below water line.

I swear if she had panties on I would have caught a gimp as the dress hem rode up those sexy hot shinny legs that ended in a pair of interesting high heels.

My blood pressure rising we stepped out of the lift. She had parked her car next to mine, making my car look like an old ox wagon. Her father had bought her a sexy little sports car, it matched her curve for curve, the purple glittered paint job glittered in the low light of the parking garage. I told her it looked like a Barbie car, she made a face at me and opened the drivers door motioning me to get in.

I slid into the lush pink and white driver seat and she handed me the keys and went around and got in the passenger side. 'Lets go for a drive' she said. I inserted the key and turned. The souped up little engine roared into life, and settled down to a steady throb that echoed up through the seat, the vibration stimulating my already over active prostrate, I felt my cock getting harder and harder as we drove thorough the streets in the direction of the highway. The vibration of the steady throb and the view of her thighs next to me was making my cock ache. It was so hard she could probably see it throbbing through my work pants.

We hit the highway and I stepped on the hungry throttle as she pushed the button to open the convertible. With the wind in our hair we went hell for leather down the busy highway weaving and ducking through the slow afternoon traffic. I looked across at Debbie, she was happy and smiling, a warm glow on her cheeks which darkened whenever I put my foot on the gas. 'Speed freak' I said, she just slapped me lightly on the arm, her hand lingering a bit longer than what was necessary.

I glanced at the dash clock it was time to go back and lock the office. we headed back.

I pulled into the parking garage and Debbie wanted to open the hood so I could see the engine she pulled the lever and the long sleek bonnet sprung open, I lifted it up and secured it as she bent forward over the motor. The view was killing me as her sexy ass curled over in front of me, her dress now an inch above water line.

Her mound protruded out from between her legs, soft lips opened like a flower with sticky dew drops that glittered brightly, trying to outshine the immaculate paint job.

I stepped closer and started running my hand slowly up the back of her glassy smooth legs, slowly making its way to her protruding mound, she lent back and turned her head towards me, her lips meeting mine in a hot steamy kiss her bum thrusting out in anticipation as my fingers covered her mound and parted her already slightly open lips.

I inserted a finger between her wet pussy lips entering her hot sweet love tunnel, her sweetness gushing down out between my fingers and running down between gorgeous long brown legs, smearing all over the paintwork of the car making it glitter even more.

'Might make a good car polish' thought went through my mind fleetingly as my other hand lifted her dress up over her hips. and made its way to the front zipper as it tantalized me, hanging between her soft firm boobs. I zipped it down to her belly button and caressed her breasts with hungry hands Rubbing my ready to explode cock against her exposed ass through my clothes. She was pinned forwards over the engine of the car the heat of the engine rising up to meet her hard nipples. I straitened up and pulled my zip down and battled to haul my hot throbbing cock out for a few moments as the view of her standing leaning over the car in high heels and her dress over her hips with pussy spread out nearly made me lose it just there. She reached back and with a gentle soft hand guided me urgently towards her hot hungry pussy, with pre cum soaking her fingers she licked them provocatively. I trust my engorged cock between her wet soaking lips as she pushed hard backwards with her sexy ass. My cock plunged into her depths balls deep on the first thrust, tearing the tight stretched skin of my cock, fleeting raw pain as she forced backwards a slow moaning cry emanating from deep down and spilling out of her lips, my cock thrust up deep into her. The tightness of her pussy around my cock was vice like as it squeezed and held, I withdrew and plunged it back in, her cries of pain and pleasure sounding loudly through the parking garage. 'Oh fuck.. rape me.. rape me' echoed through between the cars as my huge throbbing cock tore into her wantfull pussy.

Her back arched as she climaxed over and over her pussy milking my cock for cum as she waited for me to fill her thirsty cunt. she didn't have to wait long I blew my load deep deep inside her as she repeated over 'Oh fuck oh fuck'... gallons of cum oozing out of her pussy and splashing onto the bare concrete as I held her beautiful soft sexy body from behind. We cleaned ourselves up and went back into the office.

I have a feeling somebody watched us that day. I was called into the office the next day.

Some body had reported to the directors that they had seen me kissing Debbie in the parking garage. I suspect it was another lady that worked there too, because shortly after Debbie and I broke it off, I found her(the lady) waiting for me by my car sitting on the bonnet.

Debbie and I had fun many times after that but eventual I had to break it of with her due to specific reasons.