Written by nevasek

24 Dec 2013

My wife malthi and i have been nudists and swingers for a while now.

our fun lies in mmmf. I met a friend on this sight who is bi, but he has contacts with a lot of cocks. He watched us fucking in the nude beach and by coincidnce we met on this site.

anyways i love men watching me fuck my wife as my friend suggested lets meet behind the airport at Virginia.

anyway as always malthi was reluctant but when i went home that hot saturday afternon she wore a short dress no bra no panties and said lets go to9 the beach. i franticalkly got hold of my buddy the organiser and told him make sure that the guys come meet us at the rendevous point.

anyways i was instructed to drive to the end of the sandy road and park between a white towtruck and a white Golf. nervously i did that. almost immediately after parking between those two cars, another calr pulled in behind us trapping us and prevented prying eyes from watching. i got to work rolling down the windows i started kissing my wife while i puled off her dress. her niples where hard and erected as er legs opened and i started sucking her pussy. i heard my door open and a guy removed my keys from the ignition. malthis 2 doors opened and there were 4 guys on her side naked from the waist doewn, all circumcised and erect. like hyenas they crepet cloer, i dropped malthis seat so ha her head was almost on the back seat and her lower body was in the front. thes guys started touching her breast and pussy she moane as two guys got in the back seat and lowered their balas onto her eager lips and two guys were in the front taking turns liking her pussy. maltis legs were wide open and she started to squirm as her body starter to orgasm, . there was a bush in front of the car, i knew what was coming.

just then apolice siren wailed in the distance , my keys where trown to me and every body dissappeared we too left in a hurry.

malthi was dissapointed, but i made it up to her at the stiletto that weekend