Written by Anonymous

17 Oct 2018

Smoking was never a good thing.

Mark and I used to hide in the bush every day. On our way home from school. Age 17.

And smoke a cigarette each.

We used to discuss the girls we were hot on.

And often end up wanking and cumming in the bush.

It all started with a please don't stop.

I want to see you cum.

We looked up. And there she was.

Around 50 years old. Overweight with beautiful breasts trying to peep out of her gown.

She was leaning against a tree. Touching herself and arching her back.

We looked at each other.

This stays here we both said.

Mark took my cock and stroked it.

I took his and did the same.

It felt so good.

Come to me she whispered.

We were with her in a flash.

She turned and walked into her home.

Wow what a pad!

She dropped her gown.

Revealing a plump beautifully red mound of hair. Two large breasts and her caring face surrounded by curly red locks.

Let me teach you boys how to please me.

She let me suck her pussy. While Mark took her from behind.

He came in her. Then she let me have her. On Condition Mark was getting his turn.

I didn't argue.

We had the best sex ever.

Mark, Elizabeth and I had sex in different ways every day for years.

We slept with her on her 75th birthday today.

God she's good as ever.

These boys are regular as clockwork.