02 Nov 2015

This is just a short account of a interesting experience we had:

We had agreed to meet a someone from our local swingers website for coffee ...you know the usual meet and greet scenario.

We arrived at the shopping center a little early and found a parking bay in the underground lot. Given that we had some time I thought I would try and get her engine revved up a little.

Leaning across I kissed her softly , nibbling on her neck , two things that give her chills and goosebumps but also make her more than a little damp .

Naturally my hands were not idle one was lifting her skirt caressing her inner thigh teasing her pussy ....she loves soft and gentle,and soon her kisses became more passionate and her legs opened just a little wider.

That was an offer i wasn't going to refuse and breaking off the kiss I dropped my head to her lap and began to tease her clit with my tongue whilst at the same time using a finger or two just at the entrance ...to say she was aroused would be an understatement . I glanced up and had to laugh as she struggled to keep an eye open for people walking back to their cars and her desire to close them and cum. Suffice to say eventually gave up put her head back and let nature take its course.

By this stage I was hard as rock and wanted nothing more than the feeling of her warm wonderful mouth on me alas this was not to be as our meeting time was fast approaching.

We straightened up and got out the car and that's when I thought what the hell we were parked in a corner and I beckoned her over to me in front of the car. She came around thinking I wanted to show her something on the car.

Instead I grabbed her by the hips turned her around and lifted her dress releasing myself I stepped forward and literally slide right in in one thrust. She was looking around frantically in case shoppers would be returning to their cars buuut she never tried to stop me.

I was like a man possessed I was pumping away as fast as i could and she was getting wetter and wetter when all of a sudden she groans and I hear the splash on the cement floor.

She pulls away and panting looks at me with biiig eyes....She had just had a huge squirting orgasm.

I tucked myself away , all the while smiling the biggest smile ever!!And took her by the hand and we walked into the mall ,needless to say she headed straight to the ladies room.

Something we are definitely going to have to try again!!