21 Sep 2016

I sent my phone number to couple & to my surprise they phoned me around lunch time at work, hubby wanted to know if I was really 19cm & I said I'm prepared to show them they were close to my work & picked me up I sat behind him in the back seat the windows of the beamer was a dark tint. He told me to take it out & show his wife as he drove off. I moved to the centre of the back seat took it out but it was limp & I suggested it would only get hard if she touched it. He said may she touch it I nodded yes, she let her seat down all the way. It got hard as soon as she touched it, he was looking in the rear mirror, then said may she lick the head I nodded yes again, needless to say in no time she had the whole shaft in her mouth. He was driving with one hand & fingering her now saturated pussy with the other one, he smiled back at me in the mirror when he saw that I saw what he was doing . She was wearing a loose summer dress no panty. Do you like to fuck her I nodded yes again, She climbed into the back seat while he was stopped at a robot & sat on my lap in the middle of the back seat facing the the front lifting her dress, my cock entering her shaved pussy from behind her husband moved the rear mirror to see my cock moving in & out of her shaved pussy stretching it to the limit while still driving. He asked her if she liked it & she nodded yes. When I was close to climaxing I pulled my cock out & I came all over her tummy & pussy. Hubby took his fingers wiped the cum of with his free hand and licked it while still driving. Without saying a word she gave me a towel from her beach bag I wiped myself, they dropped me near my work. We met at a BB again but its just had never been the same as the 1st experience.