17 Feb 2017

So this is how I began to explore my sexual horizons....

Through being a teenager and growing up I always had out-of-the-ordinary sexual fantasies and thoughts. I never quite thought that I would ever get to live them however, I always thought that I was the only person in the world who had those ideas.

In 2013 a very close friend and I decide we want to go and travel a bit. Being in our 20s we agree that Amsterdam is the place to be. His younger sister (Lets call her Cindy) decides she wants to join us but only if we change our initial summer plans to winter, for her 19th birthday. We set our dates, create whatsapp group, invite our closest friends etc etc. The plans are progressing and we are all Amsterdam bound, Woohoo!! However, the time approaches and its time to book our flights while we can still get good rates. Like one expects, our friends all drop out for different reasons. My friend then drops a bomb on us and informs us that he is getting a transfer from work and has to work right through the December holidays. Cindy and I are left highly disappointed and decide to just leave it and go another time. With her birthday being in mid December, I go online just short of a week from her birthday and find a good deal on flights and accommodation. I phone her with the news and we decide, fuck it, lets just go.

We arrive in Amsterdam, we are staying at a mixed dorm in a hostel, very nice place. The dorm sleeps 4 people but there were only us and one other single traveller (male). We begin our trip with the obvious, "coffee" shops, legal drug stores and pubs. First day there and I feel like I could freely go and admit myself into rehab.

Day 2 and we decide to take it easy, visited a few museums and did a canal cruise, typical tourists. No flirting whatsoever.

Day 3 and its Cindy's birthday, we do some site seeing in the morning in the quieter parts of the city. Around lunch time we return to the city centre and grab some lunch. After lunch we head back to the hostel to have a little rest and get ready to go out for drinks to celebrate Cindy's birthday. We are ready to go out, i am wearing jeans and golf tshirt. Cindy is wearing a short white dress and high heels. We cleaned up quite well.

Before I forget, I would like to describe how we both look just to give whoever is reading this a clearer picture. I am 1.9m tall, well built (always been into sport), lots of tattoos, dark hair and dark eyes. Cindy is TINY! Always teased her about it. Not very sure of her height but definitely nothing over 1.6m, long dark hair, light bluish/greenish eyes and very petite. She really was a looker.

We start the evening with drinks at a pub near our hostel, we decide to go pub crawling. From pub to pub we are having the time of our lives. We end up at the red light district part of Amsterdam. Almost-naked girls in the windows, sex shops galore. I try not to stare too much at the girls but cannot help it, they are HOT. Cindy tells me, 'stop staring like a dodgy creep and go in there like a real tourist'. I laugh it off and try to change the subject. She then says, 'if i were a guy I would, they are smoking and whatever happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam'. Trying to be the good friend that I am, I reply, 'yeah right, and leave you here alone with all the other dodgy creeps'. We laugh about it and continue walking. We walk past a sex shop and Cindy grabs my hand and pulls me into the store. We pick up random toys and make funny remarks about them. We walk past the DVDs section and Cindy picks up a gang bang DVD cover, I smile and say, 'As If'. She smiles back, replies, 'You'll be surprised', and walks off. From that moment on, I knew that the sweet little gorgeous Cindy wasnt the little angel that myself, and everyone else thought she was. We leave the shop and I ask her, 'Do Tell Now, How Many?', with a smile trying to play it cool just in case, after all she wasnt just some random. Her reply, 'None...Yet...'. I say, 'I see, what are you waiting for then? We all have our dirty little fantasies...'.

Long story short, after adjusting our minds to agree that we both just want to let loose and have a good time, I bring up the idea of going to a swingers club. I hadnt even kissed this girl and Im suggesting this, what am I thinking ? Her reply, 'Okaaaaaay..umm where do we find that...?'. Luckily Google has an answer to everything. We find a spot with free wifi and get searching. We find a place a short walk from where we are. We decide to give it a try and see, if its dodgy we just dont do it. We get there and its closed. Right, wifi hotspot again, another place is very near to our hostel. We get to this quiet entrance, walk in stand awkwardly at the man by the till. 'Could we go in?' I ask. 'Sure, 60 Euro for couple (in broken English) '. I look at her and ask, 'we going?', she replies 'hell yes'. Drinks certainly helped with that decision im sure.

We get given towels and a lock with a key and get showed to the locker rooms. Changed into our towels we head off to the bar for some drinks. I think to myself, how does this even work, like what happens now?! Iv never done this before and neither does she. She does look a lot more relaxed than I do. We are having our drinks and there is suddenly a crowd of men surrounding us. We were definitely the youngest people at the club. The men were in all shapes, sizes and race. Age, my guess from mid 30s to about 60+. There were some other couples too.

Cindy orders 2 tequilas and says, 'we need this shit' and laughs. A guy, late 30s, slightly chubby, looked arabic tells the bar lady to put the shooters on his tab. He begins a conversation with us, approaches me first. I think to myself, smart move, obviously done this before. Asks where we are from. I begin to explain where we are from and how we ended up there. As we are doing our introductory chat, Cindy gets up from her bar stool, pushes up against me and begins to kiss me passionately. At first im shocked but adjust to the feeling instantly, and damm she kisses so well. In the corner of my eye I notice our friend touching himself. He sits on Cindy's bar stool and I pin her against him and begin to run my hands over her body under her towel. Leaning back on him, she puts her hand on his cock and begins stroking it. I grip her by her hair and and push her head towards his, she kisses him. After a few seconds, without the least bit of hesitation, she falls to her knees and begins to suck on this mans cock. We suddenly become the centre of attraction. Another couple even comes over to watch. Everywhere I look there are naked cock trying to squeeze their way through to the centre of it all. Few minutes into it and Cindy has this guys cock hitting the back of her throat and has a cock in each hand. Im honestly not believing my eyes. She begins alternating between the other cocks which are near to her, I have now counted 5 that have been in her mouth. Im loving the show. 2 guys at the back of the crowd begin to argue in another language. The man from the entrance comes to calm them down and asks us to please move away from the bar area so that people who would like to get some drinks can do so. Cindy gets up, her hair a mess and make-up smudged. I take her hand and head off to the couches. The crowd of men follow like hungry wild dogs. Cindy begins to suck my cock. The guys are squeezing and pushing their way to the front. Some guys get fed up and just sit aside and watch. As Cindy sucks my cock there is a guy jerking off right next to us. She grabs his cock and starts sucking on it. Another guy puts his hands by her thighs, she willingly opens her legs just enough for his hand to slide through, he starts playing with her pussy.

I have a look at some of these guys, there are some real characters. She isnt interested in being picky. The guy that she is sucking is about to cum and does so over her now naked body. Our friend from earlier is standing next to me, I tell him 'go to her so she can finish you off'. I tap her and push him towards her. She begins sucking him off yet again. A few short minutes later he shoots his load in her mouth. She looks at me and I tell her to swallow it, she willingly obliges and does just that. An older man has a surprise orgasm and shoots his load, some of it hitting her neck and shoulder. She looks at him and gives his dripping cock a lick. That was hot! I grab her by the hand and take her up to a room with big glass doors which you can lock. She lays on the bed and after some fourplay between us I put a blindfold supplied by the friendly bar lady over her eyes. Guys on the outside wanking their hard cocks. I let in one man, looked like a local, late 30s. She is now sucking his cock, no idea who he is, few minutes later he cums. Some goes on the side of her cheek but most in her mouth, she spits it out. Guy leaves and I let the next man in, 40s, hairy body but shaved cock, little chubby. She sucks sucks sucks until he cums, all in her mouth and every drop swallowed. Im in my zone and loving this. Next man in..etc etc

This continued for a while. After the 4th guys I asked if she would like to stop, she replied 'not yet '. My count was 10 different men and about 14 loads.

In case you are wondering, there was no penetration on this evening. We were taking it 'easy' on our first try, if you can say that.

This was our ICE BREAKER, so to say. The very first of MANY experiences and not a single moment was regretted.

Im sure some more stories will follow soon ;)