Written by Anonymous

23 Jun 2019

What is it like being a single guy on SH. No wait... what is it like being a single married guy on SH, playing or being here without consent...

In a few words, difficult, frustrating, and sometimes it feels like a waste of time, but every now and again there is a star in the darkness.

The rule applies, we are being judges based on our covers.

Why is this a difficult place to be as a single married guy, because for each one of us that are the theoretical good guys, there is a 100

Over horny idiots, that has no standard and has no blood flowing to their brains

Don’t get me wrong, I know what I am doing in terms of no consent is wrong, and could be seen and probably is cheating, but very few people stop and ask my side of the story? Can I have a side of the story, is there a way to justify it, I believe so. Every story does have more than one side, everything we do is a decision with consequences, and as Newton said, every action has a reactions

So for my side, as a single married guy. Am I horny? Yes most of the time... Am I here for sex? Yes I am, but so are most of you. Am i here because I don’t get sex at home? No I am not. I do get sex at home, probably more than most men. Does my wife enjoy it, yes she does, she loves her toys, she dresses up for me in costumes, corsets and crotchless panties, she watches porn with me... She is skinny, well looked after, waxes her pussy, turns heads and has an amazing pair of perky boobs. And yes I love her very much! Do I want to hurt her? No.... so why am I here?

Because I love sex. I get a kick out of being naughty, the forbidden fruit, something different. My wife is mostly a conservative afrikaans girl that has sex in a bed, with the lights on every second time. Nudism, naturism and swinging is a swear word. I was her second.

So why swinging you may ask, because I do not want to love another woman. I do not want to have a second home, I do not want a full time girlfriend. And that is true for all swingers. We want the physical bond, with a limited emotional bond. Sex without emotions does not exist, and for me sex without some sort of connection and attraction is not worth having.

For me there is a distinct difference between having an affair with a colleague at work, and swinging. Be honest, do you really want you partner to fall in love with a swinging partner, nope.

On SH I have been called a cheater, a home wrecker and numerous other things, I have had to deal with the heritage of other single guys being idiots. These guys that send a woman or a couple a pic of their cock without an hello, thinking that lady is going to see his cock and think “I have to have this cock, I need to feel it inside me”. Guys, no woman thinks that.

Even I as a single guy, has had numerous messages from over Horny guys just desperate to talk about sex to anyone. How does the single girls and couples feel?

I spend time reading profiles, writing messages, not sending winks. But 9 out of 10 times I am not even answered, just ignored, and yes sometimes I do try my luck, but purely because I know most couples are gatvol of us single guys.

I do have to admit, I have met amazing people on here, but I have also dropped the ball once. Right at the beginning I was chatting to an amazing couple, who wanted to meet, my nerves back then got the better of me, and I dropped then last minute. Unfortunately they blocked met and I could never apologise. I will not name them, but if you read this, and remember me, send me a message, I would like to say sorry. I realise how much effort goes into setting up even a coffee meeting, the nerves, selecting the perfect outfit.

I have also had chat with couples where they have no respect for you as the single guy, where if they snap their finger, you have to jump twice as high as requested. That is not swinging. That is not respect for your playmate. Yes being a lady or couple that make you the rule maker, and this allow you some authority, but if you do not respect me, and my situation, then again, I am not that desperate.

This is not a story, it is a share or an insight into the life of a single married guy on SH.

Some of us single married guys want to put in the effort, do take time to write a message more than Hi and we to have feelings. Most of us wished our wives would have joined us, most of us would never put playing before our families, most of us want to be respected and respect the unwritten rules of the lifestyle.

Hope I did not step on to many toes.

Any comments or feedback would be appreciated, in the comments section or message me.

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