29 Mar 2019

I was 71 when i got divorced and followed a lead to join a dating site

So many men from different countries vied for my attention

But this whipper snapper under 20 caught me by supprise chasing after me

I thought it ridiculous but he was serious

I said he was mad and I was flattered this being my first time on line and getting these advances

Lets skip past him

I decided to try an other site

It was like a lottery so many young bucks looking for my attention .

One guy stood out he was 19.

He messaged he was in my area could he visit .Being new to this It really made me laugh .

This guy over 6ft in blue denims white tshirt and looking like Adonis himself

Sauntered in as I closed the door .

He got me in a hold got my hair and bent me back and kissed .Thinking to myself am i in the movies

Flip he picked me up and carried me to my bed .

Im shouting watch these 71 year old bones .well he must have.been deaf and he threw me on the bed disreguarding my aged bones .

He tore my red panty off edged me to the bed and dug into me if i was a steak .

As quick as it happened it ended just as quick.

And he walked out the door.

I took my phone to send him a sms and thank him .

He had blocked me already .

I killed myself laughing it was so dramatic.

One thing I will never forget him .

My stories have been very interesting

And in time I will tell all .

But will protect the people

So in almost 7 yrs Ive met many and I am the one who does the blocking. To date 1115 .But I enjoy being a cougar regardless .mad irish woman .