02 Aug 2019

Beach Hotel

We were at Wilderness for a summer vacation, to do one thing only, Paragliding. The first few days we demolished the other paragliding launch sites aka, Sedgefield, Map of Africa and Paradise Ridge. So the wind was goo for tackling the Beach Hotel.

We arrived there round about breakfast, it was warm and the wind was consistent, so perfect conditions. I layed my glider out, getting all the gadets and things ready as this guy comes in for a top landing and aborts due to it being a very narrow space. I thought wow that looks like a challenge! (In my mind I'm like challenge accepted.)

I lifted my glider and stood facing the ocean watching down the dune to see if it's safe to launch, and off I went. The wind was as smooth as silk as I literally lifted my feet and was floating... I moved around a bit so I sit comfy in my "couch" and started this venture in the wind.

I did a few runs up and down the dune, and one my way past the Beach Hotel, for those who know this area, I passed so close to the upper open breakfast area that a guy handed me a drink and I took it whilst flying.. I finished the drink and on another round trip returned his glass.. Then I decided I'm loaded I'm going to try and jump the "gap" to klein krans. I started playing on the ridge to get height for the jump, and I encountered this blond having a Tan on her sun bed on the patio. She was bareback naked with sunglasses having a good time. She spotted me and smiled, but did not move. She simply watched me.

This aroused me seeing this blond being in her 40's enjoyed the attention. I tried to get closer, but due to her house being a bit further behind the ridge, it was problematic. I gave up and continued my venture enjoying the rest of my flight. This was prior to my swinging days... I keep thinking back now wondering what could have happened if I made the effort to land and knock.