Written by InquisitiveTwo_Her

28 Jan 2016

He came down to South Africa, as he does every month or so, to spend a couple of days with me. The way we met was rather unusual, but a meeting that was intended for purely fucking - turned out to become so much more than just that...and after about four months of indecisiveness (In all fairness, mostly on my part!), we had finally taken the leap and committed‎ to each other completely.

We were staying at a local hotel, as we do when he's here, and decided to go out for a drink at the casino across the road. One drink turned into four, and the conversation was flowing! We decided to move our party of two to the Blackjack tables to play a couple of hands, the drinks kept flowing...and after a while, I jokingly (Or perhaps too drunk and confidently!) proposed we attempt to find and seduce a woman and take her back to our room. This had been the first time since he suggested swinging to me, that I had freely and openly made such a statement...needless to say, this turned him on beyond belief, because before I knew it, he had me by the arm - almost dragging me to the room!

As we entered our room, he sat down on the couch and called for room service, I headed for the shower as he did this. 

I had known that as the evening progressed, I had become rather aroused...but I had no idea exactly how aroused I was until I had undressed myself, got into the shower and reached down to my pubic area intending on giving it my normal pre-wash-rinse. As I slid my fingers between my lips, I felt the warm, gooey sensation of my arousal that had created a slippery path as it grew and spread, all the way to my ass and on the inside of my thighs. I slowely and tentatively glided two fingers along the length of my slit...pressing down slightly firmer as it crossed over my clitorus. I could feel my head spinning, I was definitely tipsy - or perhaps a bit drunk...but in this state, my senses and arousal had been hightened, and I only became more enflamed as I closed my eyes and saw flashes of our first night together - writhing in passionate and carnal lust for each other - as the almost painfully hot water cascaded down the sides of my face and my back. I deepened the pressure with my fingers and quickened the pace, feeling myself swell even more. Another flash, clearer this time, pops up in my mind...it's him, in all his glory on top of me, about to come. His eyes close and he does that sexy thing with his tongue, his breathing getting heavier and his pace faster, his thrusts deeper - I mimic this as I now furiously stroke myself, plunging two fingers inside my tight, wet, hot pussy to complete each stroke. I imagine the soft, erotic, pained moans eminating from his luscious lips as he prepares to lose himself deep inside my loins..."Come with me, darling..." he whispers as he allows himself to tip over the edge - sending me, simultaneously, to the point of no return. I feel my legs trembling as my orgasm washes over me and I let out an involuntary moan - I only hoped he didn't hear it!

After my shower, I grabbed our collection of toys and - hiding it behind my back - stood at the entrance of the room admiring this gorgeous, god-like man before me, wrapped in only my towel - only to find him sitting by the desk (laptop open - SH chatroom-cams on screen)! His eyes lifted from the screen as I entered the room, and with his trademark seductive gaze, followed me as I made my way to the bed and plopped down, box of tricks in my lap with a naughty smile on my face!

"Good girl," he says in a low murmur, then gets up and drags a chair over, placing it next to him at the desk...motioning me over with a simple movement of his big, brown eyes that burned right through my soul with assertiveness and dominance...not really leaving the choice up to me, but I didn't mind that.

"Let's browse," he says as he winks to me, then let's me take control of the mouse. We heard a knock on the door, and he got up to answer the door. I scrolled through the cams and, feeling a little brave, randomly picked one, pausing it until he got back. It had been room service at the door, and the naughty bastard had ordered us each three shots of tequila!

"Bottoms up!" I said, and we slammed down all three; one after the other. We then returned to the desk, where I had forgotten that I had opened a cam and paused it! He pressed play and I saw a male pop up, cock in hand, my bravado suddenly faded and I felt rather embarrassed! He giggled, letting me know that it was okay, and I started giggling histarically - probably the tequila kicking in! He shot me a joking scowl and opened another cam. This one was of a couple, the man playing with the woman until she came and left a large, wet patch on their sheets. I felt myself moisten yet again, wondering if I could muster a patch that large...and almost as if he read my mind, ordered me onto the bed - turning his chair to face me, taking the box from the bed and handing me my vibrator and a vibrating egg. 

"Go on..." he said again, in a low, sexy murmur.

I switched on my vibrator and began working my clit, making sure that I was wet enough...then sliding it inside, feeling it fill me inch my inch until it reached my cervix. I slowely slid it out half way, then back in, and continued doing so until I felt myself begin to swell. I turned up the vibrations to the max and reached for my egg, turned it on and focussed it on my clit, making slow, circular movements. My panting grew louder with each complete circle, and before I knew it, I was ready to come. He sensed this and leaned in, took hold of the vibrator and started retracting it slightly - then slammed it back in hard. Again, and again, and again - I could no longer hold out.

"I'm gonna come...oh love...I'm gonna..."

"Come..." he demanded in a calm, but assertive voice.

I did. And he rewarded me, again, with a "Good girl".

"Again." he demanded, and I obliged. He made me make myself come about seven times, and I was too sensitive to even touch my vagina after that and could barely move - I just lay there absolutely spent...trying desperately to catch my breath!

He got up and disappeared into the bathroom, I heard the shower turn on but couldn't be bothered to move from the spot where I lay, legs spread, feeling my too-fast heartbeat echoing in the depths of my vagina. 

I think I might have passed out for a second, for when I opened my eyes again, he was laying naked beside me (still a little wet from his shower), kissing my neck, his hand gently rubbing over my still-erect nipples, giving each a gentle pinch in their turn. I arched my back in response to his touch, and he pinched harder. The pain of his grip around my left nipple, where he clamped down tightly with his thumb and forefinger, resonating in an erotic sensation throughout my body. I let out a soft grunt, and his other hand stroked the side of my face, making me turn and look him in the eyes.

"Hey beautiful," he said with a devilish grin on his face, then released his grip and kissed me on the forehead, got up and sat back on his chair where he had me in full view, naked, exposed and vulnerable...

He slid a finger into me, then two, then three...and I sunk down onto his hand, taking him in all the way to his knuckles - pushing down hard. He retracted one of his fingers and started tracing it down my sex, reaching my anus and slowly started circling it. He started probing, wetting the entrance of my hole and attempted to enter when I jerked and begged him not to. I had always been a little squeemish and self-contious about anal, but he would not have my 'no' as an answer. He used his other hand to softly press down on my stomach, restraining me and wordlessly ordering me to still.

"Shhhhhhh...trust me?" he whispered, then slid the tip of his finger inside my ass, slowly working his way deeper, and I could no longer fight against the extremely pleasant feeling of him filling all my holes, controlling me...

He added another finger and I moved my hips in rhythm with his tiny thrusts, taking him knuckle-deep every time I came down. I loved it, I wanted him now - buried balls deep inside my ass, I didn't care!

"I want you love...I want you inside me, in...in my ass"

I breathed, begging him with my eyes.

He stands up and in one swift movement, flips me onto my hands and knees. He reaches for the lube and starts lubing up a finger, placing it inside my hole and repeating the process until he was satisfied. He reached out with his left hand and gave me a gentle stroke across my back, keeping his hand on my lower back, then guided his raging hard cock to my entrance with the other hand.

"Relax," he whispered, then slowly began gliding the tip of his member into my ass, I felt a sharp pain shoot through me and froze, clenching down hard on him! He kept stroking my back until the pain subsided and I relaxed my muscles. He continued to slide himself into me, and at what point, I guessed, he must have been almost halfway inside me, I felt overwhelmed by the now, excruciatingly delicious intesity and pushed back on him hard, taking all of him - every last inch, into my ass. 

It felt so satisfying, I felt so full and almost too empty as he retracted his cock almost completely to thrust softly back into me, over and over and over...and suddenly my bravado creeps up on me again as I reach for my vibrator, turning it on and holding it against my clit as he starts thrusting harder. I felt lost in extacy, and slid my vibrator into my dripping cunt, only making me lose myself and come hard upon its insertion. I needed both my arms to keep myself steady at this point, thus leaving the vibrator right there, kept in place by the pressure of his cock in my ass. His thrusts became faster and shallower and harder - I felt him starting to swell and throb, "Come, come for me! Come with me..." he demanded and my body obeyed, building and building - then shattering into a million pieces as I feel the first warm stream of seed fill my ass, sending me over the edge and having my orgasm consume me to the point where I could no longer hold myself up or together, collapsing but being caught in his strong arms as I do.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me up, his cock still throbbing inside me and held me there, searching for my mouth and kissing it desperately, breathing "I love you" inbetween every pause for air; I replied in kind...having never have felt this intimate or close to anybody in my entire life! 

We both collapsed in a heap of exhaustion and pure bliss, falling asleep in a way we have never before, laying so close together that we almost became one...