Written by ohdaddy

07 Nov 2013

NOTE: Hi Guys, this is a very personal and private affair but we wanted to share it with you all and will write the rest of the stories if there is demand for them. it will probably be a 10 part tale - hope you enjoy

The traffic was terrible, i felt that i couldn’t drive. My mouth was dry, heart pounding in my chest. I couldn’t concentrate. Jesus why was i so nervous....

Tanya, well she was 5ft5, blond hair, green eyes that looked into your soul testing you out. Her slender build lent itself towards perfection, curves in all the right places, sexy hips, pelvis bone jutting out invitingly, small sexy breast and an ass to die for. In short she was built for sin.

We were old friends, i felt at ease with her. Talk was easy and light no matter the topic. We had clicked when we met again through social media and it was i who initiated or took the bold step and let my desire to be with her be known.

I arrived at the coffee shop a full hour early – Christ sometimes i hate my own anal retentiveness. The time waiting killed me, i decided to go in so long to sit and read a newspaper to try and get my mind off of the imminent meeting and what might transpire. We had agreed to meet for coffee / breakfast first to break the ice rather than heading straight to the hotel where i had booked a day room for our rendezvous. I was lost in the newspaper throwing myself into some or other story trying to hide the feelings i was experiencing when i heard a faint “hello”

I just about jumped up out of fright, stood up and gave Tanya a big hug, my hands finding their place on her hips as i hugged her, she pressed her tight little body into me, her perky breasts fitting snug into my chest. Ah her hair smelled great, she smelled great – i savoured her. Damn she looked good at 8am. She smiled nervously at me as i pulled the chair out for her to sit. We ordered more coffee and something to eat. I was hungry but was not in the mood for food – nerves id say. It wasn’t long before we settled down into a nice rhythm and chatted away. I couldn’t help myself and kept staring at her. Her features were striking, driving the inner me wild. I wanted this woman, and i wanted her badly. My cock was rock hard, pressing against my jeans trying to escape. God this woman had my body in a trans. My hands were sweaty from the nerves, my lip quivered. I was a mess, i chuckled out load when i thought of my current state. “whats so funny” asked Tany, “no nothing, im laughing at myself” i replied chuckling. “ come on spit it out” she replied tounge in cheek. “well im laughing at myself because of the effect you are having on me” i said – i could feel my face go red as i told her what i was going through internally. Her eyes almost changed colour, she looked at me with a different meaning and all she said was lets get the bill. I didn’t hesitate and quickly settled up the bill. We were probably out of the coffee shop in three minutes from the time she said lets get the bill.

As we walked out of the shop i grabbed her hand and led her to my car, we would drive together. I stopped on the passenger side to open the door for her and as i did so i leaned in close to Tanya’s face and we were just drawn to each other. Our mouths quickly locked and our tounges darted in and out of each others mouths, tongues toying and dancing with each other, my one hand firmly on her hip pulling me towards her while my other hand was at the small of her neck caressing and holding her. I felt my toes curl from the kiss, our passion for each other melting the universe away. Not much seemed to matter. I could feel my sexual urge building, boiling. I had to stop for fear of taking her right there in the parking lot in broad daylight without even caring who sees us or what consequences might come out of it.

We broke off the kiss and i held her hand while she climbed into the bakkie. I tried to remain calm while walking around and nearly took off my leg at the knee when i walked smack bang into the towbar. God that is one way to calm the nerves. I cursed and wobbled into the car. We looked at each other and the burst out in laughter. We drove off to the hotel.