04 Apr 2019

I met this girl on an online chat channel.

She was from another town and after a while we decided we should meet for some fun.

As we were both well know in our towns, we decided to meet in another town on the Southern Cape.

We found an opportunity one weekend and she booked a room in a nice B and B in this Southern Cape town.

I could not wait to meet her for the first time on the Friday evening and all the while we were messaging each other until i stopped in front of the B and B, walked in and knocked on her door. She had an arrangement with the owner as she told her we are meeting for the first time.

As i walked in, she was dressed in a short summer dress...looking awesome and she grabbed me round my neck and we said hallo "good to meet you at last" and kissed almost all at once as we were both looking forward to this opportunity so much.

We almost ripped each other's clothes off and was soon down on her bed and doing what we talked about for such a long time. At first we could not get enough of each other and later on we began to relax and just lay in each other's arms and enjoy each other's company.

We kept on making love and doing what we wanted so much for each other for most of the evening. Late that night i left with another meeting scheduled for the next evening.

The following day we messaged each other again and she said she have a surprise for our evening.

When i arrived, she just smiled and said "Are you ready for your surprise evening?"

Obviously i was... as ready as ever.

She was in a fun mood and had another beautiful summer dress on. I could not hold my hands for myself. We kissed and she said... stop for now...you have to wait for your surprise.

We got in the bakkie and she told me to drive and directed me to this small cosy restaurant.

There she arranged a private corner of the restaurant for us.

We were then treated and served by the owner himself during our dinner of seafood and wine.

I later found out she searched the town for the right restaurant and an owner who would treat us! Stunning idea i had to complement her for.

Anyway, we had a fabulous dinner.... some smooching in between in the private corner of the restaurant.

After dinner she said..."come on, now for the rest of your surprise!"

We got into the car and off she pulled her panties.

Wow, now how can one horny guy drive with a hot girl next to you without panties?

Naturally my left hand was occupied and teasing her clean shaven hot pussy while i had to drive with my right hand. She worked the gears. I was directed towards a small beach town. It was already late in the evening and we stopped near the beach area. She grabbed a towel she brought along and said, follow me!

She choose a quiet secluded spot on the beach and pulled her dress over her head.... her glorious naked body a silhouette against the waves. It was a warm summer evening with no wind. By now i was trembling with anticipation. Me dressed and this naked girl alone with me on this dark beach. She grabbed me around the neck, kissing me and holding me tight... "this is the beginning of your surprise"... i want you to fuck me here on the beach.

She slowly undressed me, and eventually i was fully naked, my member by this time hard and throbbing. We got down on her towel and made love for a while on the sand until both came. What an experience with our naked bodies a few meters away from the breaking waves and the night air on our naked bodies.

She said.... now for the rest of the surprise.... got up, threw her dress over her head and said "come back to the car".

Off we went to the next beach! And so we did beach hopping to two more beaches. Every time making love on her towel on the beach.

Eventually she said "now for the finale!"

We got into the car and she directed me to drive to Kaaimans pass. There is this well known lookout spot on a sharp turn where you can have a beautiful view of the sea and the world famous train bridge crossing the Kaaimans river.

She ordered me to stop and park, but in such a way that passing cars will throw their lights on the car but also blocking the entrance so that they can not stop.

She got out, took her dress off again and opened her side door and lay down on her back, offering her wet pussy all to myself. I could not wait for the finale and was quickly ready and pulled her legs over my shoulders and entered her hot wet pussy. All the while cars were passing by and when their lights fell on us they slowed down and started hooting as they passed. That was hilarious and also a laugh. After a while we could go no more and ended the evening with a final mutual cum. She laughed and said.... "how was your surprise?"

Needless to say it was one sexy evening and a memory i will never ever forget.