19 Apr 2017

A friend of mine Avril (name changed) from church, she and I since we met almost five years ago instantly hit it off and became friends, as time went by we became closer than close, to a point where one could even say we became best friends.

Avril has been happily married since we met, or at least for the most part of it she has, her husband and I are also good friends, in fact we even have the same name.

Over time an unexplained attraction developed between Avril and me, which caused a huge amount of tension between us. Two years back we spoke we spoke about it, and gave into our attraction and kissed, we even touched each other lightly but stopped moments later and agreed to never cross that line again, which we never did even though we remained extremely close after that, that was until now at least.

After church on Sunday, Avril told me she was feeling a tad down and somewhat depressed and asked if I would come keep her company at her home after church, as she was home alone because her husband along with the kids have gone on camp for the Easter long weekend with her in laws. Because of her work she was unable to go, it wasn’t till after I got to her home and we spoke, that I found out the real reason she had not gone away with her husband and children.

She started opening up and confided in me, she said the reason she was feeling so down is the same reason that she didn’t go on camp with her husband and children. She and her husband had been fighting a lot lately, and she could barely stand to be in the same room with him these days, and the feeling she says is mutual from her husband side as well.

She told me that her husband had started looking at her with disgust in his eyes, has started calling her degrading names such as “she’s a slut”, “ a cheap whore”, “a tramp” and so much more, his even sleeping in the spare room at night, they haven’t touched each other in more than two months. She explained to me how this all came about was …

Her husband has always been a very conservative and staunch guy, she on the other hand has always had this naughty and erotic side to her which she always wanted to explore but felt she couldn’t cause of the way her husband was. Their sex life had become boring, predictable and unsatisfying, so she decided to take the bull by the horns and spice things up in the bedroom.

Hubby very reluctantly agreed at first, so she introduced a few new things, things such as watching porno, doing it in different rooms of the house like the kitchen, erotic and dirty pillow talk, oral sex and even trying anal sex, even if it’s just one time.

After trying it one night, her husband freaked out and because she seemed to really enjoy it her started accusing her of wanting to f*** around like a cheap whore, and that’s how it started. She said he made her feel worthless, and like a freak.

I wiped her tears and comforted her, by telling her not to feel so bad, she is not a freak or a whore, cause if she was then I would be one too. I continued and told her that I also had a freaky side just like her, and enjoyed a lot of the same things she just described, and that she wasn’t alone because there are many people out there who enjoy the same things, just like we do.

This helped her a great deal and she felt so much better, she even started to smile and laugh abit, but this created some tension in the air, and that attraction between us flared up again. We both tried to fight it at first, but eventually couldn’t contain ourselves.

Before we even as much as moved closer to each other though, we spoke about matters and laid both of our cards openly on the table, and agreed that we would try it just this one time, and never again. We would both give into our curiosity and enjoy each other, this one time only and with no strings attached … We both agreed, and so it started.

We started kissing, gently at first, but then more and more intense and passionately, our hands started roaming and exploring each other’s bumps and lumps, and then we started slowly undressing each other till we both got down to our underwear. Things were so hot and steamy, we were both extremely turned on, I just dropped to my knees to pull off that tight red hot pants she was wearing, and she stops me.

She says “wait! Let me clean and freshen myself up first” and she goes into the bathroom, I was sitting with a hard on of note and couldn’t contain myself, so five minutes after she went to the bathroom, I followed her and knocked on the door. She opened up, I stared at her naked wet body, she looked down and couldn’t take her eyes of my huge hard cock. I jumped into the shower with her, and we washed each other.

We washed and then dried each other, doing nothing else but just rubbing and fondling each other with the wash clothes, and body towels. After we were both dry and fresh, both of us naked went to the kitchen, sat at the table sipping on some ice water. We stared at each other for a few seconds and then asks me “have you ever had someone blow you cock with an ice cube in their mouth”

Honestly yes I have, I think its flipping awesome, but told her “no I haven’t” then she tells me “well in that case, let me be your first, trust me, this will blow your mind” and she goes down, gently spreads my legs apart, parks herself between my thighs, and slowly puts my cock in her ice cold mouth with that ice cube swirling around as she licks, sucks and nibbles on my cock.

I was in heaven, the last time I had experienced anything close to a blowjob like this was with my ex-wife, she had blowed my cock like nobody had before and did so for a whole 45 minutes strait.

After the 45 minutes, and while she still had my cock in her mouth, I asked her had she ever been tongued fucked before. She said yes, before she married it’s the fastest way to make her pussy squirt, I then told her no! I’m talking about having your ass tongue fucked …

She looks at me with hot and lustful eyes and just says “oooooooooooh la la la” I help her up off her knees and we walk to her living room, she’s standing in front of her couch and I turn her around, gently lean her over into a doggy style position and start nibbling on her ass cheeks, while I tickle her clit with my finger at the same time.

I eventually move my tongue to her ass whole, and that’s when it happened, she started to scream and moan like I have never heard before, she was so loud that I had to put on some music at high volume so the neighbours wouldn’t hear her.

I then turned her over, and started nibbling on her pussy and clit, then it’s like something woke up inside of her, she jumped up and said let’s move to the bedroom, which we did. I started eating at her pussy and clit again, but she quickly changes the position into a 69 (with me at the bottom) and we started eating each other out like something out of a fantasy movie.

It’s like we were feeding off each other, the more she did it the more I enjoyed, the more I enjoyed it the better she would do it, the better she did made me enjoy it even more which made me eat her out even better, this went on for something like two hours.

We ended up eating, sucking, and fucking each other all afternoon, in every room, in every position, and every hole that we could find and think of. When I eventually left for home, my body was so sore and stiff, that I could barely move, and that’s no exaggeration.

Then this morning I wake up to find a Whatsapp on my phone from her saying “We need to talk, I’m feeling very guilty about what we did and don’t know what to do” I reply and we chat abit, it seemed she was really struggling to deal with what we did, so I get dressed and go to her place, thinking I’ll be able to deal with this a lot better in person than via text messages.

So it turned out that guilt was the last thing she was feeling, it was just a ploy on her part to get me to come over again, she eventually told me, she didn’t want to ask me straight out to come over out of fear that I might think she’s a cock hungry whore. I told her I’m the one person she doesn’t have to shy from and could always be honest with, she dropped her head in embarrassment and said, yes I know.

We sat and spoke in depth about what happened, and we both agreed that we had the best time of our lives, and that even though we both agreed that it would be a once off, never to be repeated again. We both enjoyed it so much, that we both can’t help but too want to it again.

As she’s telling me how much she enjoyed it, she saw how hard my cock was getting in my shorts and tells me, don’t hide it it’s not like I haven’t seen it before, and plus you not the only one, I’m also soaking wet right now.

I excuse myself and move to another room to reposition my cock so that it’s not so obvious, and helps me calm down, she walks in while I’m doing this and says to me …

“I just had a crazy thought. I know we shouldn’t, we agreed and I know it’s for the best. But what if we throw caution to wind and do it again, we both want too, and it’s going to bug us both if we don’t, let’s just get it out our systems once and for all”

I tried to resist at first, but I wasn’t thinking with the head on my shoulders, so it didn’t take much convincing at all to get me to agree, in fact the moment I saw her nipples hardening through her blouse, all resistance crumbled, and I was like putty in her hands.

She pulls me by my belt into her bedroom, and start kissing and undressing each other just as we did the day before. Just as I wanted to get heavy, she stops me and says, lets try something different, let’s try and turn each other on, I agree to try it and do exactly what she said we should do.

We moved to the living room, sat in separate couches opposite each other and played with ourselves, while we watched one another. We did this for a while, I never knew watching someone touch and finger herself would turn me on so much, I say in the moment bliss “oh crap, I’m gonna come” she shouts at me and says no stop, I got such a shock, I immediately let go of my dick. She tells me to leave my cock just like that, not to touch it and let it get soft, I found this strange but did what she told me.

Once I was soft, she sits between my legs and starts licking, sucking and nibbling on my balls on cock, but she does it so slowly, she took my soft cock, put it in her mouth, and the more she felt me grow the more she got turned on. She sucked me slow but so good while all I did was sit back and enjoy it, I eventually exploded … She sat between my legs after I came, tickling my balls with her fingertips, telling me how much fun she’s having with me, and for the first time in a long time she actually feels satisfied.

Eventually I get hard again, and she holds my cock firmly in her hand and says, now we going to have some real fun. We go the bedroom, lying on her bed, she looked so hot at that moment, she tells me …

“I know this sounds weird, but I want you to make MAKE LOVE to me like I was the only women in the world, slowly, passionately, intensely, can we do it like that”

I agreed and so we did it … It felt so good, we did it slow, deep, hard but soft at the same time. While she was riding me, she clutched my back with her long finger nails and slowly pushes her pussy so hard onto my cock that her nails dug into my bare skin. We did it like this for three or four hours, none stop, even after I exploded, she would just squirt it all over her, and we carried on, she never gave me a chance to get soft, she kept me so turned on that my cock stayed hard.

To be continued, as after we were done, we agreed to meet for some in the week, but this time with a third party involved, will keep you posted as things unfold.