23 Jul 2019

We have known each other professionally for 20 years and although there has always been flirtation, we have never acted on it. Now well into her 60s and widowed 10 years, Kira and I associate over a few days at a conference. The flirtation grows again, but I know she is reluctant due our age difference of 12 years. That said, she is fit, shapely, sharp and fun. “I am not just teasing, it’s a genuine offer” I eventually tell her and give her a while to absorb it. She asks me later if I am sure, making excuses for her body and the fact that she has not been intimate with a man since her husband’s passing. “Don’t be silly, I would love to spoil you” I reassure her and the anticipation heightens.

That night, after we return from dinner, I message “Am I seeing you?”. “Room 636 in 30 mins” is her reply. Excitement abounds. I shave, shower and dress, freshen my mouth and head up 2 floors. Kira opens the door wearing only her hotel robe. She really wants this, it’s happening for sure! She takes me by the hand, draws me into her room, gestures me to sit on the bed and stands up against me, leaning in for a kiss. It’s a soft, sensual, lingering one. I loosen her robe and drop it off her shoulders. Her shape is still gorgeous and her breasts petite; surprisingly perky. I explore her form with my hands while kissing her nipples lightly. I hear her breath quicken, stiffled sighs of pleasure. “Not fair!” she says as she reaches down to lift my shirt over my head. I accelerate the process by getting the rest of my clothes off myself. By the time I turn from hanging my jeans over the chair, she is fully sprawled on the bed, her glistening pussy inviting my taste. She looks delicious and tastes it too, so wet. I take my time down there. I am gentle and thorough. Her soft moans become more and more intense, till eventually her legs begin to tremble in delight. I am delighted too.

As I shift up on the bed to kiss her, she skilfully positions herself for direct penetration. I slide in perfectly. It feels so good. I tell her just that. I start to move inside her, slowly and gently, ensuring my build up to sustainable strength. I want this to be the night of her life. We lock eyes, we lock lips and I flip her on top of me, still deep inside her. “Done this before I see” she says with a cheeky smile as she starts to ride me with longer, faster strokes. My hands are all over her body. She feels amazing. Less supple skin matters not. In that moment she is the most beautiful creature on all the earth. Next thing she is on her haunches, squatting up and down on my cock with the keenness and strength of a teenage nymphomaniac until she bursts with a vocal cry and collapses on my chest, gasping for breath. I hold her for a moment but I am not done. I roll her over to the side of the bed so that I can get one foot on the floor, her calves over my shoulders, and I build it all up for her slowly again, faster and faster till we both climax. Such sweet relief.. What a surprising night!

Now at the last day of the conference, Kira and I are looking at each other differently. Others have noticed but we just don’t care.