12 Feb 2018

A few years back the company that I was working for in Durban asked me if i would do them a favor and go to Port Shepstone Shelly beach area and improve a security company's turn over that they wanted to sell. I owned a house in Durban so I managed to secure a place to stay at the Port Shepstone High school hostel at a rate i couldn't refuse. the school was still going but they had started to rent out the hostel rooms to holiday makers and permanent tenants.

It was pleasant there and the lady operating the place gave me a key to the back entrance of the residence because I always parked my vehicle under my room window.

The back entrance led straight into the men's shower area. I always found it strange that I was the only one that had the key to this back entrance (but that's a story for another day).

Anyway one evening after going out and having a drink with my friends from work, I was on my way home when a saw a girl walking in the opposite direction that I was driving.

I was wondering why she was out so late at night and alone. I slowed down and waited for a car to pass before making a u turn in the road and approached the girl. The other car had stopped for her but she spoke to him and waved him on. I stopped next to her and she opened the passenger door and got into the car. There was a fine drizzle falling from the sky and it glistened like diamonds on her skin as she made herself comfortable in the seat. She was young and pretty with beautiful dreadlocks falling down the sexy curve of her back. I asked her why she was hitch hiking so late at night in such a dangerous area.

She said that she had gone to visit family and didn't realise the time and all the taxis had stopped operating already. I asked her why she waited for me when she saw me make a u turn. she replied that she felt that because I had bothered to turn around she could trust me. I asked her where she wanted me to take her. she replied, "your place".

I then made another u turn and headed on home.

We entered through the back entrance and went to my room.

The bathrooms had baths and showers so I couldn't let her shower so we had to use bath together. I had to sneak her into the bath room so that the other peeps staying there didn't see a female in the men's rooms. I snuck her in successfully and told her to run the water and hop in so long, I had to see my friend quick as he had phoned me and asked for a loan. I went and dropped the bucks and headed for my hot warm bath.

The door to the bath was not locked as I entered. The view of this young girl lounging in the bath water, soap bubbles surrounding her flawless dark shinny body took my breath away. I was mesmerized by her beauty, not a mark to spoilt the view. Her perky succulent breasts protruded from the water, sporting little droplets that reminded me of when she stepped into the car glistening diamonds accentuated by the dark rich hew of her beautiful skin. Her body glistening in the soapy water a landscape of pure pleasure and lust, clean silky warm hot skin waiting to be explored. I slipped off my clothes and merged with the water. I could see by the look in her eyes she was enjoying every moment of my lustful stare.

As I got into the bath she got out and toweled herself off making sure I could see every inch of her sexiness, provocative, driving me nuts, she left the bath room and said she would be waiting for me in the room. I had a nice relaxing bath, didn't want to appear to eager to satisfy my lustful soul.

I opened my room door and found her laying across my bed face down her young round ass tantalizing my lustful craze. Her legs slightly open, hinting , inviting. Turning her head slightly she looked at me with big clear innocent eyes, alluring and intriguing.

I threw off my gown and moved over her laying my naked body over her beauty, touching feeling not able to get enough. my face nestled in her neck, kissing licking whispering nonsensical lustful obscenities into her ear, her breath raging, hot warm sweet against my skin.

I felt her ass push up against my cock wanting needing, an incredible heat emanated from the sexy crevice leading down to her clean shaven pussy. I slid down her back slowly, my lips kissing feeling needing her smooth sexy skin. My tongue running down her sexy crack lingering teasing her hungry ass, going further and further compelling her beautiful legs to slowly open moment by moment. The little sexy submissive gasps and whimpers engorging my already rock hard throbbing cock as I opened her pussy with my tongue, her body convulsed in climax thrusting her ass and pussy out wanting more needing more begging me to fuck her, urgent and raw animal instinct yearning, eyes glazed in ecstasy. as I kissed and licked her now super sensitive clit I slowly opened her wide with my fingers exploring her erupting inferno, her body shuddering and shaking as she climaxed over and over again. The taste of her essence feeding my want, my need to own her, an overwhelming desire to become one from the inside. Her sweet fresh smell of her womanhood as it oozed from her hot wet silky smooth velvet pussy squashed against my face and her cries of pleasure made me want to go on forever but the urge to be deep inside her overcame me and i moved up over her protruding ass and entered the cavern of pleasure with my overly engorged cock. As I entered her she climaxed for the last time, over and over riding my cock. milking squeezing as I blew my load deep and frenzied collapsing together in a deep satisfied sleep, warm safe and sedated.

Sadly I never saw her again.... she stole a part of my heart that will always be hers

and I don't even know her name.