01 Feb 2019

It was pouring rain when my car broke down on the way home from work. Running through the puddles I found refuge in a dimly lit bar, blue neon lights outside announcing it was "The Home of the Blues". A sports bar, I thought, should be o.k. until I can get some help for my car. Shaking the rain off I step into the club, smoky haze, only about half full I brush past you on my way to the opposite end of the bar. Some young blonde kid was on stage, singing about being lied to. I ordered a whiskey on the rocks as the thunder clapped loudly and the already dim lights, flickered. After a second quick shot I was beginning to relax, fuck the car, fuck the rain, I'm here, let's make the best out of it. The kid on stage was impressive, and I was beginning to see the wisdom of his ways. I needed some comforting, even if only for a little while, and if I could find a sweetie who would just lie to me,..... I'd let her.

 After a while I noticed you speaking to a well-dressed gentleman, but only briefly, as you turned away from him, in mid-sentence, to watch the stage. He shuffled for a moment or two, not sure what to do, then slinked away, rebuffed. As you turn to tend to your drink I catch a view of what you're wearing. A solid black dress,, tight around your hips but loose on top, hanging open at the sides, the white flesh of your breast a sharp contrast to the colour of the dress. When you reach forward the dress opens so your whole breast is in view, nipple erect, then you pull your arm back, covering yourself, the loose top sitting on your breasts, both nipples like rock hard beacons making small tents on your chest. 

Another man approaches you, this time more aggressively as he leans over your back to get the bartenders attention. His torso is up against your back as he leans his head down to whisper something to you. Wish I knew what he said, because I wouldn't want to make the same mistake as you turn swiftly in your stool, elbow low, into his crotch as he spits out a mouthful of bar-nuts onto the counter. A bouncer, hearing his exclamation of pain, is over quickly to usher him out. I order another drink, the kid's singing about hitting the ground running, which was beginning to look like a good idea. 

I study you for a while as you idly draw your swizzle-stick across you neck, then along the seam of your dress, finally down over you nipple, as you squirm slightly in your seat. But again I thought I'd take the kids advice and moved over towards you. "Looks like you could have your pick," I say, as I order another drink for you and one for me. price." I imagined the price was not in silver or gold, but rather, in total devotion. "Well, they probably don't even know the currency you trade in, how could they expect to meet your price?" You turn around, one leg brushing past mine until you are seated facing me both your legs open, on either side of mine, almost touching as you lean forward, the top of your dress dropping open to show both your milky white breasts, and ask, "And in what currency, pray tell, do you think I trade?" "I wouldn't try to buy you with flowers or chocolates, " I tell you, " but I could offer you an hour of total, unbridled, lust, I could lick the salt of your sweat from the most hidden parts of your body" You sit back, crossing your legs, and for a brief moment I catch a glimpse of bright white satin panties. 

Thinking I'd been refused I started to think about the car, where I was, and how I was going to get home. You get up out of the chair take my hand and lead me to the back of the bar. Through the darkened hall we walked, your dress tight on your ass, riding up slightly as you twist and turn to get past the obstruction in the hallway caused by spare equipment. Then out the back door, into the driving rain, and a dark alleyway. 

You move up against the wall and pull me towards you, your thigh riding up between my legs until it slams against my balls as you suck my tongue into your mouth. I lean against you, pressing you into the wall, your nipples poking into my chest as I grind my cock against your belly. You fall to your knees, mouth on my cock, teeth biting hard on the head as your tongue rides over the material separating us. We are soaked, your dress hangs on your body like a shadow, hiding nothing. I push you back, pinning your shoulders against the wall as my mouth moves towards your neck, sucking and biting, then my tongue pressed hard over your throat as I slide my face down to take one nipple into my teeth, biting down sharply as you wrap your arms around my head. Kneeling, I lift your dress over your waist, grab your panties, soaked with rain, soaked with your juice and tear them off, disposing of them in the alley as my mouth sucks in your pussy, tongue trailing up the slit until it runs over your clit as you push your cunt onto my face. I turn you around, teeth on your ass, and push you into the wall, the rough brick, scratching against your breasts as I plant my face firmly into your ass, my tongue diving into your wet pussy you press your hips against me. I reach down and undo my pants, sliding them over my hips as I stand up behind you, cock sliding easily into your pussy as my chest presses against your back driving you into the wall. 

You are bucking your hips, little squeals escaping from your throat as you ram yourself onto my lap. Your hand has moved between your legs, rubbing hard at your clit as I hold your hips to keep your balance. Quickly you have an orgasm, head thrown back on my shoulder as my mouth licks and sucks at your neck, hips rotating , pushing down on my cock as your finger slides slowly, pressed hard over your button and your whole body shudders before you go limp, and slide off my cock. Turning to face me you kneel, hair soaked, sweat and rain pouring down your face, dress dripping wet, barely hanging on your skin. Taking my cock in both hands you stroke, fingers running over the head with every pass. " Give it up" you say and you mention my name, the first sign that we know each other," I want to taste it." You rub my cock over your cheek, precum trailing everywhere. Then over your throat telling me to cum on your face. Mouth on the head of my cock as you continue to stroke, "C'mon give it to me, I can feel it , I can see your balls climbing, your shaft pulsing,,,,," Still talking as I cum, spraying onto your mouth, then your face as you slide my cock back and forth over it, mouth taking the head, finally, sucking the last drops, before we straighten ourselves and head to the car, which hadn't broken down at all, as it turns out.

Tags: adventure, alcohol, bar