06 Sep 2019

I am a married woman of 25 years, 25 happy years, However I could not help to wonder how it would feel to have sex with another man, this was my secret and I could not share it with anyone. My husband was my first and only.

One Saturday while we were relaxing next to the braai, out of the nowhere he asked me what I think of having sex with other men. I was shocked. How did he know that I was wondering about it? At first, I did not know how to answer him. He saw the expression on my face that I was confused and did not know what to answer. I tried to avoid his eyes. He told me that he often wonders how it would be to have sex with another woman. I then confessed to him that the thought of sex with other men crossed my mind more than once. I could see his eyes sparkling when we discussed the possibility.

A few days after the discussion he found SH. We decide to join the site and see what happens. We had to take naked photos, well that was very exciting. There was a lot of men interested in our profile. I liked the attention and comments about my body and it made me feel sexy.

Hubby and I had a second hand furniture business, or rather hobby. He was still working during the day. We advertise furniture on the internet, and I would deal with the selling of it.

One day a lady phoned me, indicating that she is interested in some of the furniture for sale. All the furniture was stored in a self-storage facility in the industrial part of town. I gave her the address and waited for her to come and view the furniture. When she arrived, she had a friend with an LDV to pick up the furniture, the deal was done quickly.

She had to leave and go back to work, leaving the friend to load the furniture. The friend was not in a hurry to load the furniture, instead he started to make small talk. He told me that I look very familiar, I never seen the man in my life, but he insisted that he has seen me before.

He told me that he saw our profile on SH. What to do? Do I deny the fact or do I own up to it? He then even told me our profile name on SH. I thought, why deny the fact and told him yes, we are on SH.

He asked me “Can you give me a BJ”. Well this was unexpected but I was getting excited, but was unsure. The thought of giving this man a BJ, a man I just met, was getting me horny. I asked him “Are you sure, here, now?" To my surprise he said Yes.

I tried to get control over the situation. The excitement took over and I could not resist. I opened his zip and could feel his semi hard cock. I loosened his belt and trousers, and pulled it down. His now hard cock popped out and was ready for action.

I went on my knees in front of him, took his erection in my hand and slowly slipped my lips around his cock. I could hear him moaning softly. I was getting more excited and started moving more intensely, as I grabbed his sexy ass with my hands, and his cock in my mouth.

It was not long before he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his load all-over. I cleaned him up and he pulled up his pants and thanked me. He loaded the furniture and left.

I then phoned my husband and told him what just happened. He was so excited.