Written by BustyJane

09 Jun 2015

I arrive at Alex's apartment...

Asking if I may sit down, he replies "of course", offers me something to drink and eventually joins me on the couch. While we talk he rubs his hand up and down my thigh then between my legs, feeling the warmth of my pussy against my leggings. I started to feel aroused by his touch and the lustful look in his eyes. We kiss each other teasingly and then make our way to his candle-lit bedroom.

He holds me from behind, I turn around to give him a hug and a quick kiss. I remove my top and get into bed. We lay on our sides facing each other, kissing passionately, touching, feeling our bodies come alive with lust. He gets on top of me and our kissing intensifies even more. I remove my bra to release my GG's and he starts to lick and kiss his way towards them, nipples already hard with arousal and ready to be sucked. Slowly he plays with my breast, using his mouth, first one then the other, rolling my nipple with his tongue, I let out a little gasp and stroke my hands through his hair.

He takes off his jeans and my leggings and immediately buries his head between my legs, flicking his tongue up and down my swollen clit and sucking my wet, horny pussy. My legs start to shiver with pleasure and a soft moan escapes my mouth. I couldn't wait any longer so I pulled him by his arm and told him "I want you Alex".

Just a few seconds later, I felt him burying his hard cock deep inside my wet pussy, he felt amazing. He thrust in and out of me slowly and said "I want you to feel every inch of me," "how badly do you want him?" The intensity of his words and the look in his eyes send me over the edge and I begged him to fuck me hard and deep, he did as requested and all I could say is "OMW OMW OMW", the pleasure was indescribable. I whispered "Your cock fits perfectly inside of me", he agreed and requested "squirt on my cock Jane" after rubbing my clit for a while, I realized it's too swollen. Our fucking intensifying by the second, he tells me "I love your warm, tight pussy" and then he filled me up with his hot cum.

Alex moved to lay on his back and I asked "Would you like one of my famous bj's", he looked confused, so I moved down and took his entire length in my mouth, deep-throating him. I started sucking him slowly, swirling my tongue around his shaft. I sucked him faster, moving my head in a circular motion, fast and then slow, tasting his pre-cum in my mouth, I stopped and gave him a handjob for a few seconds then got on top of him. I took his hard wet cock and positioned it under me as I slowly impaled myself on his solid cock. We kissed and our movements were slow, precise and deep, eventually accelerating to even deeper, harder and faster thrusts, my body overwhelmed with pleasure, moaning louder and louder, shouting "Oh my Fuck, Oh my Fuck". I confessed "this is much better than I could have ever anticipated."

He asked "What's your favourite position?" I answered "Reverse cowgirl", he said "So let's do it". I turned around with my ass facing him and I slammed myself down hard and deep onto Alan's delicious cock.

We moved into the doggy style position, he stands behind me, with his hands positioned on my hips, he slams himself deep inside me, moving my hips towards him as he buried himself deeper and deeper...

The next day...

My pussy still feeling sore from the previous night and morning spent with Alan, I was really not up for what was about to enfold.

I felt guilty at the thought that Charlie has been good to me, so I decided I'll just lay here and let him have his fun. Knowing that my tight pussy will make him cum soon enough.

Laying on my back on the bed, I see his massive body walking towards me, I sigh in annoyance. He sits on his knees in front of me, putting a condom on his gigantic penis. He moves closer and tries to slide himself inside of me but without any success as my pussy is too tight and dry. After about 10 minutes of enduring the pain of Charlie's big cock trying to enter me, I start getting wet and aroused. Charlie moving slowly in and out of my pussy with his monster cock, still a bit sore but feeling good as well. He starts fucking me harder and harder, I moan loudly, feeling pain and pleasure at the same time and finally he comes, moaning loudly. Feeling very pleased with myself, I sat upright.

He leaves the room and I start rubbing my clit since I haven't squirted in a while. Thinking of the foursome I'm planning for my birthday. I squirt shortly after and felt a bit of relief.

Charlie returning after a while, ready for round two. I hesitantly comply.

Once again, he struggles to fit himself inside of me. I comfort myself by thinking this will soon be over.

He enters his big fat cock inside of me and fucks me hard in different position. Saying "talk to me baby" "I want you to talk to me". I just ignored his request and played with my clit while he thrust deep and hard inside of me. I felt like I was about to explode anytime. He cums and I push his big body off of me, still playing with my clit.

Moving my finger faster and faster as the pressure builds up, I tell him "since you've always wanted to see me squirt, look here" after a few seconds I exploded, squirt gushing out of me like never before, might have been my biggest to date. I get up, looking at the mess I made on his bed, and couldn't help but smile...

Hopefully my vagina will be fully recovered by this weekend, for the naughty party. Prayers for my pussy will be appreciated;).