Written by Ordinary_Sexual

25 Oct 2017

So...not usually keen on younger men as I am a young 34, therefore I usually find younger guys' conversation, approach..basically everything immature..I get annoyed easily when I am unable to have a conversation with a man.

So after weeks of short messages I almost let it go as he is off to work offshore again for a month, & I enjoy a fwb above once off fucks. But on Monday the 22nd Nov I needed a drink, or a punching bag, & he asked me again. He's 27yrs old...so close enough to 30, though 7yrs my jnr....how bad could it be.

I am at the meeting place 5min before him & I sit down at the bar of a restaurant. He walks in and 1st thing I think is "oh damn...he's tall and sexy" & I turn my face away hiding a smirk & calming the butterflies of the immediate raunchy images I get.

We hit it off. The conversation flows, he's funny, mature, independent, experienced, & and did I mention tall. He tells me I'm sexy about 4 times through the 2hrs we talk. He pays for my drinks which to me is a gentleman thing to do on 1st meet. He even holds out his arm so I can hold on to him walking down the stairs.

I'm so mad at myself not meeting him sooner as I'm actually so impressed and excited about this young sexy creature. Outside he kisses me by my car, asks me if I'd like to go for drinks someplace else as he's enjoying my conversation, but I decline. He says "I'd love to see you again tomorrow". I almost say "oh hell yes", but I calmly give him a time. When I got home and undressed to shower for bed, I realise this younger gentleman got me so wet.

So Tues 23rd Nov I get ready, quite excited. I promised him lingerie so I oblige. We chat on the couch, again comfortable & he kisses me few times holding my exposed thigh.

Eventually I lead him to the bedroom. I expose my lingerie-body & he says "that will do more than fine". We kiss and he lays me on the bed. And then I start experiencing the teasing & stamina of this younger guy.

He teases me, running his fingers over my pussy but then takes his hand away. After 3 or 4 times I say "fuck you!" He smiles & says "so can I start teasing you now". Sucking softly on my nipples, telling me I have nice nipples and a sexy pussy.

He goes down & licks my pussy...I can feel he has skills, but he doesn't spend much time doing that before he comes up again wanting to push his cock inside me.

I reply "oh so you don't want me to suck your cock then if you just want to tease me". That makes him pause..."you can do whatever you want". I turn him on his back & see his quite long hard cock. I take him in my mouth & with my mouth around his tip I swirl my tongue around underneath his top & then taking as much of his shaft into my mouth as I can. I continue this for about 5min, him complimenting me that it's 1 of the best he's had.

He pulls me up & we kiss. His hand reaching down to my pussy as I'm on all 4's over him. "Oh fuck what a nice wet pussy, mmm & that swollen clit". He rubs my clit and thrusts his fingers inside me...I thrust back enjoying the finger fuck I'm receiving.

And then...I receive the longest fuck I've had in...I can't even remember. On my back with my legs up high, or over his arms, or wide open with him leaning back. Just continuously fucking me. I rub my clit in between & cum.

I ask him to fuck me from behind so I can rub my clit. I love that...doggy with clit stimulation.

I get on top of him and ride his cock. He says "mmm love how your Cum gushes down my cock". I cum riding him. Him telling me to fuck him as he thrust back up meeting my thrusts.

Again he fucks me...shallow quick strokes, deep slow strokes, very hard strokes in between. A long, good, tiring fuck.

Eventually I tell him my pussy is sensitive...I can't take anymore pounding, im close to Cumming again, & he says he'll cum as well then. He thrusts fast continuously & cums seconds after me.

We chat another hr....he says he'd love to come again the following night and we agree to do so if his family plans finish early enough...

Today my body knows it had a good fuck! Oh the pain haha....but so worth it