Written by Ready

17 Mar 2019

We were introduced by a mutual friend. There was an instant chemistry and he dropped a few flirtatious comments. My husband was not around and I responded to the attention.

He got my number and the WhatsApp flirting began instantly. He was very open about his desire for me. My husband is not very verbal with his compliments and the attention made me feel wanted, desired. The chats lasted for ages with him telling me how much he wanted me. He loved my breasts and could not stop complimenting me about them. I constantly fantasised about him and what it would be like to fuck him. Soon, we exchanged a few naked pictures, which added to the excitement.

Our mutual friend organised a girls night out and we planned for him to join us. I told my husband that it was girls only so that I could be alone. In the week leading up to it, the chats became more intense, knowing we were going to see each other. He suggested that we go home to his place afterwards where he would do all the things we had been chatting about to me. I was excited and immensely turned on.

Finally the night arrived. I chose my outfit carefully, making sure that I was looking sexy for him. I was wet on the drive over already. The chats that day had been non stop. It was all about the excitement of finally getting together. We hugged hello and I was even more turned on at his touch. We chatted in the group and had a few drinks, all the time knowing what was going to be happening later. I could not contain myself and wanted to leave. Finally, he whispered to me that it was time to go. We said our good byes to the group. Our mutual friend gave me a grin, knowing where we were off to. He gave me his address and told me he would meet me there. I felt my breathing change on the way over. As I got out the car my heart was pounding with excitement. I walked through the door and he grabbed me without talking, pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard. I could feel my pussy throb and the wetness oozing into my panties. He picked me up with my legs around his waist and carried me to the kitchen counter. He pulled my skirt up and moved my panties aside, slipping his fingers into my pussy as we kissed harder.

He lifted me off the counter and took me to his bedroom. He looked at me lustfully as he undressed me before undressing himself. His cock was already hard, waiting for my mouth to slide over it. I couldn't resist it. He was average sized, but throbbing hard as my tongue wrapped around him. I sucked him for a bit before he pushed me onto my back. He circled his tongue around my nipples before sucking and biting them. He kept telling me how much he loved my breasts.

He moved his attention down over my stomach to my pussy, flicking his tongue over my clit, before pushing his tongue into me as deep as it could go. I moaned out loud as I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in deeper. I wanted his whole tongue inside my pussy. He sucked on my clit again before diving back in. I felt my body start to shudder and could not control myself as I exploded in his mouth.

He moved up and kissed me. I could taste my cum all over his mouth and tongue. I grabbed his cock and guided him into me. He started to fuck me deep and slow, but before long was pounding deep into me. I wrapped my legs around his waste and pulled his cock deeper into me.

I pushed him off me onto his back, climbing onto him. I guided his cock into me as I started to rock backwards and forwards on him. His eyes were locked on my breasts as he grabbed them and squeezed them. I was so turned on by his desire for me that I fucked him hard and fast. I could feel my eyes filled with the lust of the situation.

I told him I needed a break and was thirsty, so I climbed off and went to the kitchen to get a drink. He followed me and surprised me as I finished my drink. He threw me over the counter and slipped his cock into me from behind. I gasped as he slid in and instantly began to fuck me hard and fast, my breasts bouncing against the cold counter. His hands were on my waste and pulling me back onto his cock as he fucked me harder and deeper. I felt him starting to shake as he got closer. I pulled him out of me and got on my knees in front of him, jerking him off until he came all over my breasts. Slowly, I rubbed his cum over my nipples as I looked up at him.

We chatted briefly, a bit awkward after what had just happened. I cleaned up and said my good byes, not before he grabbed me at the door and gave me a last kiss.