19 Jun 2017

I have been working hard for weeks on end, long hours including most evenings and weekends as well.

My work is mentally tough and demanding and I find it extremely hard to disengage when I finally get to take a break.

So on the morning of my first day off I woke up with a raging hard-on, the kind that opens your ribs like a Venetian blind when you try and push it down.

I made a pot of strong filter coffee and hit the shower.

Washing my hard cock I realised that I have not had sex for weeks not even a quick masturbation session anywhere ... nothing! After the shower I sat naked at my laptop checking my mail. As I checked one of my private mail accounts I read one of those admin messages that notifies you when you have mail on Swinging Heaven, I smiled and remembered that I joined the site some months ago but never went back to really pay attention to my profile or add any pictures.

I clicked on the mail message to see I received a mail from a couple in my area some weeks ago wanting to know more about me... I returned the mail with a humorous reply not expecting much in the line of a reply.

While catching up with the news I got a reply back, its the husband quite apologetic and informing me that his wife has changed her mind and that they were going to disable their profile and call it a day.

I could sense that he was not entirely happy about this but nonetheless accepted the situation.

As we started "chatting" over instant messaging I realised that he, much like me was just desperate for a little kink in his life, something different something to make life just a little more interesting... one thing led to another and I asked him if I could have a look at their private profile pictures, he said sure as he was just about to delete them anyway... well let me tell you they looked hot, no faces but the two of them naked and damn did they look good ... and I told him so ... he asked if I had any pictures and I offered to mail him a couple and mailed him a few horny shots of me and the ex having a little fun!

Well his reply floored me a little as he said how much he liked the picture of not much other than my fully erect cock.

I asked him if he was bi and he answered that he did not think so but that he was quite keen to explore a little with the right guy.

Sitting there naked I felt a stirring in my groin, felt my cock getting hard and replied that I felt the same, that I have never had sex with a guy either but often wondered what it would be like.

I mentioned that my ex was a little bi but when we discussed it she had warned me that a bi guy was a big turnoff for her... and for that reason I never considered exploring anything in that direction.

Sitting there with a semi erect penis I lamented to my new found friend what a bitch my ex was, and then the poor guy started telling me what an absolute shit his wife is... I must admit I felt sorry for him, I could hear his wife has fucked the poor guy up mentally and it was not difficult to tell just how unhappy he was.

He said he felt like having an affair just to get her back ... and to my surprise he added with a guy as she would really hate to find something like that out!

I don't know what possessed me but I told him straight out that I was sitting there with a huge boner and that he was welcome to suck my cock if he was going to try something with a guy and much to my surprise he said well why don't I come over as he was home alone, his wife just left home on a overnight business trip and that he was totally keen to try something right now, before he had time to think or change his mind... I sat there stunned, my bluff called had to man up or back off...

My mind went back to an experience I once many years ago had on Sandy Bay, how I perved at a couple that came and sat very near me how I felt watching the two of them teasing each other in full view and how they started chatting to me when they saw me getting hard ... after I offered them a cold beer each they came and sat either side of me and how the wife started stroking my cock while telling her husband how hard I was ... he asked if I would mind if he felt my cock and how he did not even wait for a reply ... his wife started sucking me shortly after as he tried to put my hand on his hard cock... it got a bit weird for me ... shortly after I exploded a huge load in her mouth and she french kissed him with a huge load of my cum in her mouth... thinking back I realised that in a weird way that bit of kink did wonders for my self esteem and sexual outlook.

I messaged back that I had the morning free and that I could be at his place in 15minutes... he came back with his address and asked me to hurry up ...

Less than 15 minutes later I knocked on his door, he looked like a nice guy, quite tall, well build with a open honest face and a big embarrassed smile invited me in and offered me something to drink ... we went into their kitchen and started making coffee, the house was that of a typical busy couple, dirty plates bit of a messy kitchen, he apologised and said he was about to start cleaning up when he received my mail distracting him completely ... as I looked around the kitchen I noticed the dirty laundry lying in front of the washing machine on the floor with some very sexy underwear lying on top and he could see me looking, he watched me saying nothing and I commented that it was quite something to see something that intimate ... he laughed and remarked how pissed off his wife would be if she knew a strange man was standing in her kitchen looking at her dirty panties ... I looked at him and asked if he mind if I picked it up and smelled it as I am turned on by the scent of a strange female I did not know ... I could see that he really liked that idea and I walked over to the pile and picked up the panties on top, it was sexy black lacy briefs with a obvious strip of white wet goo right there in the crotch ... I held it to my nose and was surprised to feel it was still quite warm and very wet.

I was also surprised to see how it obviously turned him on to see me handling his wife's most private underwear and after taking another deep sniff of her panties started rubbing it on the bulge in my pants ... this send him over the edge and he started rubbing his obviously hard cock through his pants while telling me he loves wearing her dirty panties around the house when she out ... I told him that i would love to see him in her underwear and wow he did not need much by way of encouragement he stripped down and started putting on her underwear. When he was done he had on her black dirty panties, suspender, stockings and even one of her black lacy bras ... and I will admit the sight of that all with his hard cock peaking out the top was a major turn on for me ... I got him to turn around and walked over to him and without saying a word started to feel up his hard cock through the sexy lacy underwear,

I put my hands on his shoulders and softly pushed him to his knees ... I did not have to ask him he started unzipping my jeans and started fumbling to get my hard cock out of my pants ...

It was quite surreal seeing this attractive guy in his wife's underwear on his knees about to start sucking my cock!

He spend quite a bit of time stroking my cock with this hands and then holding it to his cheek before he finally parted his lips and started licking the pre-cum from my cock with the tip of his tongue.

Getting impatient I took him roughly by the back of his head and shoved my cock with one hard push deep into his mouth ... he stiffened for a moment and then surrendered himself to my thrusting in his mouth ... he sucked me in deeper and deeper until his eyes started watering and I could see him wanting to gag.

I pulled back a little allowing him to lick my shaft up and down while resting my cock on his forehead ... at that moment I realised just how horny this was making me ... I asked him if we could go to the bedroom, I needed to lie down ... as we walked to the bedroom I smacked his ass and told him to swing his hips while he walked ... I could see that he was totally into it and walking into the bedroom I loved the sight of her clothes lying everywhere, the unmade bed and the huge flat-screen TV dominating the bedroom...

I asked if he had any home made movies of him and the wife and he said yes he made some a few years ago but she wanted him to delete it but that he managed to keep it... next minute there she was in all her glory lying on her back with he legs wide open I told him to do the same and started to take my clothes off ... by then on TV he was next to her with his cock pumping her mouth ... I quickly started doing the same and he got the idea quite quickly ... i was going to do to him what he did to her on the big screen ... we both laughed at the prospect of her walking in to a scene like that!

I started stroking his cock through her panties while he furiously tried to swallow all of my cock ... and believe me I'm not small!

On the big screen he moved down between her legs and started licking her pussy, I lied down on my back and pushed him down there to do the same to me ... he licked my shaft up and down and then started licking my shaved balls ... now I loved having my balls liked while watching him licking her on the big sceen ... was not long before I could see her pushing him down towards her ass and squirming while he started rimming her ... I started to push his head down towards my ass and much to my surprise felt his tongue flicking over my ass ... as I started groaning with pleasure he took it as his que and started licking my ass furiously ... I loved it! I loved his beard stubble rubbing on my ass cheeks and then I felt him pushing his tongue in my ass, that is something that I have never felt, groaned my encouragement louder until I was ready to blow a huge load he sensed this and started easing up ... replacing his tongue with a finger ... gently massaging my prostate I told him I was getting ready to blow ... I looked up at the big screen and saw him starting to mount her, I could see he was unsure but incredibly horny and as I pushed him onto all fours he resigned himself and assumed the position ... I picked up some of her obviously expensive hand cream and squirted some on his ass and started to work it gently into his ass ... he leaned back and asked me to be gentle as this was his first time ... I then started to push my hard cock head slowly into is hot oily ass ... I could see by the way he moved his ass that he was enjoying it big time!

I started pushing in deeper and deeper while I held his ass in position, not long after I had my cock buried all the way to my balls in his ass I waited for him to start relaxing while I slowly started to fuck him ... when he started to move with me I started fucking him harder and harder until he begged me to cum in his ass, I lost it shortly after and blew a huge load in his ass and as I did I could feel him starting to cum ... I reached around, grabbed his cock and started milking him squirting his cum all over her pillows!

We collapsed with me on top while I slowly rolled off him and my cock making a plop sound as it slipped out of his tight ass ... and for the first time in a long time I felt somewhat satisfied ... having had a little fun with a kink!

Watching him I loved to see my cum oozing out of his tight ass into her panties ... I spend a bit more time watching him fuck her on the big screen and started to think how nice it would be to seduce her and fuck her real hard on the same bed ... but that is a story for another time ...

Let me know if you liked the story ... its a bit fact and a little bit of a fantasy!