23 Jul 2017

Well if you read part one you know that this one is about me actually meeting ' Tanya ' .

Well i finished work just after 9 pm but we had been texting through the day which had my cock pulsating through the day knowing i would see her afterwards . We had both chatted alot till this point and i was in a way nervous and excited . I got to the hotel called her and was given a key card to go up and as i entered was given a warm hug and kiss . I put my bag aside as we chatted and laughed a bit at a few stories we both shared all the while i was checking her out with an amazing ass lovely figure and beautiful face not to forget those amazing cock sucking lips .

She had also just got back from business so i let her hit the shower as i took down a hunters . I had a smoke and a sip as she showered so horny that i stroked my cock a bit as she showered. Once she was done it was my turn in there . I was out of the shower and once back in the room saw she was laying on the bed so i joined lit a smoke and chatted more but getting closer and closer with every laugh and giggle till we started kissing tongues colliding as my hands spread her legs and masssged her now hot and moist pussy over her panties . My cock throbbed in my boxers as i started to go down slow till i got to her pussy licking over her sexy pink panties tasting her juices flicking my tongue under her panties to feel that smooth pussy ....eventually the panties had to come off as i really got into eating her juicy wet pink pussy , she tasted amazing i could she was always well taken care off she was simply amazing .

I spent a while down between her sexy legs and came up for more of her kisses as she began to stroke my throbbing dark cock and if you didnt i am indian she is white . She stroked me as we kissed then went to my cock and swallowed me sucking licking twirling her tongue on my leaking cockhead lapping up my precum . My gosh can this woman suck my cock she it did so well balls in her hands my cock between her lips she knew how to please my cock with each with each stroke into her mouth . My cock loved it but i needed her pussy my cock needed her pussy so i told to get on top of my cock cos i need her pussy i want her to feed my cock her beautiful pink pussy and she didnt hesitate she got on top and rode my cock like a real pornstar even reverse cowgirl so i could watch my cock enter her sweet tight pussy .

As i pound her pussy from below i pull her close and pump furiously into that amazing pussy feeling her clench around my cock her body shuddering as my cock throbs inside her .

I eventually spin her around and take that hot pussy from the back not before making her taste her sweet cunt thats been dripping all over my cock..after a few good hard sucks of my cock i slap her ass hard and enter my saliva covered cock into her pussy and start grinding into her , fucking her hard holding both hands behind her pulling her onto my cock .

I then slip my thumb into her ass as im working both holes hard i see she is loving the anal treatment so push her flat onto her tum and pull out her pussy i slowly push into her lovely ass and thrust slow but pick up the pace as i start pounding her fucking ass she was into it and i could feel and hear she was enjoing the moment and as i started shuvving my cock hard into her i felt my cock tighten up and i told her im going to cum hard for her i kept riding that ass hard as i exploded i felt her body shudder with mine my cum kept flowing into her shuddering with each release of my cock juices.

We stayed in that position with my cock inside her ass for about 3 to 4 minutes as where both in need of oxygen . So we made it to get up and chill a bit still talking like we knew each other forever ,having another drink and a smoke chilled next to each other in bed we both very comfy she stroking my cock as we chat i then tell her get between my legs and feed her my cock watching her enjoy my dark cock was such a turn on and she knew i love a horny slut in bed but damn javing this beautiful woman do everything she could to pleasure was something to remember she kept sucking my cock gagging a bit spitting in it being a sexy fucking slut for me it drove me wild .

I grabbed her hair and started fucking her face making her swallow deeper and deeper she was amazing her lips took me to heaven she knew she drove me wild she could feel me throbbing with each thrust into her mouth .

I put her on her back and slapped my hard cock on her pussy lathering it with her eaem pussy juices then shuvved my cock in hard pushing her legs back knees to her chin and enjoying watching my cock devour her tight wet pink cunt . I loved every moment feeling her leak down my balls as i pumped her pussy hard . Feeling her body shake from the hard fuck was such a hot turn on i could feel my balls want to have her pussy want to own her pussy so i didnt hold back i filled her beautiful pink pussy as she told me to do i came and kept coming as i fucked and we again came to a cum drenched stand still on the bed .

She came up and kissed me before we started laughing and talking as she passed me a towel to tidy up .

Tanya you are fucking amazing a real beautiful woman who knows how to please a man in every way i had one helluva weekend and ee did spend the next night together as well but i shall write about that tomorrow .

Ps . She is 15 years my senior but fuck she is the hottest fuck i have had , she took my cock in so many ways and so many times that its impossible to really tell you how she shook my world . We are now going to be exclusive as a couple and shall enjoy very kinky together i am certain .

Keep an eye out for the second nights story ...and feel free to comment as this happend thursday night and friday night and so fresh in memory i can feel her cum still drenched into my cock .