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01 Jul 2017

Well it started like this...

The girlfriend at the time tried hooking me up with a chic for my birthday. The lady in question a beautiful sexy white woman and me being Indian I thought not much of it . I chatted to her ( let's call her Tanya ) and she was extremely honest from the start with everything and well the girlfriend at the time we broke up over deciet from her side but I kept chatting to Tanya daily and we started learning we very alike in many ways . Days of chatting and it's actually going more than well , feelings are mutual and the attraction ...oh my god .... my cock aches just chatting to her. A phone call and I'm rubbing my cock even when it's non sexuall.

Well the best part about it all is that we meet in two weeks and it's all I can literally think about as she has taken my attention like no other . I spend nights texting her and stroking my cock furiously wishing the wait would not be as long. It's strange knowing she was meant to be a birthday gift but now as it stands she is going to be so much more.

She is extremely sexy and open minded and I have never spoke to a woman whom made me want her this badly . It's evident we going to fuck so much I will need to take annual leave .

So we meet in two weeks and I have been assured all of her is mine . Meaning her sweet pussy ass and mouth are all hungry for me and damn will I make the most of it .

I will indeed post the next part of this detailing how my new lady and I enjoyed our first few day playdate. But i still can't imagine how I could be so lucky to have got her for my birthday . A woman who makes my cock leak with just a hello...makes me throb with a few words ...she is unique and she proves there are gems on the site of you look hard enough .

I have seen tons of pics so I know without a doubt the next part will have cocks hard and woman wet to know more....