10 Mar 2016

A while a go I was the owner of a pub and grill in Morningside in Durban.

One Tuesday evening I got a call from the bar lady on duty saying it was very busy and she couldn’t cope with the amount of patrons that had suddenly arrived there.

Tuesdays was a quite night usually so I only had one bar lady on duty and the security guard so I got dressed and went down to the pub to assist the bar lady.

On arrival I noticed that the place was pumping with lots of people so I got busy and started serving drinks. As I served them I found out that an IT company from around the corner, had had an office party and that they had decided to move the party to my venue. As the night progressed I noticed a lady sitting by herself at the end of the bar, she seamed a little upset so I chatted a little to her.

She was very pretty and I could see by the way she was dressed that she was pretty well off and was a bit out of place in a pub and grill.

Anyway as we chatted on and off between me serving all the thirsty people I established that her boyfriend had abandoned her to go and watch rugby with his friends and that she had got pretty pissed off and hit the town to have a good time.

I noticed that she was watching me deep in thought the whole time I was busy.

She had long black hair and beautiful big brown eyes that in the light from the bar looked almost black. As she studied me with those sexy dark eyes I got the feeling I was being caught in web and she was the black widow spider slowly closing in on me.

The sexual tension between her and I was hanging thick in the smoky dim lit bar, I could see that the bar lady had noticed what was happening and she mentioned something about me hitting the jackpot tonight.

In the early hours of the morning the people started thinning out and going home so I told the bar lady she could go home I would take it from there and lock up.

Eventually all the people had gone home, leaving the black widow spider at the end of the bar. We continued chatting and having drinks after I had closed and locked the bar doors not wanting anymore people to come in. We drank a few drinks and chatted about all sorts of nothing and eventually the conversation turned into sexy sensual banter. She asked me how I was getting home so I told her that there was a fully furnished flat under the pub that I used when I worked late and couldn’t drive home.

She asked if I could make her some coffee before she drove home so I activated the alarm and locked up the pub and proceeded downstairs.

When we got down stairs into the flat I noticed how sexy she was. In the brighter light of the flat I could see that she had high heels stockings and suspenders on and her tight white dress hugged her curves ending half way down her thighs.

The coffee idea sort of got forgotten and we started having more drinks.

How we got from the lounge into the bedroom I simply cannot remember but I found myself naked on the bed my wrists tied to the headboard and a blind fold over my eyes, my first taste of bondage, her straddled over me. The drinks where having a weird effect on me and the suspense of being tied up was making me very horny and I think she noticed my predicament. “You really like this don’t you” she whispered into my ear sending shivers down my body making my cock throb with bursting intensity.

“You are mine to do with as I please” she whispered into my ear. Her tongue running up my neck and around my ear sending sexy shivers through my body.

The blindfold had moved so that I could just see her through the gap between the material and my cheek. She had taken off her dress and was sitting on top of me, her hot wet pussy pressing hard against my painfully throbbing cock.

She fumbled for something in her bag on the bedside table and I heard a sudden click and I saw a flash of silver and something was held against my neck. It was a knife I could see the handle. It had a pitch black handle with a silver puma badge embedded on it. I could make out part of a serial number on the blade near the handle.

The number 666 was clearly visible, her thumb obscured the rest of the number.

She leant forward and whispered wickedly into my ear “I am going to rape you with a knife” my mind was working overtime, suspense and apprehension running like wild fire through my brain. She let the blade run down my neck, down my chest, here and there cutting slightly into my skin. Further and further it went, closer and closer to the base of my cock. She reached the base of my cock and pressed it hard against my throbbing cock. I couldn’t understand why I was so turned on, a fire raging through my loins.

The blade cut slightly into my skin and I could feel something hot running down my tight balls and down between my legs.

The knife moved down between my spread eagled legs I could feel the sharp tip dig slightly into my skin. She reached into her bag and I felt her apply an oily liquid to my skin, the familiar smell of baby oil came to my senses.

“Don’t move a muscle” she whispered in a husky sexy voice. I could her that she was very turned on by the tone. Husky, oozing with sexy appeal.

Something slid slowly into me opening me up. As it slowly went deeper and deeper all sorts of things were running through my mind. Was it the knife or was she just trying to scare me. She pushed it in deeper and deeper. I was trying not to move but was having a hard time trying to control my muscles. My body was in turmoil, muscles tightening around the invading object in convulsive spasms.

She pushed it in deeper.

My mind felt like it was at breaking point, suspense, fear, want, need, raw sexual pleasure spinning around, a kaleidoscope of inner sexual conflict. Was it all real or just a mind fuck? She must have sensed my conflict or known exactly how I was feeling because she undid my hands and guided one to the source of my conflicting emotions. My fingers came into contact with the edge of the knife handle. I could feel about a centimeter of the knife handle, the rest was embedded deep inside me. It confirmed my biggest fear. I was being raped by a knife!!!!!

As the reality hit my mind I reached the edge and slowly my climax rushed from deep inside. I was in three minds. One said stop. The other wanted her to rape me more, to thrust it in and out. The other wanted me to rape myself on the knife, grind myself against it. She gently lifted my head, her hand behind the back of my neck and pulled me forward towards her and kissed me deeply. The weight of my body pressed the knife blade against my prostrate. At that precise moment I fell into the abysses of lust and want, cuming in long convulsive spasms, my hot cum bursting out over me running down my balls and down between my legs and covering the embedded knife handle in hot sticky cum.

After she removed the knife we made love, delving into unimaginable depths of intimate pleasure that I have never experienced before.

She left before I woke in the morning the knife laying on the bedside table a memento which I cherish to this day.

(This is a true story and should be a caution to anyone reading it. Think carefully before you let a stranger tie you up. I am lucky I survived with no serious complications other than a shocked and bewildered mind.)

Black Widow and I have had lots of kinky fun since then, especially during rugby season. It seams to be the mating season for the black widow spider, beware of falling into the web.