24 Jan 2019

hi Friends, apologies for not writing for a while and thanks to the friends who persisted with me to write again

This story happened on a Tuesday 2 weeks ago, It is mainly about one particular guy, so i have excluded a lot of details out of this story.

I and Patrick had been chatting to this lovely young 19 yr old boy, We eventually asked him to join us, we had seen some of his photo's which left me desiring him more and more.

So Tuesday Patrick picks him up, they chat, Pat tells him my rules (lol today it wouldn't matter) eventually they arrive, i'm excited, horny for him and others.

I quickly meet them, he climbs out the car, i lose my breath, he is gorgeous, young, good looking nice physic , he greets me with a mind blowing kiss, i gasp, he starts to move away, i grab hold of him, and kiss him long and deep, feeling his groin, he is rock hard.

We clamber back in the car, i in the back with Phil, and we chat, he eventually cannot temp himself, and unzips himself, i am happy , i take him in my hand, he is throbbing, i slide my hand up and down his shaft. he pulls me over , and his hands are in my top feeling my nipples, his other hand under my skirt, no panties today. I feel an orgasm building up, and i gasp as i gush on his hand. i later lean over and take him in my mouth, tasting his saltiness.

We drive into the Sasol garage on Beyers Naude, and Pat leads us in the Unisex toilets, We kiss i pull his pants down, Pat lifts me skirt up and starts to finger fuck me, i'm so wet i'm slushing like aa water faucet, i take Phil in my mouth, he is moaning, all this excitement is bringing me closer to an orgasm, i gasp as i cum and it runs down onto the floor. I pant in delight, Patrick says come guys lets go now to AW.

We arrive a little before everyone else, ooh goody i think, i can still use Phil before the guys rock up. We go to the Glory Holes, we tell Phil what to do and i and Pat set out to give him a sucking he never will experience again, we were slurping on him, we could see his legs shaking, hear him moaning in delight. And damn we hear voices the others had arrived. Soon some had joined us, quick greetings and kisses, hands on me , fingers in me, hard cocks pushing against me, my goodness i'm in for a hell of a gang bang, i find my top is taken off, mouths on my nipples i shudder in delight.

We leave the cubicle and go into the main open area. Guys are stripped naked, waiting. I tell them hold on please, and i strip Phil, i bend Doggy for him, he slides into me like a torpedo, oh my word, he is rock solid. We slowly pick up rhythm and very soon he is pounding away in me, i feel his balls slapping me , another hand is on my clit, i'm climaxing continually, fingers , hands on me Mouths under my chest sucking my nipples. i feel Phil ejaculate his hot cum shooting deep into me, (i do not normally allow many other guys to do me bare back) but i had to, with him.

He backs off and immediately I feel a thicker cock pushing in me, i again shudder and i squeal with delight as he pumps away in me, and so it goes on, i feel warm tender hands on my shoulder, Phil asks can he fuck me again, i nod in delight.

he is hard but not so much as the first time, probably i'm just so wet and opened up so much. but i adhore him and i soon feel my orgasm verging over me and i gasp and quietly scream, he cums

We sit down, guys thanking us, kisses exchanged, we slowly dress, i am quite amazed at Phil's maturity as he ,holds a conversation without guilt, as i have often seen with some friends. My legs are so wobbly, but i am satisfied, we climb in the car all happy, chuckling over some things that happened.

Phil we will do this again, but only the 3 of us one evening. Thank u my delicious boy