21 May 2018

Opportunities only pass your door once.....so don't sleep and miss your opportunities.......As the saying goes" You Snooze and You Loose." A very opportunistic person am I, " I will always be.

The opportunity arose to leave home, bought my first home,even though it was just a little rat hole in the Brow.....Hillbrow....but at least it was a foot in the door. But at least it set me free from living amongst all the virgin nun's in the suburbs. Working in the Brow......gave me the opportunity to purchase my first business even if it was only a dingy liquor store, but at least it was mine, and all the profit was mine as well. But most of all, all the decisions were been made by me.....

Meeting people from all walks of life was even more intriguing, there were Drug Addicts, Drug Dealers, Con Artist, Women of The Night, working 24/7, Thieves, and most of all normal people like you and me...and most of all, that all people are very important to the business as they kept all the doors open, and you cannot be judgemental, as many times you could be proved very wrong. The days were very interesting, with people passing by the store all day long, some very high from their last fix, while others just ambling along with not a worry in the world, as they had drank all their problems away. Later in the afternoon the buses would pass by fully laden with all the people returning home from where they had ever been, others popping into the store, just to get a quick drink for the evening, while others would just pop in to just have a chat, as they had become friends. Every person was seen by me as an opportunity.....either to grab a quick buck from them, or someone to become a lasting friend. Persons were very much more open than what I had been use to while living back home, everyone just wanting to be Mr. and Mrs. prim and proper. Life in the Brow was becoming very much part of me., working during the day and parting the night away.

The sun had risen, and I was busy trying to unlock the store door, and around the corner came walking a lady, her high heel shoes clacking on the pavement as she came walking along, the rays of the sun shining on her beautiful shoulder length red hair, the closer she got the more beautiful she seemed to me, her Boobs seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, almost popping out of her blouse, which was battling to be kept close by a few buttons. Not to sure if they were real....or was it her bra that was causing them to keep smiling at me. My hands were trembling and I was unable to get the key into the lock to unlock the door, and my legs were getting like jelly, I looked at her and greeted, but she did not return the greeting, and just walked straight on . Finally the door was unlocked and I entered the store, thinking she must of noticed my reaction as she passed me by, and though, " What a fool." The day went by and I could not get the picture out of my head, and was hoping I could just see her again. Days went by and she walked pasted when I had already entered the store, hoping for an opportunity just to say hello again, which never seemed to come around again. Wondering if we could ever become friends, or would she just remain a fantasy of mine.

It was Friday afternoon and the store was busy, and I was busy chatting with one of the promotion lady's , when guess who entered the store, the lady with the red hair, she walked over in our direction, took a bottle of wine off the shelf, and walked straight over to the cash register, paid and left the store. Thinking how could I let her slip through my fingers again, or was she just not interested in me. The weekend had passed and it was a new week, living in hope to just be able to see her and greet her again. It was later than normal, closer to eight thirty, and she came walking passed the store, except this time she looked in my direction, and I greeted her through the glass door, and she smiled back at me, causing me to buckle at the knees again, as I had got a reaction from her for the first time. The days flew by and it was weekend again, and I had not seen her since Monday morning. It was Saturday evening and a few of us, friends, had decided to go and see a stand up comedian Joe Parker at the Crest Hotel, not thinking it was necessary to make a booking, off we went, arriving on the first floor, the queue was a hundred strong, so I decided to go to the fourteenth floor to the 747 Bar instead. It was also busy, and the live band had just begun playing, and there were no more stools to take a seat. There were many people that I knew from the store, and the lady Helene from the bank, who I started to chat to, but was rudely interrupted by her jealous boyfriend. The evening was progressing and some of the people were getting rather intoxicated, and stumbling all over the floor, I was standing at the bar just waiting to be served for another drink, when a drunk patron crashed to the floor, everybody scattered like flies, and there I was left standing looking straight at the lady with the beautiful red hair, my legs like jelly and an open stool next to her, she grabbed me by my the arm and said, you can sit next to me. Thinking this was the opportunity I had been waiting for, and was not going to let it slip through my hands again, I quickly took up the seat. Introducing myself, " Billy is my name." Smiling she said, that I know already, and her name is Joanne. Laughing she said, " I saw what I had done to you the morning you were trying to open the door, Your hands trembling and you buckling at the knees." Blushing, no no I said. Both of us drinking and listening to the band, Joanne got up and walked over to the band and requested that they play the song " Lover Boy." for the guy sitting at the bar. Walking back to her seat, as she passed by my seat, she smiled at me and said, " See what I think of you." Not quiet sure what impression I had made of myself to her, we kept drinking and chatting every now and then. The band then played the last song for the evening, and most of the patrons had left the bar, we were one of the last to leave, in the lift we looked at each other but did not say a word, finally on the ground floor, we exited the Hotel, standing on the pavement, I offered to walk her to her car, Joanne replied, " I don't have a car, I am on my wooden pony." Burst out laughing, I said to Joanne, so am I, I don't drink and drive. She asked me if I would mind to walk her home, as she just lived across the street from my store.

Walking down the street, we had to walk passed Bimbos the all night take away food store. As we approached Bimbos, Alex the owner who was a friend of mine, shouted out loud, " Billy are you not coming into night," as it was my last stop before going home. Looking at Joanne, I said," would you like something to eat." Joanne looking at me said, " So the whole of Hillbrow seems to know you." Yes that would be great to get something to eat. On entering Bimbos Alex asked who the beautiful lady was that was with me. I introduced her to Alex, and we ordered, Joanne a foot long hot dog, and me my normal burger to eat on my way home. The orders in Alex and I started to joke like we always did. All three of us laughing the griller hand our food to Alex. Alex handing the foot long to Joanne and said, " Hopefully you will be getting more than that latter this evening." Joanne blushed and said, " Alex what do you think of me." Alex then hand my burger to me, Looking at Alex not quiet sure what was going to come out of his mouth. Alex said, " So Billy your normal, a muff burger, lets hope you lucky." Joanne and I took a seat looking out the window, and munching on our food, and Alex chirping every now and then, our food finished and our wrappers crushed in my hand, I through them into the bin, when Alex piped up hope you haven't for got the wrappers Billy. Laughing we both left Bimbos. Walking further down the street, we finally arrived at the entrance to Joanne's apartment block. Walking her to the elevator, I opened the door, Joanne gave me a peck on my cheek and said hope to see you again before she disappeared behind the door of the elevator,and me watching to see on which floor the door would be opening again.......This will continue.......