Written by Fact.

04 Jan 2017

Having just arrived back from Seattle the day before, not knowing what to do, I phoned my friend Chris and asked what's on the cards for the New Year. Sounding very surprised to hear from me, he apologies , and says I heard you were in Seattle for Christmas, so I never thought to invite you for the New Year's Eve party, which will have a theme of " The P & P Party", knowing all to well, what the the theme stood for, I said The Priest and The Prostitute Party, I will definitely be there, putting down the phone. Knowing all to well the rules Chris's theme parties, not appropriately dressed no entry, so I had to think what was I going to wear, having got my outfit in my head, I relaxed and waited for new year's eve.

New Year's Eve, evening had finally dawned upon us, the sun had set, dressed in my outfit, with my prayer beads around my neck, my unbuttoned shirt, boxer shorts with no buttons, with a black jacket , socks and sandles and sunglasses to hide my identity. Driving through the narrow winding roads with trees on each side, looking very much like the area where such a party would be. Arriving at the house, the streets with hardly any lighting, parking not very easy, I finally make my way to the door, with the sound of music and people laughing and screaming while they talking to each other, knocking on the the door, Chris's lady friend opens the door, looking me up and down and explaining the rules, say to night the ladies rule, making the first move even picking her man or men, finally I am in. Looking round hoping to recognize any ladies in the dimly lit lounge leading into the sloping garden, thinking how lucky will I be. A sexy dressed lady with dark auburn her approaches me, saying what drink will it be, " Knowing the rules," I answer the choice is your, turning around off to the bar she goes, returning with a cocktail. Taking a sip very surprised by the taste, the lady introduced herself as Prostitute Lindy, asking which Priest are you. Answering I am Rasputin The Mad Monk. Laughing out loud on the top of her voice she shouts out Rasputin will be with me. Dancing, drinking, chatting, rubbing her body against mine, causing my cock to start getting naughty and ready to pop out and take a look of all the pussy's on view. Getting harder and harder, finally Rasputin's Cock finally pops out, causing Prostitute Lindy to giggle, making her friend Prostitute Mandy Randy to take notice of me, staring at my cock, smiling and giving me the feeling she would love to play with me. Before getting up Mandy Randy flashes at me, walking past me, she grabs hold of my butt and walks to the bar, gets herself a cocktail and walks towards me again, brushing herself against me, Lindy notices and say so she wants you too, looking into my eyes she says how do you feel, knowing the rules I say it's up to the two of you, smiling Lindy turns around and goes to Mandy Randy and comes back with her. Both of them smiling, they take me by my hands and say of to the dungeon we go. We enter one of the four bedrooms, with a post bed in it, throwing me on the bed, spreading my arms and legs apart and cuff each to a post and say, this will teach you a lesson to play with two prostitutes at once. Mandy Randy grabs hold of my cock and balls with here two hands squeezing and squeezing causing me a lot of pain. Lindy mounts her very moist pussy onto my face, pushing and pushing it harder and hard on my face, making it more and more difficult to breath, noticing I can hardly breath Lindy say, cum eat my pussy , opening my mouth slightly pushing out my tongue and forcing it between her lips causing Lindy to arch her back, moaning and squirting all over me. Pushing Mandy Randy's head onto my cock and says start sucking you slut, forcing it deeper and deeper into her mouth, causing Mandy Randy to choke and even making her to gaggle, causing slime to exit from her mouth all over my cock and balls, sucking and sucking tighter and tighter on my cock making me more and more horny ready to explode. Lindy feeling what's going through my body, pulls Mandy Randy's head off my very horny cock, and puts it's into her mouth, biting, sucking and sucking tighter and tighter until I finally explode into her mouth, full of my cum, swallowing all the cum, Lindy takes my cock out of her mouth and gets off the bed and leaving me still cuffed to the bed, will teach you a lesson to two time me, leaving the room. Mandy Randy still next to me, say now it's just you and me, rubbing her body on top of mine making me horny again, feeling my cock getting bigger and bigger, she turns round with her pussy on my face asking me to lick and suck her very horny pussy. Licking on her lips forcing my tongue between them, causing her to moan and moan, causing her to lift her pussy up and down and finally to squirt all over me