03 May 2018

All my bags are packed, and ready to be put into the car, all ready to leave for a weekend of total fun. Unfortunately there still has a full day's work to be done. While traveling to work all that was going through my head was a weekend of real naughty fun. There would be plenty of people made up of couples, singles and friends who will be journeying down to Langebaan for the week end. The house can sleep plenty close to twenty, but normally bursts at the seem. It was still early, and it would be better to forget about the fun and concentrate on the work again, as it had to be completed before the weekend.

So work it was to be......Work...work...work as the hours were going by.....but not quick enough for me.......Now it was just passed four and the project was not getting any closer to be completed.... and I realized that the long weekend could be in jeopardy....As I still had a few hours of work to do, before leaving the office for home and join Stella on our journey. It was six thirty and the work was getting the better of me.....Stella had contacted me, asking if I would be joining her on the Journey to Langebaan for the naughty weekend. Telling Stella that I still had a few more hours of work to complete the project, and that she should tackle the journey on her own, as I knew she would not give up her weekend to have fun with a few of her men friends who would be there, and that I would join them in the early hours of Friday morning.

Working and working......Now it was close to eight thirty, and the airy of night had ascended on me, and the only noise to be heard was the mice scurrying along the suspended ceiling. The keyboard was clicking, when suddenly the front door burst wide open.....rushing in, was the security officer followed by a lady, looking into each office, they entered my office, and yelled what are you doing, looking up I noticed the lady was a work colleague of mine. I said, " Can't you see I am working." The lady looked at me and said, "why didn't you let me know, as the alarm company had informed me that they had not received a closing signal and that is what brought her here at this time of the evening." Looking at her I said, " I would be busy for another hour or so, and I would be locking up and set the alarm on the front door." They both turned around and walk to the exit and me working. All quiet and the project almost completed and me sipping on my bottle of water, knowing that I would just have to read through the notes once more and checking all the graphs and calculations before going home, by the use of a taxi as my car was already at home, waiting for me.

Sitting back in my stool, and just wishing I was in Langebaan, than sitting and working. The front door opens again, wondering who could that be, when I saw the figure of a lady entering, it was my work colleague, she walk straight down in my direction, carrying a parcel in her one hand. On entering my office I noticed she had a packet from "Burger King" which was down stairs. She handed it to me and said, " thought you would enjoy something to eat." Taking the packet, I took out the burger, and opened up the wrapper, and started to eat on my burger, with every bite I thought how I would like to eat on her " Muff Burger " instead. She walked up and down the passage, finally walking into her office and took a seat on her chair and her legs resting on her desk. Me wondering what she was up to, was she playing with her pussy. My burger all sitting in my tummy, and a few drops of the sauce on the wrapper, I wiped it up with my fingers before licking my fingers clean. I noticed the lady was looking in my direction, she got up and walked over to my office and said, " I see you like sauce just like me." Laughing I replied, " Yes just like you." as I had noticed she had been licking her fingers while sitting in her office. Looking into my eyes, she asked me how was I getting home as she had not seen my car, in my parking bay when she entered the building. Looking at her, I said, Uber it would have to be.....Smiling she said, I would gladly Uber you tonight when you finished working. Me working and her sitting on a chair opposite me, the project finally completed, and forwarded to the Project Director, we left the office for the evening.

Arriving at her car, I offered to drive her car, she looked at me, and said...this is my Uber so I would be driving not you.Her in the driver's seat, I got in on the passenger side, I noticed a women's panty lying on the floor, but not saying a word. Both of us in the car, she leaned over towards me, and started to rub her tongue all over the side of my face, leading up to my mouth and kissing me on my lips, and finally her tongue enters into my mouth, rubbing all over my tongue, and her lips rubbing against mine. She released me from her vice like grip and said, would you like to join me for a drink before I Uber you home.Driving along the streets, I wondered where would we be going for a drink, chatting while we were traveling in the car, she said, " We will be going to a friend's home for a drink." Turning into the driveway of the house, there were at least six or seven cars in the drive way, I said, "many cars they have." Looking at me she said, " no these are friends visiting ." Out of the car we got, and walked over to the front door, she opened the door and we walked in, and she shouted, " Looks who's back."and what the pussy has brought with her.In the sitting room or family room were couples, ladies and gentlemen sitting around most of them in the nude. Some were cuddling, some screwing or fucking which ever you want it to be, and others sucking on pussy's and sucking on cocks, and others finger fucking themselves while waiting for their turn to be fucked by one of the men. The one lady got up from her chair and walked over towards the two of us and greeted my colleague by her name, which was Candy. Candy introduced me to her friend, who was Jessie, and I was introduced to all, Billy. Jessie then said, " Lets see if your Willy was worth waiting for Billy. One two three Candy and myself were just like the rest totally nude. It wasn't long and Jessie and Candy were rubbing their bodies against mine. Jessie's nipples were getting harder and harder against my chest, and her hands tight around my cock and Candy's hands tight around my balls, and the two of them whispering in my ear, lets finger fuck please.First one finger goes into their pussy's then two, then three, and then rubbing the inside of their pussy's, both slowly started to moan and moan, caused others to look in our direction. Feeling that their pussy's were getting more and more moist inside and my fingers getting more and more sticky. It wasn't long and I was on my knees licking on Jessie's pussy, sucking on her pussy lips, and Candy sucking on my cock, first licking around the head of my cock and sucking on the head and biting on the head with her teeth. Jessie pulls me down onto the cushions on the floor, and straddles with her legs over my head and her pussy tight on my face, and Candy's legs straddled over my body, and her pussy rubbing against the head of my cock, pushing her pussy down on my cock, that caused my cock to enter into her pussy, Candy started to fuck me, bouncing her her body hard against mine, both of us moaning loader and louder, Jessie pulled Candy's body closer and closer towards hers until they both clasped in each others arms and kissing each other, while I am sucking and sucking on Jessie's pussy, her pussy getting warmer and warmer, and her tightening her grip around my head, and unable to move my face, she squirted all over my face. Candy still fucking me, and both of us getting more and more wild, her pussy getting tighter and tighter around my cock and her pussy juice flowing around my cock, I shot my load of warm sticky cum deep into her pussy. With pussy juice and cum all over our bodies off to the bathroom we go. The warm water flowing all over our bodies, and our bodies covered with soap, the fun and games began all over again. Finger fucking....Sucking....Licking until a lady walked into the bathroom, saying when will he be mine...She joined us in the shower and what happened is for another day.