23 May 2018

"................Continuation From The Previous Story.............."

The weekend had pasted me by..........I had missed a great opportunity to have a great Sunday lunch, a roast and all the trimmings, just because I had slept all day long.....It was a lunch I would have to regret missing, because the friends would be leaving for a trip over sea's, and I would not see them until they returned in two years time.

It was a new week and back to the grindstone for the next six days or so....Unlocking the door, and on the floor lay a note, sure it was from the security company to say the had done their visits during Saturday evening and Sunday while I had been sleeping. Kicking the note along the floor, and thinking it was not important, I left it on the floor at the office door. When the cleaner picked it up and said, " Sir this is for you. " On opening the envelope and removing the letter, It read, " Many Thanks For Saturday Evening, and Sorry For Not Inviting You In." Reading the the letter over again, I said, " Hell, would that be the end of getting to know Joanne. " Miserable all day long, and thinking " You win a few and you loose a few, which one would that be." Suddenly entered the lady with the red hair, looking rather sheepishly at me, I greeted, " Hello Joanne, many thanks for the note you left under the door. Blushing and looking shy, she said, " she had to apologize to me for not letting me in on Saturday night or lets say the early hours of Sunday morning. Looking at her with a rather serious looking face, I said, " How could you, you hardly knew me and would be taking a great chance, as you would not know what would happen to you. " Joanne just stared at me, and did not say a word, I burst out laughing and said so is that what you think of me. Joanne burst out laughing and said no...no..no... I want to go out with you again. Both of us laughing, Joanne asked me if I would like to join her for dinner on Wednesday evening. Jokingly I said, " No ". Joanne looking rather disappointed, I yelled of course, I will. Joanne then left the store.

Wondering what the evening would be like, just the two us, would it be fun or would it be like two nervous people meeting for the first time. I knew it would not be like that from me as I love joking and pulling a persons leg, so laughter and laughter it could be. The store was closed and I was ready to cross the street, with a bottle of her favorite wine. I entered the elevator, pushed the button to take me to the eleventh floor, it came to a jolting halt, and the door opened, I walked in the direction of her apartment, and the odor of food coming from the kitchen. There I am in front of the door, again wondering if Joanne was going to let me in. Knock...Knock....Joanne opened the door, Looking at her, I said may I enter your den. Joanne pulled me by the arm and said don't be silly. Sitting on the couch opposite to the entrance was another lady, Joanne introduced me, her name was Jamie, and they were working colleagues. Jamie seemed to be more my type of lady more jovial and more out spoken. Laughter and laughter it was, while Joanne was busy in the kitchen, The food was ready, and brought to the table, me sitting at the head of the table and Joanne and Jamie sitting opposite each other. We were all munching on our food, and sipping on the wine, the two ladies looked at each other, and Jamie playing footchy footchy with my foot next to hers, and Joanne rubbing her fingers through my shoulder length sun bleached blonde hair. Both competing for attention, slowly the meal was completed, and Jamie stood up and said, she would be on her way home. Joanne looked at me and said, Billy, " I am sure you won't mind to walk Jamie home, while I clean up the kitchen."

Jamie and I took the elevator to the ground floor, walking down the street, Jamie said she had something she would like to tell me. Looking surprised at her, and wondering what was going to come out her mouth, expecting to hear that she had a fancy towards me. But that was not to be, Jamie said, " Billy I just want you to know that Joanne is besotted over you, but does not know how to tell you, because she feels you might think she is just after your money. You must never let her know that I told you Billy. We arrived at her apartment block, Jamie gave me a hug and thanked me for walking her home, before entering the elevator to go to her floor. Me walking back to Joanne's apartment, with the thoughts of what Jame had told me, knowing how Joanne felt towards me, and me towards her, it would be much easier to be more joking, without hurting her feelings. Me walking towards Joanne's apartment, and the only light shining coming from her apartment, I knocked on the door, Joanne, shouted come in the door is open. I entered, and Joanne was sitting on the couch and the coffee was already made and just had to be poured into the cups on the table in front of her. Taking a seat next to Joanne, and her wanting to pour the coffee, I looked at Joanne, and said, " Are we not going to have desert before the coffee." Joanne looked very surprised, at what I had said, but grabbed me around the neck and started to kiss me passionately. Whispering and whispering, just what I have been waiting for.Both of us kissing and running each others hands through our hair, and Joanne starting to pant because of the lack of air. Her hands start to roam all over my chest, and open pops the buttons of her blouse, and all I could feel was her large breast, and they needed no bra to keep them upright either and they were real. Softly I started to massage her breast with my hands, her nipples started to get hard and look straight in front of her breast like the bulbs of a car's head lamps..... Releasing our tongues from the grip of our mouths, I started to lick on her nipples with my tongue, my tongue roaming all over her breasts and her breasts all covered with the saliva from my tongue. Joanne's hands moved from my chest and into my groin region, rubbing her hand up and down my upper leg, and me sucking on her nipples, Joanne started to groan, getting louder and louder, Joanne grabbed hold of my cock......trying to squeeze my cock through my jeans, was proving to be not very successful, so down went my zip and out came my cock, and into her mouth it went. Sucking and sucking on my cock and her one hand undoing my jeans, down went my jeans to my knees, Joanne's hand grabbed hold of my balls, squeezing my balls, Joanne whispers nothing small about you. Still playing with me, Joanne spreads her legs wide open, and just like I had thought, she had no panty's on, looking at me was her clean shaven pierced pussy. My hand immediately wondered in the direction of her pussy, rubbing on her pussy which was already very wet, and into her pussy went my fingers causing Joanne to arch her back and groan again. Out went my fingers, down went my face, straight onto her pussy, licking her pussy lips with my tongue, and piercing her pussy lips with my tongue, I could feel how warm the inside of her pussy was, and how moist it was inside, working my tongue inside her pussy, caused Joanne to squeeze my head with her thighs, her squeezing tighter and tighter against the side of my head, and it wasn't long and Joanne was squirting all over my face.

With squirt dripping from my face and Joanne on the couch and me half on the floor. Joanne mumbled you surprised me. Wow Billy....I would never of though you to be such a wild person. Looking at her I said, "Joanne you don't know me." Surprise.... surprise galore...I will still shock you. Chatting and chatting, it came out that we were both very open minded when it came to sex, we both enjoyed swinging, and enjoyed domination as well as wondering around in the nude. Still both of us still very randy.....we started to play all over again, both of us on the floor, and Joanne on all fours and begging for me to fuck her doggy style.......on went the condom.......In went my cock.....and Joanne started to push her body against mine...I started to fuck Joanne......Fucking and fucking, thrusting my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, Joanne collapsed onto her breasts and her butt and pussy still in the air and me still fucking and fucking, Joanne screaming and screaming, oh my god fuck me fuck me don't stop please. My hands holding onto her hips, and my cock thrusting deep into her pussy, and me fucking faster and faster, and me loosing control, I emptied my balls as I shot my load deep into the teet of the condom. The condom full of my sticky warm cum....Joanne collapsed onto the floor and my chest pressed tightly against her back, we fell a sleep.