Written by LickSuck69

24 Jul 2017

Neighbors are like Family you just have to take, and make the best of what One gets. Some are very snobbish and stuck up, while others are very friendly and easy to get on with. Well Bruce and Janine fell into the latter two categories. They were people who also liked to party, and very wild at that, party to all hours of the night, and some times right through the night, only to be interrupted by the rising sun. Fortunately it never annoyed anyone, as they had the last house in the Cul-De-Sac, and no one opposite them. Living next to them was very interesting as they never failed to surprise me, with what ever they did. There were many instances that stuck to my mind and where not easy to forget.I will be writing about few.

As both Bruce and Janine were both fairly new to Cape Town, Stella and I invited them to join us, and spend a Saturday and Sunday with us at a friends holiday home in Langebaan. We left just after two thirty as Stella had to work that Saturday morning. The car was pack and the two ladies sat at the back of the car, and Bruce was the passenger in the front seat.The chatting was very interesting, but was slowly getting drowned by the music, which was controlled by me. The atmosphere was getting more and more interesting, firstly I noticed Bruce was making eyes at me, and looking into the review mirror of the car, I noticed Stella was smiling, thinking it was because of Bruce making eyes at me, and knowing all to well that I am straight, and not into guys at all. But it was not because of that, but because Janine had her hand between Stella's legs, and was really enjoying the feeling. When suddenly Stella let out a scream, " Please stop I need a Pee. " Bruce turned around and said, what do you mean, where are you going to pee. Stella looked at Bruce and said, have you never seen a lady pee on the side of the road before. So I pulled on to the side of the road, and Stella jumped out and in a squat position, pulled her thong to the side and in a flash we were all met with the sight of a gush of pee, but unfortunately the pee sprayed all over Stella's Thong, so off it went and into her handbag, it went. Back on our journey we went, with every now and then I was met with the sight of Stella's sexy looking pussy, in my review mirror. Stella kept smiling because she knew what she was doing to me. Finally we arrived at the house which is in walking distance from the beach. With everything taken into the house, it did not take long before the whisky and the wine began to flow, and the pool table became the center of attraction, Bruce thought he was going to take everyone's money, but little did he know the only wagers on a game would be your clothes. The sun was setting and the two ladies Stella and Janine wanted to go to the beach to watch the setting sun. So off down the street they went, to the beach, while Bruce carried on his merry way drinking his whisky on the rock, while the ladies on the rocks were watching the sun, while I prepared Lasgne for dinner on there return.

The sun had set and the dark had set in, when Bruce said, in his semi drunken state, where are the ladies, should we go and look for them. Then suddenly the door opened and the two ladies appeared and Stella said, Peter-John smells like you cooked up a storm, looking at her, and with both their hair all over their faces, not like the storm you had on the beach, Stella just laughed, as she knew what I had seen earlier on that afternoon. While the food was in the oven, the games of pool began, Stella explained to Bruce and Janine that for every foul shot you played you would loose a piece of clothing until you were totally nude. It didn't take long before the clothes started to fly, I was first out of the game, then Janine, then Stella and Bruce left standing in his jocks. The food was brought to the table with Stella sitting next to Bruce, and Janine sitting opposite Stella and next to me. Naughty talking and laughter was the order of the time at the table, and the ladies were playing Footsie footsie with each others pussy under the table,when all of a sudden, Janine grabbed hold of my cock, and Stella started to rub her hands all over Bruce's chest causing him to blush and try to push Stella away.Janine still playing with my cock and causing it to get harder and harder, Janine said, wow what a lovely cock you have, would love to suck it for you. Bruce looked at Janine and said behave yourself, you not at home, gets up from the table and pours another whisky before he retires to the bedroom, with the three of us still sitting at the table, me kissing on Janine's breasts and leading on to her nipples, when Stella said lets all retire to the other bedroom and finish what we started under the table. Off to the bedroom we went.

With only the bed side lamp proving the light in the room, we all fell onto the bed, me on my back and each Janine and Stella on each side of me.Janine grabs hold of my cock, me playing with her breasts and Stella, falls, face first onto Janine's pussy, started to lick and suck on her pussy lips, and running her finger tips around her clit. This caused Janine to go wild, arching her body, and then to lean over and start sucking on my cock, causing me to moan with delight, Stella got up and drops her pussy on my face, while she was sucking on Janine's pussy more and more vigorously, causing Janine to suck harder and harder on my cock, the moaning got louder and louder from all three of us, Janine lets go of my cock with her mouth and and gets up, and said, now it's my time to fuck you Peter-John. Sitting on top of my cock, and my cock totally submerged in her very horny warm moist pussy, Janine started to fuck me, harder and harder, her pussy pushing against my balls,the louder and louder, Janine screams, the warmer and warmer, and tighter and tighter her pussy gets, until Janine orgasms, and I shoot off my load of very warm cum, and feel the sticky love juice around my cock. Still sucking vigorously on Stella's warm wet pussy, and Stella moaning and moaning louder and louder, until she squirts all over my face. With all our bodies still tangled , suddenly a figure appeared at the door, and said can I join you please, it was Bruce in his drunken state, only to be told, by Janine, sorry, you have missed all the fun.