19 Feb 2018

Browsing through personal ads can be very interesting, with nothing more to do than increase my curiosity, I read through the pages of ads, with a couple that caught my fancy. Replying, but not really expecting any replies, but was caught off guard by the reply from " Pussy Is Free." Both living in the same vicinity, made meeting even more easy for the two of us. It was just before midnight, she was horny, and her pussy was screaming, Mommy I need more of Daddy.....and Daddy needs more of me. Finding her reply very interesting, I forward her a contact, we contacted each other, and she said that she had enjoyed what she had seen of me. Arriving at her apartment block, I went to reception to contact Pussy Is Free, I could hear how excited she was, as screamed over the phone, Please let him in.....with the elevator rushing to the top floor......it screeched to a grinding halt, and my heart was beginning to miss a beat, and my head was telling me beware.....but it was a chance I was prepared to take and see where it leads.

Knocking on the door, it opened, and I was pleasantly surprised, to be met by a lady dressed in a silky satin dressing gown, she called me in, still not sure, she grabbed me by the arm and said, " I will not eat you." Knowing it was too late to back off I followed her into the sitting room. Even more surprised than before, to see what was waiting for me, on the coffee table in front of the couch was a bottle of honey, a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream, and a cup of cappuccino. Seated on the couch, Pussy Is Free, said, "You are all mine, and you will do what I instruct you to do." She poured me a Tequila and made me throw it back with out murmuring a word, one two three it was to be. Throwing herself back into the couch, she pushed her foot into my face and said, start licking my toes one by one, with me sucking on her toes, and licking on her foot, and me rubbing my fingers on the arch of her foot, made Pussy Is Free to push her foot tighter against my face, and her toes deeper into my mouth. It wasn't long and the honey was been poured on her leg, and made me to start rubbing the honey all over her leg with my tongue. Her leg now a sticky mess of honey and my face around my mouth also a sticky mess of honey, Pussy Is Free forced me to work my way up her leg getting closer and closer to her pussy, which she was rubbing with her fingers, and pushing two fingers into her pussy.Rubbing harder and harder with her two fingers inside her pussy, and my sticky face, almost ready to touch on her pussy, she pulled me by the hair and said, My Pussy is not ready for you yet." Pushing my head in the vicinity of her toes, and ordered me to start sucking on them and sucking on the arch of her foot, while she was still finger fucking her pussy.

My face full of honey and her fingers full of pussy juice, Pussy Is Free, pushed me back into the couch, and unbuttoned my shirt, and pulled it off and threw it to the floor, rubbing her fingers up and down my chest, and pinching my nipples with her fingers, she pinched them tighter and tighter , hoping for me to scream, knowing all to well if I did, she would do it even harder and even longer. Seen that I was enjoying what she was doing, she moved her one hand down to my cock, pushing her hand underneath my belt and between my tummy, grabbing hold of my cock, squeezing the head of my cock with her finger and her thumb, causing me to get a tear in my eye, but still not murmuring a word. Pussy Is Free then unbuckles my belt with her other hand and pull my Jeans to my knees, grabbing hold of my cock with her mouth, she sucked on my cock like crazy, running her mouth up and down the shaft, releasing it every now and then to lick on my balls while she ran her tongue up and down my shaft. Feeling the taste of precum on the tip of her tongue, drove her crazy, biting on my balls, and pushing my face tight against her pussy, saying, "you will only cum, when she needs me to." Trying to suck on her sticky pussy, Pussy Is Free, pulled my face away from her pussy, dipping her fingers into the cappuccino, she pushed them back into her pussy, rubbing her fingers harder and deeper into her pussy, then with her other hand, she dipped her fingers back into the cup of cappuccino, then rubbing them on the outside of her pussy, with her pussy now covered with honey and cappuccino, she grabbed me by my hair and pushed my face against her pussy, screaming, "now my pussy is ready for you to lick clean." Lick and sucking on her pussy, and the taste of honey, coffee and pussy juice was starting to drive me crazy, sensing what she was doing to me, she pulled my face away from her pussy, to push a few strawberries inside her pussy, covering her pussy with the whipped cream. Pushing my face tight against her pussy, Pussy Is Free said, "my face will not be freed, until I have eaten all the strawberries and cream." Pushing her pussy lips apart with the use of my tongue, I tried to get hold of a strawberry with my teeth, after battling for a while, finally I had one, then two, then three, feeling that all the strawberries had been removed, Pussy Is free, pulled my face off her pussy, and started to kiss on my lips, and fondled with my cock, now with my cock rock hard again, Pussy Is Free, rubbed my cock with honey, before bending over and said, "now you going to fuck me like a doggy." Pushing my cock into her pussy, and me holding onto her hips, I started to fuck her, in and out, deeper and deeper and her screaming like a lady who could get enough of me, screaming fuck me, fuck me harder please, with both of us going hammer and tongs, she screamed I am cumming, still fucking her harder and harder and my cock going wild with desire, and loosing total control, I squeeze her hips and shot my load into her warm sticky pussy.. Her collapsing on her tits, and me on her back, and my cock still insider her pussy, Pussy Is Free, screamed "thank you for fucking me, and hope to see you soon again. "