Written by Anonymous

30 Jul 2019

I was 18 and it was the first weekend after I wrote my last matric paper. My brother and I were visiting family in a small town not far from Port Elizabeth.

Around 19:00 we departed and enroute to PE we were stopped by a white couple. The guy asked us where we going to and we said PE. He asked if we could give his gf a lift to Despatch because his car is overheating.

Being uncomfortable travelling with a white lady my brother and I looked at each other and he asked if it was ok for me to sit at the back of the Nissan 1400 bakkie. I reluctantly agreed. She got in and we continued our journey.

Just out of town we stopped and Esme got out and said I must sit in front, she will sit on my lap. It was dark an when she got in she made no attempt to pull her skirt over her ass and upper legs. I was wearing a running shorts so the material between us was limited.

I am reasonably well hung and it did not take long for my 18 old cock to get hard. I was uncomfortable and scared because at the time interracial sex were still considered taboo. Here I am, coloured, 18 years old with a white woman sitting on my swelling cock.

There was no where to hide my erection and Esme must have felt it. She was starting to move her ass, without saying a word. I did not know if she was uncomfortable feeling my hard cock. I know I was uncomfortable and scared.

What happened next came as a shock. She lifted herself just a little, push her hand into my shorts and whipped my cock out. With my cock between her legs she pulled her panty aside and slide my cock into her warm , wet pussy. I entered her with ease but she gasps as the full length of my cock entered her.

Still shocked, I sat still while she held on to the dashboard and in very short movements moved up and down my cock. Within minutes she screamed "O fok". My brother looked at me and Esme immediately said sorry to him.

With her eyes on the road he showed my the fuck sign, asking if I am fucking her. I nodded and he concentrated on the road. Again she continued riding my cock, but this time harder and faster. Not long thereafter she had another loud screaming orgasm.

My brother pulled off at the side of the road and we got out of the bakkie. She pulled her panty off, bend forward and I fucked her from behind. My brother looked on as I rammed my cock into her hard and fast. Esme called him over and told him to take out his cock and put it in her mouth.

With her sucking his cock I shoot her pussy full of cum. My brother pushed her against the bakkie and fucked her to another screaming orgasm. He also shot his load in her. She did not clean herself, just put her panty on and said, ,"Ek wou nog altyd met 'n kleurling naai. Hier naai ek met twee Jong manner met groot piele".

We continued our journey and dropped her in Despatch. I met her 12 years later. Under different circumstances and as a more mature lover...