12 Feb 2018

Please note: this story is not about great kinky uninhibited sex, but because of it.

During the time I worked at Jan Smuts airport, it seemed to be the norm that all the young new appointments that were sent to our offices be allocated to me for training.

One morning a young lady was introduced to me for training. She was very pretty and cute and we hit it off nicely.

Her, I and a few guy friends from work would go out and have drinks every now and then and have a great time. One Monday morning she was sitting at the table in front of me and said that she had had a dream about me the night before.

I asked her what the dream was all about but she said no, she can’t tell me it’s embarrassing. I was intrigued so I kept asking her through out the day. Eventually I managed to get an answer. “ I had a dream that you and I went out and you raped me.” she said.

I almost choked on my coffee, thinking the woman was out of her mind.

She must have seen the look on my face cause she said that she kind of liked the dream and was super horny when she woke up.

The way she was explaining and the flushed look on and face and the glitter in her eyes, was making something stir in my trousers under the desk.

From that moment on her and I started an affair that lasted about a year. Nobody knew about it but we would find the craziest places to make loving kinky sex. We were nearly arrested for public indecency one night when some dick called the cops when he tried to look into the frosted up windows of my car in the car park opposite the Kempton Park hotel. We couldn’t keep away from each other. Eventually I had to put an end to our relationship. It was not good for the both of us and I needed to let her go, for her own good.

I broke it off with her and she didn’t take it to well. She resigned and just disappeared.

I had no clue where she had gone. Three years passed and I never heard a thing from her or about her, she was just gone.

Fast forward three years, I am sitting doing my normal shit in the office when an aircraft instrument technician came into the office for work purposes and asked me If I knew what happened to the lady that I used to train. I said “no why” and he replied that he had gone over to Grootfontein airport to fix a plane and had seen her on the airport, said it looked like she was working there. Said that she looked well and happy and that she was with a little blond boy about 3 years old.

My boss was also listening to the convo and She looked at me and said “Ja julle wil mos”. I think my face must have turned a hundred shades of red. She had known of our affair all the time and had not said a word.

Now the moral of the story (even though it is caused by having no morals) is not the great sex or the relationship we had but the following.

In my short time on this little thing we call earth I have slept with countless woman. Some I don’t even remember their names, mostly I never used a condom.

Some I slept with once others a few times. I had the crazy luck of being in the right place at the right time or I just had the knack of talking ladies panties down to their ankles but I slept with lots of woman.

Now what I am getting to is this. All men should have blood test done on their children cause they might be under the impression that the kids they have are theirs.

Maybe they are but the chance that they are someone else’s is good. I am not the only guy that has fucked lots of woman in that way.

So if you have kids between the ages of 13 yrs up to 30yrs they might be mine or some other horny fuckers’ kids.

The lady in this story knew I was married when we had our little affair, obviously this is the reason she never told me about the child. Looking at the time period it does seem to indicate that I am the father of this child but I may never know and he may never know his father.

I have four children with my wife and one with my first girlfriend, stands to reason that there are many more, if you equate to the law of averages.

So if you suspect your child is not yours ….. it probably isn’t . Not that it will make a difference now, they been your children so long they are yours, they won’t call me dad now.

Anyway maybe the kids I think are mine aren’t … but hey I love them anyway even if you came and said that they were yours.

The other problem is also the fact that before I sleep with a lady that is 30yrs old and under I must first make sure I haven’t slept with her mother as it might be my daughter.

I suppose it goes with the territory … or maybe I should just turn gay … but that won’t work either … fuck.

Oh by the way … I won’t categorise this as fact just in case some fucker tries to palm his kids off on me ….